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A series of slides summarizing success stories created by Lotic Water Marketing.

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Lotic Projects

  1. 1. projects The following slides provide brief summaries of the success stories created by Lotic. The list is not exhaustive but is reflective of our passion, diligence, and vision.
  2. 2. Water Rights’ Due Diligence and Assessment The first step in capturing water right values is to understanding the underlying water right assets. Lotic has provided the following: •water rights’ due diligence for potential land and water acquisitions. •assessment and management recommendations for owners of existing water rights. •water rights’ review to sale water separate from the land. Lotic has completed due diligence and assessment projects in Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oregon, Utah and Nevada. 14
  3. 3. Water Rights’ Valuation and Marketing Plan An aquatic habitat restoration company hired Lotic to complete a water right valuation and marketing plan for nine supplemental water rights claimed from five different water sources. Currently unadjudicated, these water rights lacked detailed historic documentation. Lotic navigated the complexity of the historic water use to provide a detailed analysis of the existing assets. Lotic also leveraged its market knowledge and business acumen to value the assets and deliver recommendations on how best to capture future market values. 9
  4. 4. Arizona Water Rights’ Marketing Project Lotic has conducted an initial review for a 150+ water right marketing project in Arizona. This challenging project requires an understanding of water rights’ validity and a creative assessment of market opportunities. Layers of changed ownership and management regimes compound the complexity of this project. 11
  5. 5. Nevada Water Rights’ Review A mitigation and restoration company, requested Lotic’s water rights expertise for its potential acquisition of a gold mine in Nevada. Lotic’s analysis raised several red flags regarding the validity of the underlying water rights and prevented the company from investing in water rights that existed only on paper. 19
  6. 6. Water Bank Development Water banking is loosely defined as an institutional structure that facilitates water transactions. Water banks include rental pools, storage water releases, aquifer recharge basins, and more. Lotic has provided water bank consultation to various clients across the West. Lotic is currently working with the Grass Valley French Ditch Company to reallocate a large portion of its ditch shares to mitigation use. If successful, this change will represent the first private water banking project in Montana. 20
  7. 7. Montana Water Market Analysis Water Markets are emerging across the western United States. Lotic understands the characteristics that shape and drive market values. A private equity group interested in water investments hired Lotic to conduct at statewide water market analysis. This work depicted the supply, demand, regulatory framework, market activity, and prices for the Montana Water Market. The final deliverable illustrated the status of the current market and the projected future market development. 12
  8. 8. Water Rights’ Assessment and Marketing Plan for Mitigation Banking Lotic is working with a ecosystem services banking company, to evaluate water right marketing opportunities on over 20,000 acres across the state of Montana. Lotic is providing water rights’ analyses, management recommendations, and is identifying water rights acquisition potential to meet the project objectives. All services provided are strategically aligned with the client’s goals of developing wetland, riparian, and species conservation banks to mitigate future impacts. 16
  9. 9. Montana Water Rights’ Acquisition Plan Buying water rights is complex. For this reason, a private equity client hired Lotic to evaluate its Montana buying options. Lotic provided expertise on which water rights to buy, the validity of these assets, and their values. Lotic constructed a water acquisition plan which identified and evaluated water rights that met the client’s buying objectives. The project required Lotic’s water resource expertise and understanding of the future water market. 18
  10. 10. Colorado Comparable Sales Price Analysis Lotic completed a comparable sales price analysis for a private client’s potential land acquisition on the Colorado Front Range. The client’s ability to reallocate the underlying water rights profitably represented the deciding factor in the purchase. Lotic’s analysis reviewed over 1,000 transactions to identify water transactions similar to the client’s water marketing objectives. Lotic provided additional analysis of transfers across market sectors, water rights’ volumes of marketable water, and the overall market potential associated with this buying strategy. 10
  11. 11. Thank You! Thank you for taking the time to review Lotic’s projects. We address each and every opportunity with initiative, innovation, integrity, hard work, and a smile. Please feel free to contact us with any water right questions, concerns, ideas, or just to talk. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work together. Chris Corbin 406.531.9156 chris@loticwater.com web: www.loticwater.com blog: www.activelymovingwater.com