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Eng. Louaa Hussien CV


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Eng. Louaa Hussien CV

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DETAILS - Louaa Hussien Mohammed Residential Address: 154 Street, first settlement Cairo Mobile: 01096515778 Date of Birth: 28 July 1989 Nationality: Egyptian Email Address: CAREER OBJECTIVE To expand skills and experience within a successful professional organization with an opportunity for growth and development, and where advancement is based on professional skills and personal contribution. EDUCATION HISTORY Sep 2006 – Jul 2011 Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, Bsc. Mechanical Power Department Cumulative Grade: Good Last Year Grade: Good Graduation Project Grade: Excellent Graduation Project, Linear Fresnel Solar Collector Responsibilities and achievements:  Secure for team  One of team of building pattern  Data collected Sep 2003 – Jul 2006 Sembyat Abiola, Secondary stages Sep 2000 – May 2003 Asmaa Bent Abe Baker, Preparatory stages
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE Oct 2011– Jan 2012 Mar 2012– Aug 2012 Sep 2012 - Current Multi – Power Services Co. Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities and achievements:  Work was as a training.  Define quotations requests and learning a little to dealing with them.  Contact with clients. Electro Lap Company Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities and achievements:  Dealing with quotation requests and customer.  Define tenders and learn dealing with it.  Handling all tasks related to tenders beside normal quotations during this period. Heliopower H.P.T. Company Senior Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities and achievements:  Dealing with quotations services & tender and customer & supplier.  Review work and collected it.  Organise and coordinate work for engineering.  Observation of technical support team.  Participate in putting stock order for our product.  Participate in engineering department planning.  Collect engineering reporting and make a presentation of engineering work.  Participate in monthly executive meeting.
  3. 3. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT & RECOGNISED ACHIEVEMENTS Member, R&D Committee, Loading (Student Activity) Ain Shams University. Member, Reception Committee, Pirates (Student Activity) Ain Shams University. Member, Education Committee, AYB (Student Activity) Ain Shams University. Participant, Advertising Committee, AYB (Student Activity) Ain Shams University. Participant, Jul 2011 Egypt Festival for Science, Ain Shams University. Participant, all 2012 Resala Education Committee. 1St Sept. 2009 – 15th Sept. 2009 Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade (Al Amiria Printing Press). 20th June 2010 – 8th July 2010 Egyptian National Gas Company “GASCO”. 18th July 2010 – 29th July 2010 Arab Organization for Industrialization “AOI” (Engine Factory). 1St Aug. 2010 – 12th Aug. 2010 Radio and Television Union (Broadcasting Engineering). One Day Visit Solar Power Plant at El Koraymat. One Day Visit Anshas Nuclear Reactor for Research. Oct. 2011-Oct. 2011 institute for training of cadres (Central Air conditioning). 2015 Traveling to Dubai to attend training for blowers for one of our agency (ROBUSCHI). 2016 Attend training for pumps for one of our agency (Viking pump). OTHER SKILLS AND CERTIFICATES Computer Skills:  Microsoft office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)  Internet Research  AutoCAD 2D Language Skills:  Arabic - mother Tongue  English – Very Good (reading and writing skills) PERSONAL COMPETENCIES  Ability to work under stress.  Ability to work with deadlines.  Ability to work in a team.  Ability to organise work.  Ability to study & Learn. INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES  Listening, Drawing, helping other. REFEREES References Furnished Upon Request.