Evaluation Question 3


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Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. Question 3. What kind of media institution might distribute yourmedia product and why ?
  2. 2. Designing our own production anddistribution company.For our opening sequence, instead of using a well known and established filmproduction company; for example Columbia pictures or paramountpictures, we designed our own false company and logo design which we feltfitted in better with an independent British horror/sci-fi film.
  3. 3. Distribution over the internet Online media institutions such as social networking sites and broadcasting websites like Youtube it makes it easy to upload and distribute our film worldwide. With a target market of teenagers and young adults, distributing online is one of the best options for our film as that particular age group, who are digital natives are used to accessing all different kinds of content from websites such as Youtube. By uploading our film to Youtube it also gives other independent film distributors a chance to view our film.‘From the beginning, Vimeo was created by filmmakersand video creators who wanted to share their creativework, along with intimate personal moments of theireveryday life. As time went on, like-minded people cameto the site and built a community of positive, encouragingindividuals with a wide range of video interests.’ By usingVimeo, we will be able to upload our film which can beviewed by a wide range of people looking for shortindependent films, people will also be able to ‘like’ and‘comment’ on our video giving us audience feedback andconstructive criticism.
  4. 4. Social networks With the use of social networking sites it makes it easier to distribute films for free. Also via the use of these social networking sites, distribution can easily be spread from people to people. With a increasingly growing number of people from all over the world frequently using sites like these, distributing our film via Facebook, Twitter and Myspace is one of the best sensible options.
  5. 5. Independent British film distributorWhile doing some research into independent British film distributors I came acrossEntertainment Film who are ‘the UK’s leading independent distributor. The company wasfounded in 1978 and has showed continuing growth and success since that timedistributing a wide range of product and building a significant film library.’The main thing that captured my attention was the fact that they are proven to besuccessful, distributing a wide range of different genres which really appealed to our filmas it is a mixed of two different genres. This film distribution company also gives us thechance to experiment with different technology platforms and other genres for the future.Also ‘Entertainment Film Distributors operates both in the UK and the Republic of Irelandand distributes in theatrical, DVD rental and retail fields as well as licensing a substantialcatalogue in both Pay-TV and Free-TV sectors.’ – as independent film makers this reallyappealed to us because it gives our target market (young adults/teenagers) the chance toaccess our film quickly via different platforms.Entertainment film has also had big success with British films big box office hits such asStormbreaker, Run Fat Boy Run and St Trinian’s 1 & 2.