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How much content do you need to rank in Google? - Tea-Time SEO Series of Daily SEO Live Talks


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Get practical advice from SEO experts: Jason Barnard (AKA "The Brand SERPS guy") hosts this short knowledge sharing webinar with Alice Farren, Project Manager of Dojono a specialist SEO agency, focused on the FinTech vertical, Martyna Walas an SEO Executive at Bluerank and Charlotte Ross a Senior SEO Executive and one of the leading contributors of content at Dojono.

In this short ~20 minute talk they present bite-sized actionable SEO strategy and tips for producing the right kind of content quality and quantity to rank well in the major search engines. These talks are offered free to the SEO community working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch a recording of the stream to go with these slides here:

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How much content do you need to rank in Google? - Tea-Time SEO Series of Daily SEO Live Talks

  1. 1. How much content do you need to rank Jason Barnard Hosting Tea Time SEO ● Alice Farren ● Martyna Walas ● Charlotte Ross AUTHORITAS ● SEO Jo Blogs - Growth Marketer ● Carrie Shepherd - Marketing Executive
  2. 2. Hi, my name is Alice Farren ● Alice Farren is the Project Manager of Dojono: a specialist SEO agency, focused on the FinTech vertical. ● She is most passionate about content marketing and on-site SEO. ● This is her first time sharing her knowledge and speaking at an event.
  3. 3. Hi, my name is Martyna Walas ● Martyna is the SEO Executive at Bluerank ● She’s quite a young blood in the industry, however she cut her teeth on projects for leading companies in banking and services sectors. Finally, SEO has become her passion right next to UX. ● It’s her first webinar!
  4. 4. Hi, my name is Charlotte Ross ● Charlotte Ross is a Senior SEO Executive and one of the leading contributors of content at Dojono. ● She enjoys keeping up to date and on top of the latest revelations and updates in the industry to deliver content that ranks and meets the user's intent every time. ● Relatively new to online conferences and speaking at events, she wants to share her knowledge and passion for creating content with others.
  5. 5. Q: How much content do you need to rank? A: Your optimum target content length, will depend upon the length of the content on your competitor’s pages. However, it is more important, that you consider the format of the content. Top Tips from Alice Farren
  6. 6. Top Tips from Alice Farren Tip 1: Use SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant add-on for Google Docs
  7. 7. Top Tips from Alice Farren ● Consider readability, keyword density and tone, alongside content length. Readability Keywords Tone
  8. 8. Top Tips from Alice Farren Tip 2: Research Featured Snippet opportunities to maximise your organic visibility.
  9. 9. One-size-fits-all is no longer effective ● Focus on what content you should use in the first place, then adjust the amount. ● Classic SEO strategies based on keywords only cease to be effective. The same queries can mean different intentions at different stages of a customer's journey. Top Tips from Martyna Walas
  10. 10. Tip 1: Identify the search intent Top Tips from Martyna Walas
  11. 11. Tip 2: Check what keywords your readers want to see ● Use tools (like SurferSEO or Keyword Surfer add-on) to check what keywords work for your page exactly & what is their density in the content. Top Tips from Martyna Walas
  12. 12. Tip 3: Google likes it fresh Top Tips from Martyna Walas
  13. 13. Optimising and formatting content is more important than length ● Tip 1: Make sure your H2-H6 headings are asking all the right questions. i. Standard questions What is it? How do I get it? How does it work? What are the risks and benefits? i. Competitor questions ii. People Also Ask iii. Searches Related To ● Tip 2: Answer the questions using the correct format. i. Paragraphs: answer what, why, when, and how, search queries. ii. Lists: provide steps, recipes, tips or methods, and ultimately how to do something. iii. Table: display data, rates, percentages and comparisons. Top Tips from Charlotte
  14. 14. Top Tips from Charlotte Examples of Featured Snippet Types:
  15. 15. Top Tips from Charlotte Tips for Optimising for Featured Snippets 1. Identify the type of snippet 2. For paragraph FS stick to between 50 - 70 words 3. Think of ways you’d improve the current snippet 4. Some FS don’t answer the query - don’t make the same mistake! 5. Avoid using stop words and phrases 6. Further back your answer by adding points
  16. 16. Top Tips from Charlotte ● Tip 3: Utilise FAQ schema on your page.
  17. 17. Thank you - over to Q and A ● All great tips from our expert ● Alice Farren - alice-farren-b60298148/ ● Martyna Walas - walasm ● Charlotte Ross - ckcmross Thank you to Jason Barnard for hosting
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