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  1. 1. Juxtaposition Kit Fitzpatrick
  2. 2. Definition  Juxtaposition is a photo with elements included that may be placed in a certain way so that they contradict each other. For example I took this picture as an example of Juxtaposition as this could as the concrete and grass represent man made and natural elements. Light and darkness could also come into this picture as shadow’s are shown of both the concrete and grass.
  3. 3. Examples of Juxtaposition elements  Gender (Male female)  Size ( Big and small)  Age (Young and old)  Light and dark  Race  Natural and man made  Quantity(How many)  Colour contrast ( Green and blue)  Shape (Straight and curved)  Time (Past and present)
  4. 4. Example image In this picture you can first see the sign saying “On Red”. Your eye then goes straight to the wall in the background painted in red. This image was taken at this angle so that the sign was included to make it seem the sign and the wall relate to each other whereas it is just part of a street name.
  5. 5. My Portfolio In this picture the juxtaposition is that one half of the picture is natural and the other is man made. Shadow and non- shadow are also another. This photo is again natural and man made but the colours shown (Blue and green) are also opposites. This last picture shows colour Juxtaposition due to the main colours shown being beige and blue.