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UM Wave 6 highlights (12 october 2012)


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UM Wave 6 highlights (12 october 2012)

  1. UM  Philippines    Wave  6  highlights  
  2. Who are we?
  3. Part  of  Mediabrands,  the  global  media  intelligence  arm  of  Interpublic  Group  (IPG)  and  one  of  the  fastest  growing  business  within  IPG   +  
  4. What  are  we  going  to  talk  to  you  about  today?  Snapshots  from  the  latest  itera1on  of  our  ongoing  social  media  study  4
  5. What  is  Wave?    •  Wave  is  a  social  media  study.  •  Wave   has   retained   the   same   methodology   from   Wave   1   to   Wave   6,   enabling   comparison  across  Waves.  •  All  research  is  conducted  by  the  EMEA  Research  team  in  collaboraHon  with  the  UM   network  of  agencies.  •  The  survey  is  carried  out  using  UM’s  in-­‐house  research  system,  IntuiHon.  •  We   have   surveyed   41,738   16-­‐54   AcHve   Internet   Users   in   62   countries.   507   respondents  came  from  Philippines.  •  All  surveys  are  self-­‐completed  and  the  data  collected  is  purely  quanHtaHve.  Why  the  Ac1ve  Internet  User?  •  AcHve  Internet  Users  are  those  that  use  the  internet  every  day  or  every  other  day.  •  Social  media  is  driven  by  AcHve  Internet  Users.  •  They   drive   adopHon   of   plaUorms   and   tools   and   thus   will   determine   which   of   these   will  become  dominant.  
  6. BUSINESS   SOCIAL   62 countries 42,000 respondents December  2011:   September  2011:   QQ  IM  –  over   Over  845M  acHve  users   700M  acHve  users   June  2011:   June  2011:  Launch   54 countries Over  200M  tweets  a  day   April  2011:   MOTIVATIONAL   37,600 March  2011:  100M  members   Valued  at  >$36Bn   respondents December  2010:  100M  users   just  2.5  months  afer  launch   October  2010:  “The  Social  Network”  film  released   August  2010:  Groupon  is  the   July  2010:  100M  check-­‐ins   38 countries fastest  growing  company  of  all  Hme   April  2010:  iPad  released   February  2010:     23,200 Facebook  mobile  –  100M  users   respondents INFLUENTIAL   August  2009:  Xiaonei  becomes  RenRen   Now  more  than  3.6Bn  images  on  Flickr   29 countries June  2009:  Launch   17,000 March  2009:  Launch   VISUAL   respondents 2008:  Launch   October   September  2008:   First  Android  phone  launch   TEXTUAL   August  2008:     Over  100M  users   April  2008:  Facebook  overtakes  MySpace  in   21 countries popularity   10,000 15 countries March  2007:  Launch   respondents 7,500 respondents January  2007:  Launch   October  2006:  Launch   September  2006:  Launch   July  2008:  Launch   February  2006:  Launch   August  2005:  Launch   April  2005:  First  video  uploaded  to  YouTube   March  2005:  Launch   January  2005:  Launch   December  2004:  Launch   February  2004:  Launch   January  2004:  Launch   September  2003:  Launch   The  Story  of  Wave   August  2003:  Launch   June  2003:  Launch   May  2003:  Launch   January  2003:  Launch   March  2002:  Launch  January  2001:  Launch   October  1999:  Launch    
  7. Profile  of  Philippine  Sample    AcHve  internet  usage  in  the  country  is:   •  slightly  skewed  to  males  vs.  females  (52%:  48%)     •  dominated  by  YOUTH:  more  than  half  (54%)  are  16-­‐24  years  old   •  populated  by  income  earners  and  students   52%  Male   48%  Female     45.0  %   2010   2011   40.0  %   35.0  %   30.0  %   25.0  %   20.0  %   15.0  %   45-­‐54   10.0  %   YO   5.0  %   5.5  %   35-­‐44   0.0  %   YO   16-­‐24   14.0  %   YO   53.8  %   25-­‐34   YO   26.6  %  Note:  Wave  5  data:    51%  -­‐  Male  ;  49%  -­‐  Female  
