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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. LIBERATURE (noun)(uncountable)Liberature is absolute literature, wherethe text and the space of a book areinseparable.The architecture and the visual level ofthe text is as important as the plot or thestyle.
  2. 2. LIBERATURE (noun) (uncountable)The term liberature is a combination of:the Latin liber = a bookliterature
  3. 3. LIBERATURE (noun)(uncountable)liberature (noun) ≠ artist’s books (noun)a liberatic book (noun)liberary works (noun)e-liberature (noun)(uncountable)
  4. 4. LIBERATURE (noun)(uncountable)FEATURES:a secret dimension addedmulti-level acrostic (story within story)requries a non-trivial effort from the reader
  5. 5. LIBERATURE (noun)(uncountable)