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R in BI and Streaming Applications for useR 2016


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Overview of using the R language in Streaming and BI applications, features TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for T (TERR)

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R in BI and Streaming Applications for useR 2016

  1. 1. Applying R in Streaming and Business Intelligence Applications Lou Bajuk-Yorgan Sr. Dir., Product Management TIBCO Software @loubajuk © Copyright 2000-2014 TIBCO Software Inc. 1
  2. 2. Analytic Challenges for Enterprises • Big Data – More and more data, and the expectation to do something with it • Competitive Pressures – Deeper insights into data--Apply Advanced Analytics – Smarter Decisions--Broaden analytic usage to wider community beyond Data Scientists – Faster Decisions—both human and automated • Agile response to evolving opportunities and threats – Answers (and the questions to ask) change rapidly
  3. 3. • Agile – Easy prototyping of new models and analysis • Deeper insights – Huge array of analytic methods available – The “best” method to solve a given problem is likely available • Performance • Not designed for real time or Big Data applications • Broader usage • Hard for non-Data Scientist to use directly • Challenging to integrate into enterprise applications • Performance, commercial support and Intellectual Property concerns • Compromises which impact Agility • Recode in a new, less agile environment • Rewrite, use specialized R packages to solve one problem better R can help… …but has it’s own challenges
  4. 4. What would the ideal solution look like? • A single environment that would allow you to prototype in R, and deploy to production in R – Without recoding, without delay, without compromises – Enable agile response to changing opportunities and threats Requires • Analytic flexibility, power and breadth of R • High performance, scalable, robust platform • Easy to embed in Business Intelligence, Real time and custom applications • Fully supported for mission critical applications • Allows R users to continue to work in their preferred development environments (e.g., RStudio)
  5. 5. TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) • Unique, enterprise-grade engine for the R language, built from the ground up by TIBCO – Based on TIBCO’s long history and expertise with S+ – Better performance and memory management than open source R • Designed for R language compatibility – Wide range of built-in analytic methods – Compatible with thousands of CRAN packages (dplyr, data.table, etc.) • Designed for commercial embeddability – TIBCO licensed & supported product – Not GPL, not a repackaging of the Open source R engine • TERR extends the reach of R in the enterprise – Develop code in open source R – Deploy on a commercially-supported and robust platform – Without the delay and cost of rewriting your code – Embed in Data Discovery, BI and real time applications
  6. 6. Example 1: Embedded TERR in Spotfire • Spotfire: Data Discovery and Visualization platform for Business Users and Analysts – Separate analytics platform, independent of TERR/R • Easily enhance Spotfire analyses and applications with R language scripts – Extend the impact of the Data Scientist/R by making their analytic insights available to a wider audience Write R code directly in Spotfire; TERR executes locally or on server Manage TERR analytics locally or in Server to reuse across community Deploy TERR-powered applications to the web
  7. 7. Illustrating the power of embedded Advanced Analytics
  8. 8. Advanced Analytic Applications in Spotfire Customer Churn: • Retain your most profitable customers • Increase upsell, decrease churn Fraud Detection: • Reduce losses due to fraudulent transactions Supply Chain Optimization: • Anticipate peaks and lulls • Optimize distribution centers HR Planning: • Predict employee attrition and optimize retention
  9. 9. • Real-time advanced analytics – Apply predictive model in response to some triggering event  Sensors on industrial equipment trending negative; customer walks into your store or purchases online, etc. – Trigger the right decision in response  Extend a mobile offer to a customer; stop a fraudulent transaction in process; alert the equipment operator or shut down the equipment Example 2: TERR and Streaming Data Model Develop model Deploy via TERR in TIBCO Streambase Act Automatically monitor real-time transactions Automatically trigger action Analyze Analyze data in Spotfire Uncover patterns, trends & correlations
  10. 10. • Oil & Gas Extraction – Maintenance Downtime and Equipment failures are costly – Engineers track sensor data to find leading indicators • Temperature, vibration, etc. • Engineers usually use ad hoc rules on leading indicators – R/TERR used to develop predictive models for preventative maintenance – Deployed in real-time systems, alert when maintenance recommended Predictive Maintenance for Oil & Gas © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc.
  11. 11. • Port Congestion Detection – Real time system triggers TERR – Analyzes port congestion – Recommends reduction of speed if no berths available • Maritime Abnormality Detection – Based on Automatic Identification System info, TERR calculates likelihood of deviation from normal sailing routes – Alerts carrier & operator Transportation and Logistics Optimization
  12. 12. Use TERR in your familiar tools RStudio IDE – Free, open source IDE widely used by the R Community – Fully compatible with TERR Developer Edition KNIME – Free, open source workflow tool for data management and analysis – TERR fully compatible with KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration nodes
  13. 13. TERR is R for the Enterprise • Develop code in open source R, deploy on commercially-supported, and robust platforms – Without recoding, without compromises – Save time & money, quickly respond to new threats and opportunities • Tightly & efficiently embed R language functionality • Extend the power of R to a wider audience, more applications
  14. 14. • TERR Community at – Resources, Documentation, R compatibility, FAQs, Forums – Predictive Analytics overview and resources • Free TERR Developer Edition – Full version of TERR engine for testing code prior to deployment – Supported through TIBCO Community, download via • Spotfire Free Trial: • R Consortium Founding Member Learn more and Try it yourself