  10. Ac1ve  engagement  in  social  media  for  most  Asian  markets  is  slowing     down:  Philippines  also  slowing  down  even  though  it  sHll  has  highest     engagement  among  all  monitored  markets   China   India   Japan   47.43%    51.41%    68.35%    68.94%   51.40%      62.83%      72.5%        67.07%     31.34%    31.74%    26.18%      30.24%     Chart  1:  Managed    an  ExisKng  Social  Network  Profile     in  Past  6  Months  through  Kme  Global   South  Korea   Singapore   Hong  Kong   72.82%      61.56%  45.1%                      51.4%                                61.4%                                    65.2%   49.395    45.47%    44.54%      46.73%   65.33%    79.43%      70.72%   Wave  5   Wave  6   Philippines   Taiwan   Malaysia   Wave  3   Wave  4   68.44%    84.75%        89.14%  86.59%   69.39%    67.15%    70.77%    51.06%   80.35%                71.09%   Thailand   79.74%                69.16%   Wave:   3 4 5 6 QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  internet,  which  of  the  following  have  you  done  in  the  past  6  months?   -­‐  Manage  a  profile  on  an  exisKng  social  network  (eg:”  
  11. Could  it  have  peaked  already?  Filipinos’  monitored  online  acHviHes  are  decreasing  except    viewing  others’  social  network  pages  Chart  2:  Engagement  in  Social  Media  AcKviKes  100%   92%  92%   89%  91%   89%   89%   90%   85%   79%   91%   80%   91%   74%   87%   70%   70%   68%   61%   60%   68%   49%   Wave  3  2008   50%   44%   43%   Wave  4  2009   40%   Wave  5  2010   45%   30%   Wave  6  2011   20%   10%   0%   Visit  a  friends  social   Watch  video  clips   Manage  a  profile  on   Creat  profile  on  a   Upload  a  video  clip   network  page   online   an  exis1ng  social   new  social  network   to  a  video  sharing   network   website   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  internet,  which  of  the  following  have  you  done  in  the  past  6  months?”  
  12. Its  not  just  about  the  youth  anymore  Older  adults  (45-­‐54)  are  very  avid  users  of  social  networks,    outpacing  all  the  other  age  groups     Chart  3b:  Average  Number  of  Hours  Spent  per  Medium   18   17   16   16   14   13   12   12   10   10   8   7   7   6   6   6   6   5   5   4   2   0   TV   Newspapers   Radio   Magazines   Internet   Mobile  Phone   Social   Email   Videosites   Microblogs   Blogs   Networks   16-­‐24   25-­‐34   35-­‐44   45-­‐54   QUESTION:  “Approximately  how  much  Kme  did  you  spend  consuming     the  following  media  in  the  last  7  days?”  -­‐  Hours  per  week  
  13. Filipinos  now  view  content  through  a  different  lens:    Reading  blogs  and  microblogs  are  on  par  with  reading  newspapers  while    Hme  spent  watching  videos  online  is  catching  up  to  Hme  spent  watching  TV   Chart  3a:  Average  Number  of  Hours  Spent  per  Medium   16   15   14   14   12   11   10   9   8   8   6   6   6   5   5   5   4   4   2   0   TV   Newspapers   Radio   Magazines   Internet   Mobile   Social   Email   Videosites   Microblogs   Blogs   Phone   Networks   Total  Individuals   QUESTION:  “Approximately  how  much  Kme  did  you  spend  consuming     the  following  media  in  the  last  7  days?”  -­‐  Hours  per  week  
  14. What  about  brand  sites?  Filipinos  are  following  the  global  trend  of  finding  informaHon  about  brands  in  other  channels  except  their  own  websites     Chart  7a:  Visited  an  official/company  brand  site  through  Kme   Philippines   Global   90%   86%   87%   85%   85%   80%   In  Phil,   75%   16%   75%   79%   72%   decrease  in   70%   73%   72%   4  years   65%   60%   55%   50%   Wave  3  2008   Wave  4  2009   Wave  5  2010   Wave  6  2011   NOTE:  Global  decrease  is  15%  in  4  years   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  internet,  have  you  visited  an  official/   company  brand  site  in  the  past  6  months?”  
