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Media evaluation

  1. 1. What did you know before looking at the newspaper layout, design andcontent?To start my research I decided to measure the metro newspaper. I measuredits main headline, the columns length and width, the main photograph, anadvertisement size and the plugs size. I also looked at the Bromley times andthe suns conventions. I then came to the decision to use the suns conventionsof a 3 column newspaper as I felt mine was more of a lower class paper andnot an intelligent one with lots of information.As advertisements will be the main funding of my newspaper, they will take up40% of my paper. As it is aimed for young girls and women, and is in thefashion and beauty genre I decided to have a big advertisement on the firstpage about a new mascara brand which is out at the moment, and on thesecond page I will have the weather and fashion and model advertisements. Idecided to have the weather on the second page as through my research Ifound that it was a popular and a usual thing to have in a paper on the secondpage.My plug is of 2 different pictures of the stories inside the newspaper, it willhopefully catch the reader’s eye and want them to pick the paper up and findout what’s inside. I also found that the metro had a gutter space of 0.5cm; Idecided to stick with that layout.As my newspaper is about fashion and beauty I was worried that I would gooff track and my newspaper would end up looking like a magazine, so I madesure I stuck to the normal conventions of a newspaper and not change toomuch as I knew this would make my newspaper a success.What do you think of your newspaper, do the poster and radio advertsell your newspaper and fit in as one brand?While carrying out my research and planning, I was carefully considering andthinking about how I was going to make sure all my tasks inked together tomake the audience and consumers understand the product.Both of the 2 pages of my newspaper consist of a professional looking layoutof 3 columns. My main image on the first page was of a young upcomingmodel from Bromley; her story is about her life and her struggle to get throughher illness as a young child which motivated her to become a successfulmodel. My second story is about a photographer.
  2. 2. The target audience of my newspaper is aimed at young women and girls whoare interested in fashion and beauty. I stuck to this genre throughout my brandby using the same colour scheme, which is pink with white writing. I also useda girl’s voice for my radio advert. The research I did for my radio advert washard as not many newspapers have adverts as it is very costly, so I mainlylooked at magazine adverts such as OK and look magazine which is more ofthe same genre as my newspaper.Poster:I kept to the colour scheme of my newspaper which is pink and white.In my research I found a few different effects which made the different postersI researched unique and stand out, I wanted my poster to have the sameeffect. Using photoshop I created these same effects and changed them tosuit my genre and target audience. I decided to go with a pink gradient over apicture of a model which covered the whole of my poster. I thought by havingthis pink gradient would make it different to all the other posters and make itstand out to my target audience which is young women. I also researched thefont I was going to use carefully and used a website called tohelp me find it.As my newspaper is free I made sure it was bold written on my poster, boldand bright so my readers could see it clearly. I also had other relevantinformation on my poster to show the readers what my newspaper is exactlyabout and where they can find it.Radio:I wanted to keep my radio advert young, informative and short. I wanted it tomake people want to listen and buy my newspaper.In the script I decided to incorporate the word ‘In’ as much as I could as its thename of my newspaper. To show the genre of my newspaper I used a girlsvoice and a young, cool song by Rihanna, who is a popular and young singerat the moment.I used the programme ‘garage band’ to create and edit my advert. As I wasn’tvery experienced with this programme I did find creating my advert quitechallenging.
  3. 3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?I found the audience feedback I have received useful through thedevelopment of my final product. Most of my feedback was positive but I alsoreceived some constructive criticism which helped me to develop and bettermy newspaper.I asked my family at home, friends and teachers to give comments about mypaper. I used different techniques to get this feedback, I created a group onfacebook so the public could give comments. I also printed out my newspaperat school and asked the teachers and my school friends to comment on stickyposts.Everyone in my class was given the grade criteria and we had to grade ourproduct and everyone elses using this criteria, which also gave me a boost tohow I can develop my newspaper even more.
  4. 4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction, researchand planning and evaluation stages?New media technologies have helped me a lot through the development andcreation of my products.For my research I looked at different online newspapers such as the guardianand the metro, also the sun. I looked at the layout and the colour schemesand conventions. I wanted to see the difference between their online paperscompared to their hard copies. The benefit of the online papers is it was alsoeasier to look through all the information as you could see what you wantedwhen you I used to upload different images or texts, I found it wasan easier and more interesting and tidy way of uploading posts. Slidesharehas made my blogspot look more professional and is a programme I have used throughout my project andallows me to upload the development of my work. Blogger allows my teacherto view and access my work and give feedback to help with the developmentof my work.www.soundcloud,com was another new media technology I used to upload myradio advert. It’s an easy way for my teacher and anyone who views myblogspot to listen to my radio advert.