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Trainee presentation on Social Media use in a college library.

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Social media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAAt St Hugh’s College Library
  2. 2. What you’ll find out….• The type of social media used at St Hugh’s College Library• Why we use social media• How we use social media• How we created our new Facebook page• Ways we use our Facebook page to interact with students• Plans for our future use and promotion of Facebook
  3. 3. • Provide an online presence for the library• Connects us to readers via a medium they are already using• Allows us to keep readers informed and up-to-date about library services, events or news quickly and efficiently
  4. 4. The St Hugh’s Brand and Design• homogenising the design across both platforms• making the brand easily recognisable to St Hugh’s readers• ensuring a professional feel that promotes the services we provide
  5. 5. The Old Facebook Page… Facebook page already well established. However, the page was created using a personal account rather than a business account. Needed to remake the page under a business account and prepare it for the launch of Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ layout.
  6. 6. The New Facebook Page….New Timelinelayout withlibrary cover Updated Exciting iframe admin apps panel!
  7. 7. The Cover Photo:• Useful advertising space (but read Facebook guidelines carefully!)• We wanted to highlight our facilities and services• Made using Adobe Photoshop / Instagram pictures (but could have just been a simple photograph)
  8. 8. iFrame Tabs• iFrame tabs are small tab links that appear on the front of your Facebook page• They link to additional pages, which you can edit to include further information• You can customise the tab name and icon to match your brand
  9. 9. How to make an iFrame tab… In the Admin Panel at the top of the Facebook page select ‘Manage’ then ‘Edit Page’In the search box type‘iFrame or html frame’ Select from one of the many available apps and follow instructions to install!
  10. 10. When you click on thetab as an Admin you getthe ‘Tab Settings’ pagewhere you can edit yourcontent.
  11. 11. FinishingTouches… As the current Facebook layout is a ‘Timeline’ I decided to make use of the feature by including images and events from the College Library’s own timeline…
  12. 12. Finishing Touches…
  13. 13. Updating Facebook… Types of updates: • Reminders about libraryWe update Facebook at services with links to our libraryleast once a week guide e.g. binding / scanning(sometimes more if there’s alot going on!) • Reminders to renew/return books • Notice of library events e.g. May also happened to be Refreshment breaks on Fridays! National Share a Story Month… • Celebrations of national days • We highlighted stories e.g. St George’s Day, National from our fiction Copyright day! collection via staff reviews • We offered readers the chance to make fiction book suggestions to expand our collection
  14. 14. Trying something different… Recently we also created a poster to promote our range of learning spaces at the library.
  15. 15. In order to make surewe were providing thekind of updates ourreaders needed andwanted we conducteda short poll…Results look positive!
  16. 16. What the stats say….Green isGood! These are the stats from the learning spaces guide. The numbers are small but growing in a positive direction!
  17. 17. Where to go next? Continue regular updates Let the students know about our new Facebook page! • Promote in the library • Use QR Codes Continue to experiment with range of media and a variety of update types Keep up–to-date with latest Facebook (or other social media) developments and integrate into current page!
  18. 18. To sum up… • We use Twitter and Facebook at St Hugh’s College to connect with our readers via platforms they already use regularly • We update our social media sites regularly and use them to promote library services, local events and interesting news • We created a new Facebook page to fit in with the launch of the new ‘timeline’ layout • Our Facebook page includes: a time line of St Hugh’s Library, Photographs and iFrame Tabs • We hope to continue to develop our Facebook page via promotion in the library, continued updates, experimenting with a variety of media (polls, posters, presentations) and keeping up-to-date with new developments