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How not to suck at working with bloggers


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Esitys 9.10.

Published in: Marketing
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How not to suck at working with bloggers

  1. 1. How  Not  to  Suck  at     Working  with  Bloggers     9.10.2015  
  2. 2. Who  am  I?   •  Lo0a  Heikkeri   •  Background  in  journalism  and  publishing   •  MarkeBng  and  CommunicaBons  Manager  at   IAB  Finland,  an  associaBon  of  companies   working  in  digital  adverBsing  and  markeBng   •  Blogging  since  2007  
  3. 3. •  Pumpui  since  2011   – Focus  on  CrossFit,  running,  acBve  lifestyle,  eaBng   •  “a  thinking  person’s  training  blog”     – Things  I  hold  dear:  thinking  for  yourself,  feminism,   enjoying  life,  being  honest   – Things  I  am  against:  nonsense,  pseudoscience,   quick  fixes  (to  health,  weight  loss…),  sexism  
  4. 4. Working  with  marketers  
  5. 5. My  mo0o:  If  you  do  it,  do  it  well   For  example:  bloggers’  reviews  of   the  Garmin  VivoacBve  smartwatch:     Blogger  1:     176  words  (of  which  70  copypasted   from  the  manufacturer’s  website)     Blogger  2:     390  words  (of  which  76  about  how   her  old  watch  sucked)     Me:     820  words,  3  graphs  +  summary            
  6. 6. Are  you  up  to  date  with   marke;ng?  
  7. 7. Owned   media   Paid   media   Earned   media  
  8. 8. Content  MarkeBng  and  NaBve   AdverBsing   •  Wikipedia:  “Content  markeBng  is  any   markeBng  that  involves  the  creaBon  and   sharing  of  media  and  publishing  content  in   order  to  acquire  and  retain  customers.”   – In  all  the  pieces  of  the  online  markeBng  trifecta   – NaBve  adverBsing:  Your  content  in  someone’s   medium,  ”matches  the  form  and  funcBon  of  the   placorm  on  which  it  appears”  
  9. 9. Why  work  with  bloggers?  
  10. 10. Five  good  reasons  for  working  with   bloggers   1:  Blogger  is  a  friend  and  an  influencer   2:  Info  and  experience  from  a  trusted  source   3:  It  fits  well  in  to  a  bigger  markeBng  campaign   4:  There  is  an  angle  for  everything   5:  The  blog  post  has  a  long  tail  
  11. 11. If  you  only  learn  one  thing     today,  let  it  be  this:   Working  with  a  blogger     is  like  being  in  a  rela;onship  
  12. 12. RelaBonships  101:  Don’t  be  a  dick   •  Don’t  expect  to  get  everything  without  giving   anything.   •  CommunicaBon  is  the  key  to  success.   •  Be  clear  and  vocal  about  your  goals;  is  it  a   one-­‐off  thing  or  something  to  last?   •  It’s  not  just  about  the  match,  it’s  also  about   the  Bming.  
  13. 13. I  really  want  to  do  it!   How  do  I  do  it?  
  14. 14. Step  one:  Define  your  goals   •  Doing  it  just  because  “everyone  else  is  doing   it”  is  not  a  reason  enough   •  What  are  you  trying  to  achieve?   – New  customers?   – Spread  knowledge  about  the  trade?   – Target  a  specific  group  of  people?   – Improve  your  Google  ranking?   •  Be  realisBc  about  your  goals    
  15. 15. Step  two:  Find  the  right  placorm   •  What  kind  of  a  blogger  do  you  want?     –  You  don’t  always  need  to  go  for  the  obvious  or  the   most  popular     •  Where  to  find  your  blogger?   –  Ask  around,  browse  through  sites,  ask  help  from  blog   portals     •  Do  your  background  check!   –  Does  the  blogger  work  with  marketers?  Who  do  they   work  with  at  the  moment?  What  are  they  for/against?  
