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Video Marketing & YouTube with Lou Bortone


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Video Marketing & YouTube: The Fast Track to Visibility, Credibility and Profitability with video pro Lou Bortone

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Video Marketing & YouTube with Lou Bortone

  1. 1. Video Marketing & YouTube The Fast Track to Visibility, Credibility and Profitability
  2. 2. What we’ll cover…• Why use video marketing• YouTube: Perception vs. reality• Is YouTube right for your business?• YouTube success stories• Easy and affordable ways to get started
  3. 3. Why you need to know this stuff!• The Internet is being driven by video• Video content is becoming a critical information source • YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine • 60% (and rising) of all web traffic is video• Video is more compelling & engaging than other media• Video connects!
  4. 4. Why video now?• If you have video on your website, you are 53X more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results!• Visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. (ComScore)• Websites with video sell 45% more!• 60% of all Internet traffic is currently video. By 2016, Cisco reports that 90% of all Internet traffic will be video!
  5. 5. Why Video?• Breaks through the online noise• Increases your visibility & credibility• Attracts clients so they come to YOU• Turbocharges your social media• Opens up new opportunities, JVs, speaking gigs, etc.
  6. 6. Video Marketing Rocks!• Generate more web traffic• Improve search engine rankings• Increase conversions and sales• Build a bigger list more quickly• Create stronger relationships with customers• Reach a much bigger audience
  7. 7. But why listen to me?• 20+ years in the TV business (Fox, E! Entertainment TV)• Have been doing video marketing since before YouTube!• Experienced marketing and branding executive
  8. 8. If a picture is worth 1,000 words…• One minute of video is said to be worth 1.8 Million words! – Forrester Research
  9. 9. Why use video?
  10. 10. Why use video?
  11. 11. Why use video?
  12. 12. Video is the future• It’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way!
  13. 13. The Video/Profit Connection• Use video to establish an immediate, personal and powerful connection to your clients and prospects• Video accelerates the sales process• Video dramatically increases the “know, like & trust” factor• Video breaks through the clutter and makes you more memorable…
  14. 14. Video myths & misconceptions: Perception Reality• Video is too techie • It couldn’t be simpler• Video is expensive • Most tools are free!• Video needs to be slick • Content trumps quality• YouTube is for kids • YouTube is mainstream
  15. 15. Speaking of YouTube…• Second largest search engine, third biggest site• Broad demographics (18 – 54)• 4 BILLION views per day!• 60 hours of content uploaded every minute• 98 of AdAge’s Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube
  16. 16. YouTube Perception Reality• Dog & Cat Videos • Corporate Videos• Teenage Wasteland • All Demographics• Just Techie Dudes • 50/50 Gender Split• Just for Kids • 53% Have Kids!• Poor “Slackers” • More Affluent • 56% make over $100K
  17. 17. You TubePerception: Cats Reality: Cars
  18. 18. YouTube is Social• Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute!• There are 500 tweets per minute that contain a YouTube link• 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook
  19. 19. YouTube Pros and Cons• Pros • Cons• Visibility and SEO • Learning Curve• Builds Credibility • Maintenance• Social Sharing • Getting Views• Free Video Hosting • No “Buy” Button!
  20. 20. YouTube Uses• Use as a free “hub” to host your videos• Use as a “base” and share to other sites: • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+• Use embed code to add video to your site• Use to improve your search engine rankings• Even use to edit and enhance your videos!
  21. 21. Advanced YouTube Uses• “Pin” your video to Pinterest• Plays as a video on the photo site!• Post your video to LinkedIn• Check out (also takes video!)• Use YouTube video “creator” tools• Use YouTube’s onboard editor
  22. 22. Is YouTube right for you?• Is your target market there?• Are you building your brand online?• Do you need to boost your Google rankings?• Are you trying to enhance your credibility?• Do you have the resources to produce videos? • Set up a YouTube Channel • Create one new video per week (ideally)
