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Moodle moot 20feb2013 iiv


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Moodle moot 20feb2013 iiv

  1. 1. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing:Supporting staff through the transition to Moodle when they’ve already been teaching online for years Louise Drumm @louisedrumm & Anne Jamie, Learning Technologists Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences
  2. 2. VLE History / Faculty Modules Most of our modules incorporate elements of online learning Many modules are heavily blended A number of fully online modules and growing WebCT Vista adopted in 2005 with additional tools such asTurnitin, Blackboard Collaborate, Respondus, WebCT portfolio Moodle 2.2 replaced WebCT in Trimester 3 2012
  3. 3. The task facing us in January 2012 ... 300-400 modules running each trimester Most have existing content migrated from WebCT On-going in-house development of Moodle Encouraging continued good practice in technology enhanced learning
  4. 4. The WebCT Legacy ... Lots and lots of content ... all displayed on the module home page The ‘learning module’ tool Staff well trained but in the wrong VLE Examples  Where’s the student view tab?  How can I lock a discussion?
  5. 5. The Plan ... Rolling programme of scheduled training sessions and dissemination events Step-by-step PDF guides and videos A bit of preliminary tidying up Advance warning given to staff of what needs to be done
  6. 6. The Reality ... Well attended training sessions Limited roll-out of guides due to time constraints Replicating complex activities takes a lot of support Laborious book conversions & formatting High volume of 1:1 support Staff and student enrolment problems (various reasons but not Moodle’s fault) Still a lot of content
  7. 7. The Saving Graces Were ... The Book plugin Staff attitudes to change Student feedback Turnitin plugin In-house support & team work Customised blocks e.g. enrolled students, random glossary, RSS feeds, library Course Overview Plus plugin And for us ... Moodle docs
  8. 8. A Selection of Common Queries ... Hide / reveal course to students Add or remove topics / sections Email subscription to forums Setting up groups and group activities Activating the ‘link’ button in the WYSIWYG How to rollover contents from one module to another
  9. 9. The Training Programme ... • Developing Your Migrated Module Level 1 • Moodle Induction (New Staff)Introduction • Compiling a Book in Moodle ... The Story So Far • Using Tracking & Reporting Tools Level 2Intermediate • Creating, Using & Managing Groups • Setting & Releasing Quizzes / Assessments Level 3Intermediate/ • Using Communication & Collaboration Tools Advanced
  10. 10. Other Events & Collaborative Activities • Moodle in a Flash ... Migrated Module OverviewPresentation Q&A • Moodle in a Flash ... Checking & Preparing Your Module Workshops • Midday Moodle (opportunity to share experiences andPresentations showcase good practice) & Informal Chat
  11. 11. Question 1: What have you found hardabout the transition from WebCT to Moodle?
  12. 12. Q1: A few comments from staff ...
  13. 13. Question 2:What do you like about Moodle?
  14. 14. Q2: A few comments from staff ...
  15. 15. Question 3: What do you wishyou knew then that you know now?
  16. 16. Q3: A few comments from staff ...“I think that how to use thebook application was handyand that would have made abig difference early on.”
  17. 17. Question 4: Other Comments
  18. 18. Q4: A few comments from staff ... “Support from Moodle team during the transition from WebCT to Moodle has been very, very good, I dont know how I would have managed without the support of this team.
  19. 19. What We’ve Learned ... Best to tidy up content before it leaves old VLE or in Moodle before staff see it Encourage deleting of redundant content Show example modules / consider design & layout Have stock answers to common queries (FAQs) Identify champions and make sure they are spread throughout offices Manage expectations ... it’s never going to function exactly the same as another VLE & it’s going to take a bit of getting used to
  20. 20. Future Plans Moodle 2.4 Develop additional focused training sessions & events More staff help materials ePortfolio Customised bank of activity icons for embedding in content pages