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Phoenix!!!! ppt

  1. 1. PHOENIX!!!! <br />LOUISA RAITT<br />NIKITA DARYANANI<br />
  2. 2. Taxation: Louisa<br />Annual Salary= $50,000.00<br />FICA= 7.65%---$3,825.00<br />State Income Tax= 3.36%---$1,680<br />Federal Income Tax= $6,338.00<br />Louisa's Adjusted Income<br /> $38,157.00<br />
  3. 3. Taxation: Nikita<br />Annual Salary= $40,000.00<br />FICA= 7.65%---$3,060.00<br />State Income Tax= 3.36%---$1,344.00<br />Federal Income Tax= $4,175.00<br />Nikita's Adjusted Income<br />$31,421.00<br />
  4. 4. Saving: Louisa <br />Annual Saving(10% off adjusted income)= $3,815.70<br />$900 in Bank of America Checking account<br />$1,415.7 savings account at Bank of America (0.05% APY)<br />$1,500 In Growth Money Market Savings Account (APY is Tiered, based on balance with additional bonus rate)<br />Annual Tithe= $1,907.85<br />Adjusted Income Now <br />$32,433.45<br />
  5. 5. Saving: Nikita<br />Annual Saving (8% off adjusted income) = $2,513.68<br />$700 in Bank of America Checking account<br />$1713.68 in savings account at Bank of America (.05% APY)<br />$1000 in Growth Money Market Adjusted Income Now<br /> $28,907.32<br />
  6. 6. Housing <br />VaseoAppartments<br />16220 N. 7th St.<br />Phoenix, AZ 85022<br />1 Year lease<br />$1500 deposit<br />Rent= $680 per month/ 2 people <br /> -->$340 per month per person Rent <br /> -->$4080 per year per person Rent<br /> --> Renter’s Insurance: Liberty Mutual= $25 per month= $300 per year per personRent+Deposit+Insurance= $5130.00<br />Cascade Floorplan<br />
  7. 7. Housing Continued (Features)<br />Clubhouse<br />Covered Parking<br />Emergency Maintenance<br />Extra Storage<br />Fitness Center<br />Green Community<br />High Speed Internet Access<br />Hot Tub<br />Public Transportation<br />Swimming Pool<br />Tennis Court(s)<br />Trail, Bike, Hike, Jog<br />Four Resort Style Pools & Relaxing Spas<br />Yoga & Spin Room<br />Spectacular Movie Theater<br />Billiards Room<br />Water Machines<br />BBQ Grills with Picnic Areas<br />24-Hour Maintenance Response<br />Lush Landscaping with Streams & Waterfalls<br />‍Apartment Features<br />Air Conditioning<br />Balcony<br />Ceiling Fan(s)<br />Dishwasher<br />Fireplace<br />Microwave<br />New/Renovated Interior<br />Oversized Closets<br />Stainless Steel Appliances<br />Washer & Dryer In Unit<br />‍Special Features<br />Pets Accepted<br />Dogs-Dogs under 50lbs allowed. Only 2 Pets per Apartment. <br />‍Community Features<br />Accepts Credit Card Payments<br />Accepts Electronic Payments<br />Basketball Court(s) <br />Business Center<br />
  8. 8. Housing Continued<br />
  9. 9. Healthcare<br />LOUISA & NIKITA<br />Calendar-year deductible: $5000<br />Co-Insurance: 80/20<br />Copay: $30 Doctor, $50 Specialist<br />Monthly Premium: $112.02 => $1344.24 a year<br />
  10. 10. Transportation<br />Both buying used cars from the Tucson CarMax Dealership<br />$149 to transfer each car to the Phoenix CarMax Dealer<br />Gas Prices current prices in Phoenix ranging $3.45-$3.57 per gallon<br />Nikita’s Gas Prices: 13.2 Gallon Tank- $94.25 per month x 12 months = $1,131.00<br />Louisa’s Gas Prices: 19 Gallon Tank- $166.25 per month x 12 months = $1,995.00<br />Louisa’s Car<br />Nikita’s Car <br />
  11. 11. Transportation= Cars<br />LOUISA <br />NIKITA<br />2009 Jeep Wrangler X 2D Sport Utility<br />Vehicle price= $20998.00<br />Tax, Title, Tags Fee=$2,275.00<br />Down payment amount= $2,000.00<br />Finance rate (APR) = 4%<br />Contract length = 60 Months (5 Years)<br />Amount financed= $21,273<br />Estimated monthly payment= $391.77<br />Insurance: Esurance =Monthly premium= $103.13<br />Transfer+ Down+ Monthly+ Gas+ Insurance=$8,845.24 (per year)<br />2006 MINI Cooper 2D Hatchback<br />Vehicle price= $16,988.00<br />Tax, Title, Tags Fee =$2,275.00 <br />Down payment amount= $2,000.00<br />Finance rate (APR) = 4%<br />‍Contract length= ‍60 months (5 Years)<br />Amount ‍financed= $16,823.00<br />Estimated monthly payment= $310.00<br />Insurance: Esurance= Monthly premium=$159.94<br />Transfer+ Down+ Monthly + Gas+ Insurance=<br /> $7,001.00 (per year)<br />
  12. 12. Utilities<br />Electric with AC: $150 per month on average (50-60 during winter and 160-200 during summer)<br />Gas: $50<br />Water: $50<br />Phone: cell phones only - no landline<br />Both will remain on their current family plans and pay their parents monthly (Louisa pays=$60 Nikita pays= $30 each month) <br />Internet: free WiFi within entire apartment complex<br />Louisa: $310 a month, $3,720 a year<br />Nikita: $280 a month, $1,860 a year<br />
  13. 13. Food!!! <br />Eating out: $150 a month<br />House groceries (2 people)= $300 a month<br />$150 monthly per person<br />Household supplies (2 people)= $300 monthly<br />$150 monthly per person<br />TOTAL: $450 per person per month= $5400 per person per year<br />
  14. 14. Extras: Meet CRUZ!!!!!! <br />Adoption: $150<br />Petsmart:<br />Fabric and Fleece Dog Bed-PetSmart$16.95<br />Flee medication= $201.98 per year<br />Dog Food: $15 for a 4lb bag --> $60 per year<br />Leash and Collar: $9:99= collar, 14.99=leash<br />Toys: ~ $20<br />DOG: Cruz's total cost ~$475.00<br />$237.50 per person per year<br />
  15. 15. Other Extras<br />Netflix= $96 a year= $48 per person a year<br />Going Out (movies, shopping, museums, bowling, going out with friends)= $80 per week per person = $4160 per person per year<br />Hair and Nails (per year):<br />Nikita:Louisa:<br />Hair=$120 Hair=$360 <br />Nails= $240 Nails=$420<br />
  16. 16. What's left??!?!?? <br />Louisa has $773.47 remaining and will put that remaining money into her regular savings account<br />Nikita has $2,235.58 remaining and will put that remaining money into her regular savings account<br />