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Worten Winners @ Gamification Europe 2018


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At Fractal Mind, we have worked closely with WORTEN, Portugal's biggest home appliance and tech retailer to improve their employee experience. Together we created WORTEN Winners which became the main employee platform for more than 3,200 employees across 200 physical stores.
We followed a philosophy of gathering data and co-creating with WORTEN and even our Founder, Rui Cordeiro, went undercover and worked in a retail store for two weeks to identify problems that needed to be solved before applying #gamification.
At the end we created a gamified platform that celebrates each employee’s day-to-day activities and the employees themselves help built it, which makes it that much more engaging.
Results are amazing: employees are happier, which leads to better customer service, thus more sales! Next comes the rest of the world!

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Worten Winners @ Gamification Europe 2018

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  3. 3. 6% increase in sales per employee vs control group
  4. 4. 3º T 13 4º T 13 1º T 14 2º T 14 3º T 14 4º T 14 1º T 15 2º T 15 3º T 15 4º T 15 1º T 16 2º T 16 3º T 16 4º T 16 Net Promoter Score Promotores % (9 e 10) – Detratores% (1 a 6) NPS
  5. 5. Sonae Innovation Award Winner 2017 Digital RH 2017Best Digital Workplace 2017