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  1. 1. By Louise, Maria, Joely and Jake
  2. 2. Memento NarrativeThe film starts off seemingly in a state of disequilibrium as a hand isshown holding a Polaroid photograph of a bloody scene. Thepolaroid photo shows what seems to be the climax of the narrativehowever we have not yet witnessed the events onscreen. It appearsthat polaroid pictures seems to be fogging up, but in fact it isreversing as the the scene unfolds backwards. This openingsequence is a hint to the rest of the film due to the reversed linearnarrative of the film.The reason why the narrative is structured like this is because italmost represents a puzzle piece that the audience have to piecetogether; this connects the audience with the genre of the film whichis mystery/drama/thriller.Throughout the film and in the opening sequence there is a constantcycle of disequilibrium and new equilibrium; the original equilibriumof the film is shown throughout however there is a mystery around it.Instead of the film being told from one person’s point of view, it’s toldfrom multiple perspectives; this is significant because the audienceis able to know more than the protagonist and that gives them awider perspective of the events happening in the movie.
  3. 3. Cloverfield NarrativeThe film starts off with in a state of equilibrium as the openingbegins with a party and we see all the characters happy; howeverthe state of equilibrium is soon to be disturbed as one of the mainprotagonists is leaving to go to Japan; however this change ofevents is unable to occur as the monster arrives and starts todestroy the city of New York.The film begins with the perspective shifting from one person toanother to establish the viewer with the different types ofcharacters. As the film progresses, the perspective shifts onceagain to one specific character who follows the group of friendsaround the city as they escape the monster, this is done to give amore structured element to the narrative.The handy cam is passed between characters as they are pickedoff one by one until the camera essentially dies as the mainprotagonists die.The majority of the film is in a state of disequilibrium and the filmessentially doesn’t stabilize although it could be said that the finalcharacters death could as a balancing equilibrium.