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  1. 1. Technical Terms
  2. 2. ApparentTypes of Death Resuscitation •Absence of Cardiac •AED and Respiratory Activity •CPR •Brain Dead •Life Support Coma • Spontaneous Coma Recovery •Information Death •Mindfile Recovery •Loss of Neural Structure
  3. 3. The Nature Of Death •Cardiopulmonary Support (CPS) revive life after of zero blood flow at • Resuscitation from with medication has without vital signs.
  4. 4. Using COLD to PRESERVE the life of a person no longer able to be supported by ordinary medicine (Cryopreservation) Goal: REANIMATION- Carry person forward for however long until preservation process can be reversed and the patient restored to full health.
  5. 5. so that unique identity will be preserved. , and are preserved in the structure and chemistry of the human brain.
  6. 6. - Removal of body below the neck than whole body and easier move in emergency will regrow body via selective expression of remaining cells available for neuropatients before whole body. of muscles and senses is lost; neuro- patients may require physical therapy.
  7. 7. Replacement of over 60% of Technology on the scale of water in the human body with billionths (nano) of a meter, to reduce Allowing manipulation of atoms to cellular destruction at to repair freezing damage in cryonics extremely low temperatures. patients.
  8. 8. Vitrification Preventing Preservation Injury
  9. 9. Research which Cryonics Organization is Right for You Alcor Submit Application and Application Fee Cryonics Institute Decide which cryo- procedure is Best for You Read and Sign Membership Agreements American Cryonics Obtain Cryopreservation Society Funding via Life Insurance Policy
  10. 10. Organization Laws of Operation •501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization •Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) •Arizona Anatomical Gift Act (AAGA) •501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation •Licensed and Regulated Cemetery in the State of Michigan. •501(C)(3)Non-profit Corporation •California General Corporation Laws
  11. 11. $300 $250 $200 Healthy $150 Smoker/DUI $100 Health Issues $50 $0 Under 35 35-55 60-80