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Costume and prop preperation


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Published in: Engineering
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Costume and prop preperation

  2. 2. PROP 1- SNAP BACK I think the use of a snapback could be crucial for my model for my magazine as by wearing a snapback it makes it relevant to the genre of music im trying to present to the magazine readers, this is because you don’t see a lot of artist wearing snapbacks who are no with in my genre of music this item is only mainly used in hip hop, rap and RnB.
  3. 3. ITEM 2- CHAINS I could use gold chains on my model as you often see artist in this genre wearing big and eye-catching ‘bling’ to show of their wealth, so by adding this onto my magazine it will draw in the target audience that I would want reading my magazine as they would recognize this as a familiar item from other artist seen in their favourite genre attracting them to my magazine. This may also be the case with other pieces of outstanding jewellery.
  4. 4. ITEM 3- HOODY I feel like a hoody could be a important thing to contribute to the mgazine as once again it makes it specific to a certain target audience depending on the way that you are wearing it for example you see a lot of rappers or people around this type of music wearing hoodies with their hood up so by making our model wear a hoody it will draw readers in that may relate to what the model is wearing to see what the magazines about.