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Deploying R in BI and Real time Applications


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Overview of how Spotfire and TERR enables the deployment of R language analytics into Business Intelligence and Real time applications, including several examples. Presented at useR 2014 at UCLA on 7/2/14

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Deploying R in BI and Real time Applications

  1. 1. Deploying R into Business Intelligence and Real-time Applications Lou Bajuk-Yorgan Sr. Dir., Product Management TIBCO Spotfire @loubajuk © Copyright 2000-2014 TIBCO Software Inc. 1
  2. 2. R in Business Intelligence and Real-time Applications • TIBCO, S+, and embracing R • Challenges of R for Enterprise applications • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) – Motivation and Benefits • Applications of R/TERR • Learn more and try it yourself - 2
  3. 3. Milestones on the Journey to TERR • John Chambers developed the S language at Bell Labs – Starting in the mid 70’s • Insightful (Statsci) founded to commercial S as S+ in 1987 – The “plus”: statistical libraries, documentation, and support – Later focus on commercial users, ease of use, server integration • R: development begun by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at University of Auckland in mid 90’s • Insightful acquired by TIBCO in 2008 – Spotfire (for Data Discovery and Visualization) acquired in 2007 • Focus on applying Advanced Analytics in Spotfire & TIBCO applications – Step 1: Embrace R - 3
  4. 4. Embracing R • Spotfire Statistics Server – Integration of R & S+ into Spotfire applications • Later added SAS® & MATLAB® – Leverage the interactive visualizations, data access and application development of Spotfire • Well received—but our Enterprise customers need more – R provides tremendous benefits to statisticians – But large enterprises are often challenged to leverage that value - 4
  5. 5. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc. • Core R engine struggles with Big Data – Customers don’t use R, or reimplement R code in specialized libraries or other languages, or leverage Hadoop, etc. to parallelize R – Lose agility & consistency, delay time to production, lose opportunities • R was not intended for enterprise usage – Not the right tool for real-time, high performance & reliability, big data – Built originally as an academic tool for research and teaching – Proprietary & Specialized packages still dependent on the core engine • Free to acquire, but costly to maintain – Version incompatibilities, variable quality in packages – Lack of enterprise-level technical support Enterprise Challenges for Open Source R 5
  6. 6. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc. • Enterprise-grade implementation of the R language – Completely new R interpreter, developed from the ground up – Based on TIBCO’s long history and expertise with S+ – Designed to be fully compatible with R language – Faster and more memory efficient than open source R – Fully supported by TIBCO TERR extends the reach of R in the enterprise – Develop code in open source R – Deploy on a commercially-supported and robust platform • Without the delay and cost of rewriting your code TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR)
  7. 7. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc. • Embedded in TIBCO Spotfire – Enhance Business Intelligence and interactive visualizations for everyone in an organization – Works out of the box—no configuration or set up required • Integrated with TIBCO Complex Event Processing – Apply R models in real time, event-driven applications – Advanced Analytics on “Fast Data” • Cloud-based analytics – TIBCO Cloud Compute Grid • Custom applications developed by TIBCO customers and partners Applications of TERR
  8. 8. TERR in Spotfire • Powers Predictive Modeling & Forecast Tools • Easily enhance Spotfire analyses and applications with R language scripts • TERR is embedded in Spotfire Analyst/Desktop – No other software required, no connection to server required. Simply works. • Spotfire analyses that use TERR can be deployed to the web
  9. 9. Predicting the Business Customer Churn: • Retain your most profitable customers • Increase upsell, decrease churn Fraud Detection: • Reduce losses due to fraudulent transactions Supply Chain Optimization: • Anticipate peaks and lulls • Optimize distribution centers HR Planning: • Predict employee attrition and optimize retention
  10. 10. Demo & Case Study
  11. 11. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc.
  12. 12. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc.
  13. 13. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc.
  14. 14. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc. • Alert Facilities Managers to Severe Weather Alerts • Use TIBCO Streambase to monitor alerts in real time – TERR queries for current weather alerts – Uses sp & rgdal package to compare areas of alerts vs. facility locations • On alert, update Spotfire visualization with mapped alerts, notify Facilities managers Severe Weather Alerts Tracking for Facilities
  15. 15. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc. • Oil & Gas Extraction – Maintenance Downtime and Equipment failures are costly – Engineers track sensor data to find leading indicators • Temperature, vibration, etc. • Engineers usually use ad hoc rules on leading indicators – R/TERR used to develop predictive models for preventative maintenance – Deployed in real-time systems, alert when maintenance recommended Predictive Maintenance for Oil & Gas
  16. 16. © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc. • Major Logistics Company • Port Congestion Detection – Real time system triggers TERR – Analyzes port congestion – Recommends reduction of speed if no berths available • Maritime Abnormality Detection – Based on Automatic Identification System info, TERR calculates likelihood of deviation from normal sailing routes – Alerts carrier & operator Logistics Optimization
  17. 17. TIBCO Cloud Compute Grid • High performance computing on the cloud – Available on TIBCO Cloud Marketplace • Robust DataSynapse GridServer architecture – Used by Wall Street to manage 10K’s nodes – Java, .NET, and REST APIs (JSON) • Perfect for pure computational work – Vastly easier to use for applications like Monte Carlo simulations than Map-Reduce – Run complex statistical models multiple orders of magnitude faster than open source R on a single computer – Unparalleled scalability without upfront capital investment • Easy to get started – Uses your Amazon EC2 account
  18. 18. TERR for individual R users • Empower R users – Enterprise platform for the deployment and integration of your work—without having to rewrite it! • TERR Developer Edition – Full version of TERR engine for testing code prior to deployment • Compatible with RStudio & ESS Emacs – Free for non-production use – Supported through Community site – Available at -
  19. 19. Summary • TIBCO makes the power of R available across the enterprise – Ad-hoc Predictive Analytics for Data Scientists • Spotfire & TERR – Guided Analytic Applications • Spotfire & Statistics Services predictive ecosystem, starring TERR – Event-driven, real-time analytics • Spotfire Event Analytics, TIBCO CEP & TERR • TERR is R for the Enterprise – Enables customers to develop code in open source R, then deploy their R code on commercially-supported and robust platforms—without recoding, saving time & money – Enables TIBCO, partners & customers products to tightly & efficiently embed R language functionality
  20. 20. • TERR Community at – Resources, Documentation, FAQs, Forums – More info at • TERR Developer Edition – Full version of TERR engine for testing code prior to deployment – Supported through TIBCOmmunity, download via • Presentations: • Visit us at the TIBCO table in the exhibition area Learn more and Try it yourself