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The 1970s can be described as the first of "civilian fashion": ready-made clothes
rose and high fashion altered. In the spring and summer of 2011, this 70's
fashion trend is back.

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Next springs-trend-1970s-retro-civilians-fashion en

  1. 1. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgNext Spring’s Trend: 1970s Retro Civilians Fashion[bondage dress, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Ferragamo, Anna Sui, Fashion Show]The 1970s can be described as the first of "civilian fashion": ready-made clothesrose and high fashion altered. In the spring and summer of 2011, this 70sfashion trend is back.Fashion has always been “from the people, for the people”. Throughout the pasthundred years of fashion history, the 1970s can be described as the first of“civilian fashion”. The ready-made clothes rose and high fashion altered. Thehippie movement flourished, which spawned a wave of "anti-fashion", whichencouraged the return to basics. The middle-class young people pursued a life offreedom and liberation. They abandoned the luxurious and bondage dress. Theyput on the rustic "country girls costumes," casual bohemian dress, rebelliousbell-bottoms and the neutral clothing. In this way, they declared that that theywere separated with the elite society. At this point, fashion appeared in peopleseyes with an unprecedented "civilian attitude”. And its impact on thedevelopment of the later fashion has been far beyond peoples imagination.Marc Jacobs, punk version of "peasant look” page 1 / 10
  2. 2. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgFendi, "sexy" peasant lookFerragamo, gypsy style dress series page 2 / 10
  3. 3. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgAnna Sui 2011 spring and summer series, the perfect combination of steppeelements and bohemianIn the just-ended Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week, we were very pleased tosee the strong return of the 1970s "civilian wind". The fashion gurus invariablydraw inspiration from the 70 years of "civilian fashion. They paid tribute to the1970s, which pursued freedom and liberation."Non-mainstream" peasant lookPeasant Look was originally loose cut "labor attire". It originated in Europeunderclass. Under the fashion guru Yves Saint Laurent’s effort, this "slack",drawstring waist, cotton clothes become "non-mainstream fashion” of the 1970s.To the eyes of the women in the west, it is full of romantic and free spirit, thanksto the comfortable texture and lazy style of it.In Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week, "peasant look" came back on the stageagain. In the "burnt" runway, Fendi began with a white cotton "peasant dress”.There were the unique lantern sleeves, together with the embroidered goldthread strapless design or loosely-cut blouse. This makes the original rustic"peasant look" to be voluptuous. page 3 / 10
  4. 4. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgFendi spring/summer 2011 Milan fashion showFendi spring/summer 2011 series, accessories filled with 70 retro feeling page 4 / 10
  5. 5. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgFendi spring/summer 2011 series, accessories filled with 70 retro feelingAs for the Marc Jacobs fashion show, the designer was inspired by the 1970spunk pioneer, the New York Dolls band, and the supermodel Naomi Campbell’sdress party. Designer use the decadent punk makeup and exaggerated floweraccessories to decorate the simple and unadorned peasant look. It is really"country girls" craze! page 5 / 10
  6. 6. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgMarc Jacobs, punk version of "peasant look"The exaggerated flowers accessories is a major feature of the of Marc Jacobsspring/summer 2011 series.Hippies with Bohemian feelingsThe hippies of the end of 1970 were the most "anti-fashion" ethnic groups. Butthey dominated an era of fads by relying on Bohemian style and simple clothing.Cotton dress and the mysterious ethnic elements are not only the clothing logo of page 6 / 10
  7. 7. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgthe hippies who subvert the mainstream fashion, but also a steady stream of thesource of inspiration for the later designers.In Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week, both Salvatore Ferragamo and Anna Suiused cotton dress, which was full of texture feeling, to cherish the memory of thatpure and natural hippie era. In addition, Salvatore Ferragamo praised gypsy spiritof freedom with calm earth colors, short coat and long dress.Salvatore Ferragamo gypsy style dress seriesPopular camel-colored and brown bagsOn the other hand, Anna Sui especially likes the gorgeous print. It matches thecotton bohemian dress with a long feather beaded necklace. This mysteriousexotic tribal feeling is so attracting. page 7 / 10
  8. 8. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgAnna Sui spring/summer 2011 series, the perfect combination of steppeelements and bohemianThe neutral attitude of the independent womanIn 1970s, in addition to the hippie movement which subverted the mainstreamsociety, the second womens liberation was also a revolutionary force whichsubverted the social "mainstream" thinking. Women’s pursuit of gender equalitymakes the neutral fashion become the exclusive symbol of a new generation ofindependent women. page 8 / 10
  9. 9. Luxury Fashion Organizationhttp://www.lux-fashion.orgThe Salvatore Ferragamo2011 spring and summer neutral suit series page 9 / 10
  10. 10. Luxury Fashion Organization Cotton canvas neutral suit can fully show one’s free and easy temperament. And the match with belt is just right. In Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show, the new designer Massimiliano Giornetti paid tribute to the neutral style of the 1970s with a series of clean lines neutral fashion. Compared to 1970s tough smoking style, Giornett’s design emphasizes women’s free and easy nature. Cotton canvas fabric texture makes the overall shape reckless but not too tough. The shorts T-shirt with bell-bottom pants and flat Roman shoes make the wearer even more sexy and charming. LV 2010 Collection page 10 / 10Powered by TCPDF (