Integrated Marketing Strategy Matters To Your Brand


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An integrated marketing strategy is important to your company's brand. David Hernandez, managing partner of lotus823, discusses why it is important for brand to use an integrated marketing approach combining PR, SEM and SM strategies.

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Integrated Marketing Strategy Matters To Your Brand

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  2. 2. THE GREAT BUSINESS PROJECT Magazine Editorial Editor in Chief Ralph Quintero Editor Lauren TiradoNote From The Editor Contributors This Issue Ali Brown David BerryFocusing On The 5 Pillars Of Your Business Corbett Barr Ryan HolidayT David Hernandez his past month I’ve spent a great deal of time talking to entre- Karla Faundez preneurs about establishing a strong foundation for their busi- Dean Jackson nesses. One of the ways to do that is to focus and develop what Harlan KilsteinI call your “5 Pillars of Business”. These pillars are Mindset, Sales, John SextonMarketing, Business Development and Strategy. I ultimately believe that Carmine Galloyou can only be truly successful if you address each one. Individually, Consultantthey can each help your business, but they can’t sustain your business Luly B.long term without each other. That’s why we structure The Great BusinessProject Magazine to include amazing content every month that addresses Published By Bald One Media LLCeach of the pillars. Advertising ManagerThis month’s issue is no exception. This is one of the most content- Mary Trumppacked issues yet! Full of advice, tips and tools that you can use right www.TheGreatBusinessProject.comnow to grow your business and make it GREAT. There are also awe- Become a Contributorsome stories that as entrepreneurs we can relate to, learn from, and be The Great Business Projectinspired by. is put together by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are always looking forFinally, I’m encouraged by the amazing notes, letters and messages from great articles, videos, audio or content that oursubscribers around the world that are taking MASSIVE ACTION im-plementing the things we teach in the magazine and seeing incredible To be consideredresults in their businesses. This is exactly the reason we started this pro- Email us at:ject and the reason we believe in it so much. Thank you for all of your contribute@TheGreatBusinessProject.comsupport and keep those notes coming. Or visit:’s to your success!Ralph Quintero Copyright © 2012 Bald One Media, LLCP.S. - Please help us reach even more entrepreneurs. Share our The Great Business Project, LLCmagazine with a quick Facebook post or Tweet. All rights reserved under International and Pan American Copyright Conventions.3 September 2012
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  4. 4. THE GREAT BUSINESS PROJECT Why An Integrated Marketing Strategy Matters To Your Brand By David Hernandez OK, so you have a great product or service and you have a great sales rep team in place with the right contacts. All are critically important elements in launching a successful brand - but in reality you’re only half-way there. What is your plan for visibility? Public Relations can help create impressions in media but in its traditional sense. Brands need to be online too. Keep in mind this year it is estimated nearly 90 percent of US Internet users ages 14+ will browse or research products online (1). SEO is vital to gain online visibility but what happens when - evant prospects and keeping customers engaged but the right strategy must be employed. A silo approach doesn’t work anymore. Brands that go from invisible to visible and thrive get there through an integrated strategy. Consumers embrace brands that are discoverable both on and off line. A successful integrated strategy takes into account both worlds and leverages them using an effective and Start with your website; is it ready for prime time? Do you have compelling content and does it capture your brand’s voice? Have you set aside a budget for your marketing? If the answer is yes to both of these questions consider the following when deciding where to invest those marketing dollars: Public Relations is a key component in helping to build your brand. Good PR involves strategic plan- ning to develop objective brand messaging, appropriately position your product, understand the media landscape and ultimately get the word out. With expert PR counsel on your side, you can be sure that your company, products and services are not only seen but also, seen in the right light, by the right audience. Search Engine Optimization should be a cornerstone of any online brand building strategy. Studies have shown that over 90% of all Internet Organic SEO tactics drive the most over month to your website. If your brand isn’t found online, potential As an element of both optimization and brand building, a continuous top of your list. If you can’t afford36 September 2012
  5. 5. THE GREAT BUSINESS PROJECT Why An Integrated Marketing Strategy Matters To Your Brand David Hernandez an outside agency to handle SEO, make sure you have a blog on your site to post relevant industry and of times per month is better than nothing. Social media is more than amassing followers and likes. Building a community with engaged fans and followers is the foundation for successfully leveraging the various social media platforms. Social media presents an opportunity to direct conversations surrounding your brand as well as a way to keep current and prospective customers connected and engaged. It also allows a brand to respond quickly and direct- ly to customer service issues or complaints openly and honestly allowing others to see responsiveness and customer care in real time. Finally, it can be used to leverage optimization strategies through the various platforms and create greater reach for news about the brand beyond conventional outlets. In summary, we all are living connected lifestyles; if you are reading this, it is in digital form on an iPad – possibly while watching your connected TV and with your smart phone inches away! As a brand fac- ing a connected generation, it is critical that your marketing strategy incorporates these key elements if you hope to succeed and gain mindshare and marketshare in your space. This article was written by David Hernandez David Hernandez, Managing Partner of lotus823, founded the business in 2010 after recognizing that brands were searching for a company that could successfully integrate search engine marketing (SEM) methods with traditional public relations campaigns. Today, lotus823 offers a wide range of services to increase brand visibility utilizing public relations, search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. lotus823 works with companies in the consumer goods, luxury, audio, con- sumer electronics, software, and sporting goods categories. You can connect with David at:37 September 2012
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