  15. Social  media  1cks  all  the  “needs”  boxes  It  rates  higher  on  fulfilling  raHonal  and  emoHonal  needs    than  anything  else  online   RATIONAL   EMOTIONAL   Feel  like  you  belong   Change  opinions   100%   Meet  new  people   90%   Seek  other  people’s   80%   Stay  in  touch  with  friends   opinions   70%   60%   Share  knowledge   “Hang  out”  or  waste  1me   50%   40%   30%   Learn  something  new   Have  fun/be  entertained   20%   10%   0%   Explore  the  world  around   Keep  up  to  date   me   Blogs   Microblogs   Manage  my  life  beler   Share  new  experiences   Photo/Video  sites   Make  money   Express  yourself   Forums   Make  contacts  for  work   Be  crea1ve   Official  brand  websites   Promote  yourself   Earn  respect   Social  networks   Chart  8c:  Social  media  acKviKes  vs.  Consumer  needs   QUESTION:  “Which  of  these  online  applicaKons    does  a  good  job  when  you  want  to...”  
  16. Should  they  or  shouldn’t  they  share?    Filipinos  are  concerned  about  revealing  personal  data,  but  they  are    also  already  too  aqached  and  cannot  stop  from  social  networking.     Chart  9:  Agreement  to  statements:   76%   71%   I  am  concerned  about   Social  networks  are   the  amount  of   integral  to  my  social   personal  data  online   life  
  17. Sharing  =  1,  Privacy  =  0   Despite  the  possible  risks  involved  in  sharing  personal  data,     Filipinos  sHll  upload  personal  photos,  update  status     messages,  and  refresh  their  online  profiles.  Chart  10:  How  used  social  networking  profile  in  past  6  months   Message   Upload   friends     Update   Update   photos     Used  a   Find  old   my     my     84%   “like”   friends     profile     81%   status     Find   Join   buqon     77%   74%   Play   new     a  group     78%   Display   73%   games   friends     66%   my     Used   Upload   interests     61%   65%   live     videos     chat     59%   53%   51%   QUESTION:  “What  have  you  done  with  your  social  networking  profile?,     amongst  those  who  have  used  a  social  network  in  the  past  6  months”  
  18. Brands  on  social  media  are  walking  a  fine  line  Consumers  are  concerned  about  having  too  many  companies  involved  in    social  networking  but  on  the  flip  side,  they  also  think  posiHvely  of    companies  with  social  pages.   Chart  12:  Agreement  on  statements   72%   69%   60%   I  think  too  many  companies   I  think  more  posiHvely  about   I  have  discovered  new   are  gesng  involved  in  social   companies  that  have  pages   brands  I  like  through  social   networks   in  social  networks   networking  
  19. THE    POWER  OF  SOCIAL  
  20. Social  experiences  deliver  very  clear  value  to  brands    if  these  two  things  are  remembered...     It’s  not  a  one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all  approach     One  cannot  always  rely  on  current  standard   opera1ng   procedures   to   drive   the   desired   outcome  
  21. Consumers  want  varying  degrees  of  social    rela1onship  with  brands   LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon     Access  to  news  about  new  developments     Discount  vouchers     Access  to  fun  and  entertaining  content     An  opportunity  to  learn  something  new     A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints     Access  to  unique  sponsored  events  or  compeHHons     An  opportunity  to  develop  my  skills     The  ability  to  communicate  and  share  experiences  with  others       Tools  to  help  me  express  my  creaHvity  and  make  something  worth  sharing     To  be  part  of  a  brand  community     The  ability  to  influence  product  development   HIGH  INVOLVEMENT  
  22. Health  &  Beauty  is  mostly  defined  by  low-­‐mid  involvement  except    for  the  interest  in  discount  vouchers  and  consumers  interest  for    more  knowledge  about  the  category   Chart  13a:  Desired  online  interacKons  for  health  &  beauty  category  LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon   11   Access  to  latest  news/new  product  launches   32   Discount  vouchers  for  health/beauty  prods&  services   54   Access  interesHng/entertaining  content  eg  music,video   16   Opportunity  to  learn  more  about  health  and  beauty   39   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   26   Access  health/beauty  events/comps  win  prods/services   29   Opportunity  to  develop  and  improve  my  skills   19   Ability  to  communicate  and  share  experiences  with  other   24   Tools  express  my  creaHvity/something  worth  sharing   19   To  be  part  of  a  brand  community   17   Ability  contact  companies  &  influence  new  product   19  HIGH  INVOLVEMENT   0   20   40   60   80   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  companies  that  make  health  &  beauty  products,  which  of  following    statements   describes  the  kind  of  interacKon  you  would  like  to  have  with  these  companies?”  
