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Technology Strategy BoardDriving Innovation   Innovation   Vo uchers                                                      ...
What areInnovation Vouchers?The Technology Strategy Board’s national Innovation Voucher                                   ...
Is this for you -                                                                                                         ...
Apply @ online Guidance for Applicants will help you to decide ifyour project is eligib...
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TSB Innovation Vouchers


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TSB Innovation Vouchers

  1. 1. Technology Strategy BoardDriving Innovation Innovation Vo uchers up to £5k funding for SMEs Simple online applicationHelping your business to access the knowledge it needs to innovate
  2. 2. What areInnovation Vouchers?The Technology Strategy Board’s national Innovation Voucher What will we fund?scheme is designed to help businesses gain the knowledge The Innovation Voucher can enablethey need to innovate and grow. your business to access knowledge for all types of innovation – for example:An Innovation Voucher can help your business to work with K ideas for new or improved products, processes and servicesan external expert for the first time by paying towards the cost K using design to improve your ideasof their services. K managing your intellectual property. However, you need to be clear thatWe are providing Innovation Vouchers Initially, Innovation Vouchers will be accessing this knowledge will helpfor start-up, micro, small and medium-sized available to businesses that are working your business address a realenterprises to work with ‘knowledge on – or aiming to work on – ideas in the challenge, not just a smallsuppliers’ such as: following three priority areas: improvement or change to whatK universities and further education K agrifood – voucher value up to £5k you currently do. colleges K built environment – voucher value Innovation Vouchers help you to obtainK research and technology organisations up to £5k expert advice from a knowledgeK technical consultancies K space – voucher value up to £8k supplier you haven’t worked withK Catapult centres (in association with the International before, not to fund general business Space Innovation Centre). needs such as training or equipment.K design advisersK intellectual property advisers.
  3. 3. Is this for you - Applying is simple!are you eligible to apply? K apply via the Technology Strategy Board website at:An Innovation Voucher will enable you to work with an external K provide details of your businessexpert for the first time so you can move forward with a and answer some simple questionsparticular idea or innovation. It can also be used to help you about why you want an Innovation Voucher and what you plan to dothink through an idea that might lead you to apply for other K apply any time for agrifood andtypes of support offered by the Technology Strategy Board. built environment K applications for Innovation Vouchers in the space area canTo qualify: be made up until 24 OctoberK you need to be a start-up, micro or K your idea must be applicable to the K Vouchers will be allocated by small and medium-sized business agrifood, built environment or space means of a draw from eligible located in the UK* areas applications. In the first round, starting in September 2012,K it should be the first time that you have K you should not have received an around 400 vouchers will be issued. worked with your selected knowledge Innovation Voucher from the Technology In later rounds around 100 will be supplier Strategy Board before. issued every three monthsK the idea that you want help with should K to find out more information join be a challenge for your business that the Innovation Vouchers group requires specialist help on _connect at: https://connect.* Unsure if your business is an SME? Start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses from all sectors across the UK can qualify. We use the European definition of SME, see: policies/sme/facts-figures-analysis/sme-definition/index_en.htm
  4. 4. Apply @ online Guidance for Applicants will help you to decide ifyour project is eligible when the scheme opens on 24 September.Competitions helpline: 0300 321 4357Email: competitions@innovateuk.orgImportant notes The Technology Strategy Board is the UK’sInnovation Vouchers operate under de minimis State Aid regulations. There is an upper innovation agency. Its goal is to acceleratelimit of C200k (approximately £165k) for all de minimis aid provided to any one business economic growth by stimulating andover a three-year fiscal period. See the Guidance for Applicants for more information. supporting business-led innovation.The supplier chosen must be a registered business.An Innovation Voucher is issued to an individual business and is non-transferable. Technology Strategy Board North Star HouseOther voucher schemes North Star AvenueBefore applying, you may want to decide whether this scheme is the best fit for yourbusiness needs. There are other innovation voucher schemes available and the Swindon SN2 1UETechnology Strategy Board has brought together a list of those currently available in Telephone: 01793 442700the UK. Before making an application you should find out which scheme best meetsyour needs by going to the Innovation Vouchers portal via the Technology Strategy Board www.innovateuk.orgwebsite when the scheme opens on 24 September. © Technology Strategy Board August 2012 T12/094 Printed on 100% recycled paper.