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Photography types 1


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Photography types 1

  1. 1. Types of photography By Lewis Mcclelland
  2. 2. intro  There are many types of photography ranging in difficulty, some used in older times and some still used in the modern world. This presentation will give detail on various types.
  3. 3. Astrophotography  What is astrophotography?: Astrophotography is photography that captures pictures of space and objects in space. Obviously this type of photography has many difficulties as it is hard to capture detailed pictures of space, there are various ways of capturing these images from fairly simple to seriously advanced both producing different results for example you could use a camera mounted onto a tripod or in the most advanced cases robotic telescopes.
  4. 4. Astrophotography  Where is astrophotography used?: Astrophotography is a fairly abnormal type of photography and is rarely used in many areas of the modern world. Most of you would have recently seen some examples of astrophotography especially if u have recently updated your I phone to IOS7 as it is used as backgrounds. Also in the recent months there has been a large boom in items of clothing featuring images of objects in space but these are only small areas it is used. Astrophotography is also used in magazines, book’s , lessons in college and school and scientific research.
  5. 5. Astrophotography  How has astrophotography changed?: As you know astrophotography today is very advanced with many pieces of equipment used but it was not always this way. The first astronomical pictures date back to the 1800s where there was almost certainly no robotic telescopes or super computers. It is said that the first pictures of an object in space were captured using opaque objects placed on leather treated with silver nitrate these were captured by thomas wedgewood.  Why has astrophotography changed?: the modern world is seriously advanced compared to olden days
  6. 6. Astrophotography  Photographers:  Jacob marchio  Ariana bernel  Hubble  Leon faucault
  7. 7. Astrophotography
  8. 8. Macro photography  What is macro photography?: macro photography is a type of photography that focuses on very up close pictures of objects such as flowers, bugs etc.  Where is it used?: macro photography is used in many areas of the modern world from advertisement, food, sport, buisness and many more.
  9. 9. Macro photography  How has it changed?: Macrophotography its self is fairly new its self so has not changed too much but the type of cameras used have changed a lot.  Why has it changed?: Many things change mainly to keep up with the times and so has macro photography the cameras have changed, the quality has changed and so have the images taken.
  10. 10. Macro photography  Photographers:  alessandro zochi  Mike moats  Fritz goro
  11. 11. Macro photography
  12. 12. Sport photography  What type of photography is this?: This photography focuses on sports from tennis to surfing, this photography can be challenging because u have to get some very technical shots.  Where is it used?: This type of photography is used in television, magazines, advertisement and much more.
  13. 13. Sport photography  How has it changed?: This type of photography has evolved a lot over time from first starting with black and white images now it has seriously high quality ones.  Why has it changed?: Sports photography has changed a lot there are many reasons for this from the changes in sport and the high demand for sports in these days.
  14. 14. Sport photography  Sport photographers:  Bob martin  Dave black  Mark pain  Jordan weeks
  15. 15. Sport photography
  16. 16. Fashion photography  What is it?: Fashion photography is photography that focuses on the latest trends in fashion eg clothing and other accessories. It also focuses on the more political side eg designers.  Where is it used?: Everyday you will most likely see one piece of fashion photography wherever you are for example magazines, shops and even bus stops.
  17. 17. Fashion photography  How has it changed over time?: Fashion photography has changed loads over time from having to keep up with the change in cameras and demands of fashion.  Why has it changed?: Fashion photography has changed because of all the new styles that are out and the higher demand for designer and top end clothing so more pictures are having to be taken and also made better.
  18. 18. Fashion photography  Photographers:  Steven eastwood  Annie lebowitz  Nick knight  Micheal thompson
  19. 19. Fashion photography
  20. 20. Nature photography  What is it?: Nature photography focuses on nature and natural things for example it could be about animals and trees or it could be about a baby.  Where is it used?: Nature photography is used everywhere in our times for example magazines, books, television shows (it even has a show about it) and in shops.
  21. 21. Nature photography  Why has it changed?: Nature photography has changed a lot because of many reasons from economical issues too new species and demands  How has it changed?: Nature photography has changed in many ways for example the shots that are taken are now more advanced and are taken with much more advanced technologies
  22. 22. Nature photography  Photographers:  Mike lane  Pal hermansen  Herman hersch  Tommy viccars
  23. 23. Nature photography
  24. 24. Urban photography  What is it?: Urban photography is photography that focuses on the modern aspects and realistic problems of todays world for example un employment and poverty.  Where is it used?: Urban photography is used almost everywhere from shops, bus stops and the internet.
  25. 25. Urban photography  Why has it changed?: Urban photography has become much more popular over the recent years some people say this is because everything is become a lot more urban and others say its because of the economical and political problems of today.  How has it changed?: Urban photography has changed in many ways from the way pictures are taken and who is taking them also there are many new more urban things to take pictures of for example buildings
  26. 26. Urban photography  Photographers:  Ronya gelcka  Paul raphaelson  Keegan gibbs  Paviani
  27. 27. Urban photography