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Morphos International Company Profile


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To succeed, you need to innovate VALUE.
To survive, you need to maximise PROFIT.
To sustain, you need to empower PEOPLE.
Let Morphos be your partner for change and create a sustainable high-performing business!
Call us at (+65) 6749 5850 or email Louis at

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Morphos International Company Profile

  1. 1. Empowering PEOPLE Innovating VALUE Maximising PROFIT Singapore ∙ Malaysia ∙ China ∙ Oman Company Profile
  2. 2. Empowering PEOPLE  Develop leadership capabilities  Discover team potential  Co-create organisational culture  Attract, select, develop and retain talent  Position the right people in the right place  Align human capital management systems Innovating VALUE  Identify, strengthen and position key strategic advantages  Jump out of the red oceans of bloody competition into blue oceans  Develop your value proposition while reducing your operational costs Maximising PROFIT • Employ technology to increase organisational effectiveness • Optimise systems and processes for productivity gains • Sustain excellence in systems and processes
  3. 3. Singapore (HQ) Malaysia, Indonesia China, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan Sultanate of Oman
  4. 4. Finance, Real Estate Media Pharmaceutical Production HospitalityEducation Technology
  5. 5. Coaching • Life Coaching • Partnership Coaching • Team Coaching • PEAKS Leadership Coaching • PEAKS Manager Coaching • PEAKS Sales Coaching • PEAKS Career Coaching Competency Training* • Courses for Coaches • PEAKS Practitioner • Associate Coach • Professional Coach • Master Coach • Corporate In-house • PEAKS Leadership Breakthrough • PEAKS Self- Discovery and Breakthrough • The Leadership Challenge Series • Workplace Emotional Management • Conflict Management • Workplace Communication Consultancy* • Empowering PEOPLE • Organisational Realignment and Restructuring • Talent Strategy • Culture Steering • Performance Management Learning Needs Analysis • Innovating VALUE • Business Model Transformation • Market Strategy • Innovation Culture • Maximising PROFIT • Business Process Optimisation • Risk Management • Technology Adoption *: These are only partial representations of available services. Please speak to us to tailor our services for you.
  6. 6. PEAKS is a global online psychometric profiling technology based on the well-researched and validated five-factor personality tradition. Why PEAKS?  Profiling that is highly accurate  Lay-person language that is easily understood  Strength based approach that is non- threatening: Beauty in every nature  No typecasting with infinite developmental possibilities  Easily accessible online system  Provides information for effective recruitment  Provides insights for effective talent deployment  Provides reliable measurements for assessing talent potential Purpose – How you relate to tasks Energy – How you respond to relationships Affirmation – How you respond to authority Knowledge – How you manage change Sustainability – How you handle stress PEAKS Profiles: 1. Peaks Profile (Basic Profile) 2. Career Positioner 3. Leading People Index 4. Leadership Profile 5. Sales Profile 6. Change Readiness Profile 7. Project Management Profile 8. Academic Positioner 9. Learning Profile 10. Partnership Profile 11. Team Profile 12. 360 Degree Feedback Profile 13. Individual Development Plan 14. The Projector Profile 15. Management And Leadership Competency Model 16. Consistency Profile
  7. 7. Sophia Tan Louis Chin Robert Fu Transforming lives since 1983, Sophia has accumulated rich experiences and built a reputation for resolving intricate people issues. Her keen ability to unearth and resolve hidden people issues makes her an invaluable partner to transform and restructure businesses. Education:  Masters of Social Science in Counselling Professional Background:  Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment  Blue Ocean Strategy  PEAKS Level 3  Morphos Master Coach As the general manager of Morphos, Louis is passionate about transforming and building organisational cultures for sustainability and breakthrough growth. His ability to conceptualise and integrate broad business strategies to business processes is much sought after by visionary leaders to implement strategic actions. Education:  Masters of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology  Masters of Science in Management of Human Resources  Bachelors of Business Administration (Honours) Professional Background:  Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment  Blue Ocean Strategy  PEAKS Level 3  Certificate in Practical Productivity for Business  Morphos Professional Coach Being a mechanical engineer by training before evolving into management roles in various IT organisations, Robert has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in business. His ability to analyse business systems and develop productive processes has made him an indispensable partner for business success. Education:  Masters of Science in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (with Distinction)  Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) Mechanical Engineering Professional Background:  PEAKS Level 3  Morphos Professional Coach
  8. 8. •Company A is a furniture and interior design business operating in China •5 years ago, the managing director set up another business operation in another city and hand over the management of the existing company to the general manager •Business performance was acceptable in the beginning, but as China’s economy deteriorate the company’s sales also fell •Under the care of the general manager, the company also experienced talent retention issues, leading to multiple talent management problems •With the general manager’s request, the managing director returned to help in the business, only to realise that the general manager has much unhappiness towards the managing director •In view of this, the managing director engages Morphos to study the problems and provide solutions to the issues at hand Background and Challenge
  9. 9. •Through PEAKS analysis, workshop and coaching, we diagnose the organisational issues and implemented: •Top management personal and team coaching (focus areas: conflict management, strategic alignment, team performance) •Mid management team coaching (focus areas: strategic alignment, team performance, leadership) •Key appointment holders coaching (focus areas: leadership, personal issues) •Strategic alignment between management and staff (common vision and direction) •Initiatives to increase employee engagement (share organisational goals and go the extra mile) Solution Implementation
  10. 10. •Alignment and collaboration in the top management •Engaged employees from mid management and below •Sales breakthrough in 3 months •So much sales volume that production department has to tell sales department to slow down •Employees feedback that they can now appreciate the value of the work that they are doing Results
  11. 11. • Align their unique strengths and potential to their goals • Balance personality resources and the demands of others • Create synergy for self and others Through our services, our clients are able to: •Achieving greater self-awareness •Improving in their capacity to manage self •Increasing in their understanding of the behaviour and thinking of others Most of our clients reported: •“Easy to understand” •“Very practical” •“How do you know? This is like fortune-telling!” •“Non-judgmental” •“Affirming and positive” •“Coaches are very passionate” •“Always something new to learn” What our clients say about our services:
  12. 12. “Professional team coaching with directors is useful to help me gain better understanding of own ‘roles’ and strengths – so that I can leverage on strengths, synergise with the team and work on improvement areas. Gained strategic insights on manpower planning for the company.” ~ Callie Lim, Group Business Development and Marketing, Real Education Group “Very powerful tools. Very effective training methods. Very profound insights are discussed.” ~ Bobby, Chief Instructor, Healthcare Medical Institute Pte Ltd “You have become my strategic HR. I am very grateful that because of your work, you have prepared the ground for change and the hearts of the people are now more open ready. Six months ago, I would not have been able to bring new talent in, now I am more confident to bring these people in. Thank you.” ~ Dato’ Tiong, Group Managing Director, Subur Tiasa Holdings Berhad “As a general manager in my company, I face problems in leading my subordinates, guiding and communicating effectively with them. Through coaching, I clearly know myself, my strengths and weaknesses. I learnt how to lead and deal with my subordinates of different characters, using the ways that people are comfortable with. I have improved my leadership and communication skills.” ~ Sam Sir Yong, General Manager, ISSES Technology
  13. 13. •Contact Person: Louis Chin •: (+65) 6749 5850 •: •: Contact Us Today! Empowering PEOPLE Innovating VALUE Maximising PROFIT