  16. 16. Step  three:  Approach  and  ask   •  Ask  directly  from  the  blogger  or  from  the   portal     •  Be  clear  about  your  purposes:   – What  do  you  wish  for  and  why  you  chose  them   – What  are  you  willing  to  pay*   •  Don’t  be  a  player:  if  you’re  seeing  several   bloggers  at  once,  have  the  balls  to  tell  them  
  17. 17. *don’t  be  a  cheapskate   •  How  much  are  you  willing  to  pay  to  be  seen?   –  Three  real  life  examples  from  my  blogging  history:     What  they  wanted      What  they  were  ready  to  give   Blog  post,  IG  and  FB    their  product   visibility  +  pictures      (rrp  49  €)   for  markeBng             Blog  post          a  chance  to  win  a  gip  card       Blog  post          nothing:  they  wanted  me  to                                  ship  the  product  (rrp  130  €)              back  to  them  -­‐  at  my  own  expense  
  18. 18. Step  four:  Give  space   •  The  blogger  knows  their  blog  and  their  audience  best   •  Give  inspiraBon  and  the  necessary  background  info   •  Agree  on  what  you’re  doing:  how  many  posts,  when,  social   media,  can  you  use  the  material,  metrics,  compensaBon…   •  Don’t  go  for  the  obvious  (  and  don’t  se0le  for  the  obvious)   –  “I  went  to  a  chiropractor’s,  it  was  nice,  here’s  a  discount  code”   isn’t  the  only  opBon     –  Does  the  blogger  have  a  physical  issue  they  need  to  work  on?   Something  you  can  improve  in  long  term?   –  Or  some  sport  specific  thing  you  can  help  them  with?   –  Maybe  your  target  is  office  workers?  Stay  at  home  moms?   Fitness  babes?  People  who  drive  cars?  
  19. 19. Step  five:  Follow  through,  give   feedback   •  Work’s  not  over  when  the  blogpost  is  out   •  What  are  your  metrics?   – From  the  blogger:  unique  visitors  (maybe  over  the   course  of  one  week  etc.),  Bme  spent  with  the   post,  number  of  comments  and  likes,  engagement   on  social  media?   – Your  own  metrics?  Engagement  on  social  media?   Leads,  sales,  visitors?   •  Don’t  disappear:  at  least  have  the  courtesy  to   say  “Thank  you”  before  you  head  out  the  door  
  20. 20. Key  takeaways:   •  Don’t  be  a  dick   •  Know  your  goals   •  Trust  your  partner   •  Say  thanks  
  21. 21. Want  to  know  more?   •  IAB  Finland  has  published  guidebooks  on   naBve  adverBsing  and  working  with  bloggers   (among  other  topics)   •  -­‐>  Digimainonnan  ABC  -­‐>  Julkaisut  ja   oppaat  
  22. 22. Thank  you!   •  There  are  no  stupid  quesBons!   •  You  can  find  me  here:   –   –   – Instagram:  @lo0apumpui   – Twi0er:  @Lo0aHeikkeri  
  23. 23. Image  credits:   Image  taken  from  page  7  of  '[Death's  Doings;  consisBng  of  numerous  original   composiBons,  in  prose  and  verse,  the  ...  contribuBons  of  various  writers;  principally   intended  as  illustraBons  of  twenty-­‐four  plates  designed  and  etched  by  R.  Dagley.]’     Image  taken  from  page  1036  of  'DicBonnaire  des  sciences  anthropologiques  ...  publié   sous  la  direcBon  de  A.  BerBllon,  Coudereau,  A.  Hovelacque,  Issaurat  [and  others],  etc’     Image  taken  from  page  578  of  '[Our  Earth  and  its  Story:  a  popular  treaBse  on  physical   geography.  Edited  by  R.  Brown.  With  ...  coloured  plates  and  maps,  etc.]’     Image  from  page  312  of  "The  book  of  the  horse  :  thorough-­‐bred,  half-­‐bred,  cart-­‐bred,   saddle  and  harness,  BriBsh  and  foreign,  with  hints  on  horsemanship;  the  management   of  the  stable;  breeding,  breaking  and  training  for  the  road,  the  park,  and  the  field”     BriBsh  New  Guinea  ...  With  map  ...  illustraBons,  etc.   J.  P.  Thomson,  (James  Park),  1854-­‐1941.   London  :  G.  Philip  &  Son,  1892.