  23. 23. What works on YouTube?• Liquor store?• Kitchen appliances?• Cosmetics?• Coaching?
  24. 24. Who is “crushing it” on YouTube?
  25. 25. Wine Library TV• Gary Vaynerchuk• 1.7 Million video views• Low production values• Now a bestselling author – Crush It!• Net worth: $10 Million
  26. 26. The right “blend” of video!
  27. 27. Will It Blend?• 2 Billion views on YouTube• Instant viral hit• National TV exposure• Retail sales increased by 700%
  28. 28. A Viral Sensation
  29. 29. Michelle Phan• Massachusetts native!• “How to” make-up videos and beauty tips• How to get the Lady Gaga look, etc.• Over half a billion views• 2 Million YouTube subscribers• Net worth of 3 Million at age 25• Hired by Lancome
  30. 30. Who’s Doing it Right?
  31. 31. Who’s Doing it Right?
  32. 32. YouTube 101• Be consistent – One & Done doesn’t work• Always include a compelling call to action• Upload right – Keywords in title, etc.• Add captions/annotations• Edit if necessary – right on YouTube• Share to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  33. 33. YouTube Basics1. Upload – Drag and drop simple2. Share - One click sharing to Facebook3. Distribute – Use links and embed code4. Promote – Via email, twitter, etc.5. Measure – See YouTube’s analytics
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Quick Tip:• Maximize YouTube • Optimize the latest changes to YouTube • Customize and organize your channel • Use YouTube sharing for leverage
  36. 36. The Ever-Evolving YouTube• Feature rich• More interactive (Add Video Questions)• Social media-friendly• Easier to navigate• Many more options
  37. 37. Little Known Features• New Video Manager – Better curation• On board editor• New “Enhancements” feature• Annotations & Captions• Extensive analytics• Creator Tools
  38. 38. YouTube Branding• Customize Your YouTube Channel• Upload content (videos) that are RELEVANT to your target audience• Use consistent keywords in every video• Link your videos with the Antion Keyword Trick• Add your web address as a caption• Always “close” your videos with a call to action and branding statement (your web address)
  39. 39. Branding with YouTube• Think of each video you upload as a “building block” of your online brand• The content you upload should be consistent with your brand • Post the b-day and pet videos somewhere else • Or use the privacy settings to limit sharing• YouTube is being used as a search engine, so post relevant content *How to videos are most popular *Serving before selling!
  40. 40. More Branding Tips• Use Playlists to organize videos• Add your video as a “video response” to similar, highly-viewed videos• Upload quality content consistently• Build community – Comment on other videos• Call attention to your “subscribe” button• Make your videos “sharable” • Short and sweet • Relevant content • Share and be shared
  41. 41. YouTube branding should match your site!
  42. 42. YouTube channel customization
  43. 43. Explore & Experiment!• Your customers & prospects are looking for you on YouTube!• Make sure you can be found there!• Maximize all the new YouTube features!
  44. 44. Quick Tips• Video E-Mail• Videos on• Videos on Pinterest• Mobile video apps
  45. 45. Quick Tip:• Engage with Video Email• Video in email can double your email open rates! • According to Small Business Trends, Video in email increases click through rates by a whopping 96%! • Want more response? Put video in your email! • Two free ways to do that include: • and
  46. 46. Video Email Options
  47. 47.
  48. 48.© Lou Bortone
  49. 49. Check out Slideshare• “Like YouTube for PowerPoints”• Also allows video uploads!• Tremendous exposure• Connects to LinkedIn • So you can have videos on your LinkedIn profile
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Leveraging Pinterest
  52. 52. Video and Pinterest
  53. 53. Don’t Neglect Mobile!• YouTube Mobile gets 600 million views per day• Traffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011• Make sure your video is mobile friendly
  54. 54. New App Alert!
  55. 55. Action Steps: (Do this stuff!)• Set up a free account on YouTube• Create and optimize your videos for YouTube• Record and send a video email (it’s easy!)• Visit for more tips• Contact me if you need help!• Join our “Video Marketing Jumpstart” program!
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  58. 58. Let’s Connect!••••