  23. Food’s  top  desired  interacHon  is  sHll  gesng  freebies  but  there  is  also    a  significant  desire  for  deeper  interacHons  like  learning  how  to  cook,    learning  more  about  food,  etc.   Chart  13b:  Desired  online  interacKons  for  food  category  LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon   7   Access  news  about  new  food  products/food  outlet  openings   40   Free  money  off  or  discount  vouchers   59   Access  interesHng/entertaining  content  eg  music,video   25   An  opportunity  to  learn  more  about  food   48   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   30   Access  to  unique  events  or  compeHHons   26   Opportunity  to  develop  cooking  skills/learn  new  recipes   43   Abilty  communicate/share  experiences  with  others   28   Tools  express  my  creaHvity/something  worth  sharing   22   To  be  part  of  a  brand  community   20   Ability  contact  food  cpys/share  ideas  on  improvement   26  HIGH  INVOLVEMENT   0   20   40   60   80   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  companies  that  make  food  products,  which  of  following    statements  describes  the  kind  of   interacKon  you  would  like  to  have  with  these  companies?”  
  24. Computer  So=ware  shows  a  high  level  of  consumer  involvement    among  a  lot  of  interacHons  such  as  sharing  informaHon  with  other    users,  personal  responses  to  queries  from  companies,  and    opportuniHes  to  learn  something  new   Chart  13c:  Desired  online  interacKons  for  computer  sobware  category  LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon   2   Access  to  news  abt  new  developments/sofware  upgrades   57   Discount  vouchers  computer  sofware/free  sofware  download   64   Access  to  fun  and  entertaining  content   62   Opportunity  to  learn  something  new  about  different  apps   67   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   61   Access  to  unique  events  or  compeHHons   37   Opportunity  to  develop  my  sofware  skills   51   Ability  to  communicate/share  experiences  with  other  users   55   Tools  express  my  creaHvity/something  worth  sharing   52   To  be  part  of  a  brand  community   35   Ability  contact  comp  sofware  cpys/influence  prod.development   45  HIGH  INVOLVEMENT   0   20   40   60   80   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  companies  that  make  computer  so=ware  products,  which  of  following    statements   describes  the  kind  of  interacKon  you  would  like  to  have  with  these  companies?”  
  25. For  Consumer  Technology,  its  not  just  about  discounts    or  fun  content  but  also  about  developing  skills  LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon   6   Access  to  news  about  new  developments   40   Discount  vouchers   50   Access  to  fun  and  entertaining  content   53   An  opportunity  to  learn  something  new   42   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   45   Access  to  unique  sponsored  events  or  compeHHons   29   An  opportunity  to  develop  my  skills   50   The  ability  to  communicate  and  share  experiences  with  others     37   Tools  to  help  me  express  my  creaHvity  and  make  something   30   To  be  part  of  a  brand  community   22   The  ability  to  influence  product  development   31  HIGH  INVOLVEMENT   0   20   40   60   80   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  companies  that  make  consumer  technology  products,  which  of  following    statements   describes  the  kind  of  interacKon  you  would  like  to  have  with  these  companies?”  
