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Video Marketing Advantage is the PowerPoint (handout) version of my VMA Webinar. (The webinar has audio, but you can still get a lot of good video tips and tools from this presentation!)

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Video Marketing Advantage

  1. 1. with Lou BortoneHow to Gain an Unfair CompetitiveAdvantage and Win Big with Video!
  2. 2. • What is “The Video Marketing Advantage” and Why It’s Crucial That You Have It…• Five Fast, Free and Fearless Ways to Create Great Video• How to Leverage The Video-Profit Connection• How to take your video strategy to the next level...© Lou Bortone
  3. 3.  TV Industry Survivor Marketing/Branding Guy Video Producer/Editor Online Video Pro I turn ordinary entrepreneurs into online video rock stars! © Lou Bortone
  4. 4. • Just ask Benjamin!• Generate more web traffic• Increase conversions and sales• Build a bigger list more quickly• Create stronger relationships with clients & prospects• Reach a much bigger audience - Help more peeps!© Lou Bortone
  5. 5. • If you have video on your website, you are 53X more likely to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results!• Visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. (Comscore, August 2010)• 30% of all Internet traffic is currently video. By 2013, Cisco reports that 90% of all Internet traffic will be video!© Lou Bortone
  6. 6.  …then what is a video worth? According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, watching a minute of video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words!
  7. 7. The 5 Fastest Ways to Make a - Fast & free video montages2.Video Email - Make your emails more personal & engaging3.Live Webcast - Launch your own web TV channel4.Mobile Upload - Video anytime, on the fly!5.Google+ Hangout - The newest way to connect© Lou Bortone
  8. 8. •Free photo/video site for :30 vids© Lou Bortone
  9. 9.  Video in email can double your email open rates! ◦ According to Small Business Trends, Video in email increases click through rates by a whopping 96%! ◦ Want more response? Put video in your email! ◦ Two free ways to do that include:  and© Lou Bortone
  10. 10. © Lou Bortone
  11. 11.  Video Email Options
  12. 12.  Live stream video viewing is up by 648% this year! (comScore) You can launch your own Web TV channel instantly (free!) Go live on the web anytime, anywhere Two big players are and
  13. 13.  My Ustream Channel© Lou Bortone
  14. 14.  Connect with your peeps on a whole new level!© Lou Bortone
  15. 15.  Elizabeth Marshall’s Live Webcast© Lou Bortone
  16. 16.  Lots of features - But there is a learning curve!© Lou Bortone
  17. 17.  66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2014 People are watching video on their mobile devices! Mobile video lets you upload anytime, anywhere Shoot and upload video right from your smartphone is one way to share your mobile videos
  18. 18. © Lou Bortone
  19. 19.  The newest way to connect online - instantly! Live video chats via Google+ Just click to start, then invite friends You can even watch YouTube videos together!
  20. 20. © Lou Bortone
  21. 21. © Lou Bortone
  22. 22. © Lou Bortone
  23. 23. © Lou Bortone
  24. 24.  Photo montages via Video slide shows via Screencasts with (or Camtasia) Video presentations using ...or even plain, old PowerPoint!© Lou Bortone
  25. 25. © Lou Bortone
  26. 26. 1. Video opt-in page to build your list2. Welcome or intro video for your home page or blog3. Video “bio” or “about me” video to build visibility4. Live, on-location mobile videos “on the fly”5. Sales page videos and “presentation” videos6. Social Videos to leverage social media© Lou Bortone
  27. 27. Your video budget Webcam Logitech Pro 9000 $63 Flip Video Flip Ultra HD $132 Tripod Vista Explorer $20 Animoto Plus Package $30 Jing Jing Pro $15 Hosting Amazon S3 $0.140 per GB Easy Video Player Software $204 YouTube Marketing Free TOTAL: $464.00 * Prices based on 5/20/11© Lou Bortone
  28. 28.  Use video to establish an immediate, personal and powerful connection to your clients and prospects Video accelerates the sales process Video dramatically increases the “know, like & trust” factor Consumers who watch product videos are 144% more likely to add a product to their cart (via Internet Retailer) Websites with video sell up to 45% more© Lou Bortone
  29. 29.  One video serves many purposes & leverages your time! Video gives you a worldwide presence, 24/7 Share your videos across social media platforms Recycle the same video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Repurpose your YouTube video for your website or blog One video can work for you in many places & platforms!© Lou Bortone
  30. 30.  Reality Check: All of this is useless without a PLAN!
  31. 31. • Integrate video into your existing marketing plans• Repurpose blog posts, articles and ezines into video marketing• Determine how video can support your promotional plans• Create a “Video Visibility” strategy to maximize exposure• Use video to create more effective sales pages, blog posts, etc.
  32. 32. • Determine your video marketing “money touch” • Video blog posts on your website or blog • Live webcasts using Livestream or Ustream • Tips & tutorials via YouTube • Social media video for visibility and credibility • Video testimonials, video sales pages, video squeeze pages...
  33. 33. • The good news: You don’t have to go it alone!• A video marketing strategy can mean the difference between success and failure. It provides the single biggest ROI anywhere.• Our clients have achieved amazing results, such as increased sales, greater online visibility, higher paid speaking gigs, huge product launches, sold-out events and online rockstar status!• Our clients include a who’s who of online marketing, coaches, speakers and bestselling authors like Michael Port, Sheri McConnell, Andrea J. Lee, Les McKeown, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins, Nancy Marmolejo, Mitch Meyerson, Jeff Walker and many others.
  34. 34.  What’s more amazing is that Evelyn’s vacation rental business is booming, and her videos have even caught the attention of National Geographic TV, Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel!
  35. 35. Introducing Lou Bortone’s Video Breakthrough Session…Get unstuck and get your marketing videoonline with private coaching and step-by-stepsupport with video marketing expert Lou Bortone…You’ll get your own video marketing assessmentand get-started strategy for getting your videosonline.
  36. 36.  Now you can get private coaching and consulting to create a customized video marketing strategy for your business... Find out exactly what to do, what to say, and when to do it to maximize your video marketing impact. Discover your video “money touch” and how you can achieve the biggest (and quickest) return on investment in your biz Create a customize “Video Editorial Calendar” to plan out your video marketing impact strategy
  37. 37.  Get access to a video marketing pro (me!) and the same level of support and attention that my VIP “rockstar” clients receive Private, one-on-one consulting for your specific situation You’ll leave with a solid plan for exactly what to do next Take your marketing and your business to greater heights!
  38. 38.  Use coupon code “FASTFORWARD”
  39. 39. 