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The Cry Of The Dead Sea


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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The Cry Of The Dead Sea

  1. 1. Take a few minutes of quiet time, turn the speakers on and let the presentation take you to a magical world.
  2. 2. The Creation
  3. 3. The ragged shores caress the salty land
  4. 4. The workshop of the greatest artist: Nature
  5. 5. A gallery of cystallizations
  6. 6. The seashore's sinkholes
  7. 7. Strata and textures
  8. 8. Colour, light and shade
  9. 9. Endless formations
  10. 10. The Name of the Game: Change
  11. 11. The Shores
  12. 12. Against all odds
  13. 13. A bustling desert oasis
  14. 14. Nature's amusement: contrasting and consistent
  15. 15. Nature's illusion: Cascading water and light
  16. 16. Abstracts, water colour and salt
  17. 17. What can be seen The Dead Sea and What's concealed
  18. 18. Awareness of the extinction - will help the survival of the Dead Sea Listen to the cry of a dying sea ...
  19. 19. The lowest The saltiest The most magical That loves with all its heart THE DEAD SEA <ul><ul><li>Photographers: Ziv Shertzer Leonid Pedrul Eli Raz Zeevik Meller Sarale Elbar </li></ul></ul>Presentation: [email_address] English translation: Alison Lawton-Ron