  26. Movies  are  desired  for  interacHons  that  would  further  hype  up  the   entertainment  experience  of  the  category  LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon   15   Access  to  news  about  the  latest  movie  releases   38   Free  money  off/discounts  on  movies  &  movie  items   52   Access  to  addiHonal  entertaining  content  eg  director   33   Opportunity  learn  more  about  the  movie,actors,producHon   31   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   17   Access  to  unique  sponsored  events  or  compeHHons   20   An  opportunity  to  develop  my  skills   17   The  ability  to  communicate  and  share  experiences  with  others     23   Tools/help  make  my  own  movies/share  with  others   19   To  be  part  of  a  brand  community   14   Contact  film  makers/movie  studios  influ.development   16  HIGH  INVOLVEMENT   0   20   40   60   80   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  companies  that  make  movies,  which  of  following    statements  describes  the  kind  of   interacKon  you  would  like  to  have  with  these  companies?”  
  27. Non-­‐alcoholic  drinks  also  show  a  low  level  of  consumer  involvement  where  freebies  are  what  consumers  most  prefer  to  see  on  social    media   LOW  INVOLVEMENT   I  want  no  interacHon   19   Access  to  breaking  news   19   Free  money  off  and  discount  vouchers   48   Access  interesHng/entertaining  content  eg  music,video   16   An  opportunity  to  learn  something  new   29   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   16   Access  to  unique  events  or  compeHHons   20   Opportunity  to  develop  my  sofware  skills   12   Abilty  communicate/share  experiences  like-­‐minded  people   18   Tools  express  my  creaHvity/something  worth  sharing   13   To  be  part  of  a  brand  community   17   Ability  contact  organizaHons/influence  prod  development   14   HIGH  INVOLVEMENT   0   20   40   60   80   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  companies  that  make  Non-­‐  alcoholic  Drinks,  which  of  following    statements  describes   the  kind  of  interacKon  you  would  like  to  have  with  these  companies?”  
  28. Discounts  and  freebies  generally  drive  trial,  parHcularly  for  Food,    Health  &  Beauty  and  Travel.      BUT  –  for  Computer  Sofware,  opportunity  to  learn  more  is    also  a    good  trial  driver;  and  for  Personal  Finance,    tools  to  help  me  manage  my  finance  works  to  induce  trial   Health  &  Beauty   Chart  15a:  Desired  online  interacKons  across  categories  vs.  markeKng  objecKve:  TRIAL   Travel  &  Holiday   80   Food   70   Computer  Sofware   Personal  Finance   60   50   40   30   20   Breaking   Influence   To  learn   Access  to  latest  news/ To  contact  companies   Opportunity  to  learn   To   Opportunity  to   Ability  to   Response   Fun  &   Communica Tools  express  my   A  personal  response  to   Access  to  fun/ Make   Unique   Discount  vouchers/ To  be  part  of  a  orand   Access  to  unique   Discount   Part   b f  a   new  product  or   news   launches   &  influence  product/ more   product  dev’t   svc   more     develop  and  improve  share  experiences  nd  ith   creaHvity/something   my  issues/complaints   entertaining  content   events/compeHHons   develop   my  skills   communicate  a te  &  share   worth  sharing/Tools  to   w something   to  my   entertaini eg  music,video   events  or   Freebies   vouchers     community   brand   product       skills     experiences     help  mworth   my   other   e  manage   issues  /   ng   compeHHo   community     finances   launches         sharing/   complain content     ns         Manage  my   ts         finance         QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to  have  with  companies    that  make/carry  computer  so=ware,  health  &  beauty  products,  food  products,  travel  &  holiday  services,  &  personal   finance  services,  which  interacKon  is  best  in  driving  trial?”  
