2010 11-womens-autumn-and-winter-trend-country-style


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Women's Autumn and Winter Trend, Country Style, Thick Pilot Jacket

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2010 11-womens-autumn-and-winter-trend-country-style

  1. 1. Fashion Heaven Organizationhttp://www.fashion-heaven.org2010 /11 Womens Autumn and Winter Trend: Country Style[Womens Autumn and Winter Trend, Country Style, Thick Pilot Jacket]Country style in previous seasons have appeared as a classic and timeless style,and this trend will continue in the 10 /11 autumn and winter, and would runsthrough the entire season. Designers got inspiration from rural way of life such ashunting, shooting and fishing, which wild natural traditional state is the hotline onthe T stage in the season. We can see from the designs of Cynthia Steffe, DKNYand Daks, they fuses the 60s style, forming the style of horse mounted of the60s girl students. In addition, Topshop Unique’s wild forest outfit also is a goodchoice of outdoor equipment. Despite different brand has different interpretationstoward country style, but the style’s essence is still the eternal appeal oftraditional fabrics, classic colors and country life. page 1 / 2
  2. 2. Fashion Heaven Organization http://www.fashion-heaven.org The first recommended is subjected to a 70s style influence. Rough thick pilot jacket, worn washed leather fabric, which is retro and soft, decorate with thick fur, giving a warm sense and being a commercial real wear style, which also almost is the season’s "must have". Peck is also an important single item of the country style in the season, which can be seen in the Sportmax design, whose traditional army green, closely buckled wide belt and the concise tailoring together formed this season’s armor jacket that has sports elements. Classic quilted is one of the most important elements of the country in this season. Whether it is in the design of handbags or boots, soft and warm texture reflects the comfortable country life, and the traditional quilting pattern make the rustic style which is take retro and classic as a standard more meaningful. The traditional England plaid and Sicilian style jacquard show a countryside folk in the colors of camel, navy blue, grey and ochre, providing the entire grey style with abundant patterns and colors. Coarse needle pierced white scarf as well as the gray coarse thread sweater coat is the featured items of country style in this season. The rough thick texture and pure color show a warm and simple sense that brings by the country lifestyle. Riding pants is an all-match item of this style. Whether it is a pilot jacket or sweater decoration, both can all be able to have concise outline, forming the 60s female student style riding shape, which represents a hunting archery lifestyle. In such a trend under the influence of classical style, colors, fabrics, and profile is mutually unified. Color tone is eternal: classic camel, gray, army green and white formed core of country style in this season, which is not only a simple and honest balance, but also is very commercial. However, the fashion color also showed a strong saturated tone, such as country inspired ochre, mauve and duck green. The focus of the fabric is on the processing types for wool such as the luxury cashmere wool, double-sided and the brushed after treatment one and the different weight and structure. Touch also embodies a classic or country sense: rough shearing and tactic bear plush, fur or velvet and so on form a strong contrast with satin luster, leather and transparence of wet appearance. Profile, as we said before, is influenced by the late 50s, early 60s and70s retro. In all of the single items, it is clear that coat is the extremely important element in the next season while the classical and generous peck, pilot jacket coat are the worthy investment items for the next season. 2009 Gucci Handbags page 2 / 2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)