  29. Providing  personal  response  to  issues  and  complaints  of    consumers  drives  commitment  across  different  categories.  BUT  –  in  Travel  &  Holiday,  discounts  &  vouchers  also  drive    commitment.   Health  &  Beauty   Chart  15b:  Desired  online  interacKons  across  categories  vs.  markeKng   Food   objecKve:  COMMITMENT   80   Computer  Sofware   Travel  &  Holiday   70   Personal  Finance   60   50   40   30   20   Access  to  latest  news/new   Breaking   Opportunity  to  learn  more   Influence   Ability  to  communicate  and   A  personal  response  to  my   &   Access  to  unique  events/ Fun   To  be  part  of  a  brand   To  learn   Communica Make   To   share  experiences  with  other   Response   Unique   product  launches   issues/complaints   compeHHons   Discount   community  a   Part  of   news  or   product  dev’t   more     develop   te  &  share   something   to  my   entertaini events  or   vouchers     brand   product       skills     experiences     worth   issues  /   ng   compeHHo   community     launches         sharing/   complain content     ns         Manage  my   ts         finance         QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to  have  with  companies    that  make/carry  computer  so=ware,  health  &  beauty  products,  food  products,  travel  &  holiday  services,  &  personal   finance  services,  which  interacKon  is  best  in  driving  trial?”  
  30. Wave  tells  us  that     different  social    experiences  deliver    different  outcomes   Social experiences that drive your marketing objectives
  31. What  outcomes  can  we  measure?   Letting you know about the company AWARENESS Giving you a detailed understanding EDUCATION Making the company more desirable DESIRE Making you feel closer to the company SEEK MORE Encouraging you to try TRIAL Encouraging you to buy TRANSACTION Making you feel valued as a customer COMMITMENTMakes you want to spend more time with the brand INVOLVEMENT Encouraging you to recommend to others RECOMMENDATION
  32. Access  to  product  news  drives  awareness    for  Consumer  Technology   Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Consumer  Technology  100%   Access  news  of  new  product  launches  and   developments   80%   Opportunity  to  learn  more  about  consumer   technology  prods   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   60%   Discount  vouchers  for  new  prods/informaHon   about  sale   40%   20%   0%   Consumer   Technology   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to     have  with  companies  that  make  consumer  technology,  which  interacKon  is  best…?”     Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Consumer  Technology  
  33. Access  to  entertaining  content  will  make     Filipinos  watch  a  movie   Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Movies  100%   Access  to  news  about  the  latest  movie  releases   80%   Opportunity  learn  more  about  the   movie,actors,producHon   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   60%   Access  to  addiHonal  entertaining  content   Access  to  unique  events  or  compeHHons   40%   20%   0%   Movies   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to     have  with  companies  that  make  movies,  which  interacKon  is  best…?”     Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Movies  
  34. Discounts  and  freebies  will  make  Filipinos  try    a  food  product   Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Food  100%   An  opportunity  to  learn  more  about  food   Opportunity  to  develop  cooking  skills/learn  new   80%   recipes   Abilty  communicate/share  experiences  with   others   60%   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   Free  money  off  or  discount  vouchers   40%   20%   0%   Food   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to     have  with  companies  in  the  food  category,  which  interacKon  is  best…?”     BASE:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Food  
  35. Discounts  and  freebies  also  convince  Filipinos  to     recommend  health  and  beauty  products  to     family  and  friends   Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Health  &  Beauty  100%   Access  to  latest  news/new  product  launches   Opportunity  to  learn  more  about  health  and   80%   beauty   A  personal  response  to  my  issues/complaints   60%   Access  health/beauty  events/comps  win  prods/ services   Discount  vouchers  for  health/beauty  prods&   40%   services   20%   0%   Health  &   Beauty   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to     have  with  companies  that  make  health  &  beauty,  which  interacKon  is  best…?”     BASE:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Health  &  Beauty  
  36. Access  to  breaking  news  is  what  makes  Filipinos   aware  of  non-­‐alcoholic  beverages     Base:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Non-­‐alcoholic  Drinks  100%   Access  to  breaking  news   80%   Ability  contact  organizaHons/influence  prod   development   Abilty  communicate/share  experiences  like-­‐ 60%   minded  people   Access  to  unique  events  or  compeHHons   40%   Free  money  off  and  discount  vouchers   20%   0%   Non-­‐alcoholic   Drinks   QUESTION:  “Thinking  about  the  interacKons  that  you  have  indicated  you  would  like  to     have  with  companies  that  make  non-­‐alcoholic  beverages,  which  interacKon  is  best…?”     BASE:  Filipinos  who  have  an  interest  in  Non-­‐alcoholic  Drinks