Energy sources


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Energy sources

  1. 1. Done by: Aloysius Chan 3A103 Daniel Lin 3A305Quek Yue Heng 3A316 Daryl Ware 3A105
  2. 2. Agenda1. End Users2. Objectives3. “Green Rewards” Campaign4. Literally Green Buildings5. Power Up!
  3. 3. End User Community The public
  4. 4. Main Objective Help Singapore reduce its carbon emissions Hence, improving the health of people in Singapore Hence, more budget could be used in other sectors other than healthcare
  5. 5. “Green Rewards” campaign How does it work? Reward people who goes green and uses energy saving appliances Consequences: Encourage people to go green  Hence, helping Singapore by lowering the energy usage and also its carbon emissions  Also this would allow people to lower their electricity fees and also save money.  With lesser pollutants due to lesser fuels burnt, the air will also be cleaner, hence, bringing positive effect to the people’s lives
  6. 6. “Green Rewards” campaign Methodology:1. Start in small-scale, probably in Bukit Timah areas2. Look at its effectiveness3. Improve on the campaign while addressing the public’s concern4. Implement the campaign in large-scale, probably to all Singapore’s residential estates5. Continue improving on the campaign with continuous addressing of the public’s concerns6. Implement to the whole of Singapore
  7. 7. “Green Rewards” campaignSummary Encourages people to go green Hence, bring benefits to people  Benefit in health  Benefit in environment
  8. 8. Literally Green Building Plant flora on buildings Allow buildings to be more colorful Cool down environments
  9. 9. Literally Green Building A RSide View of EBuilding A F O R P L A N T I N G
  10. 10. Literally Green BuildingTop View ofBuilding Planting Area Water Tank Planting Area
  11. 11. Literally Green BuildingMethodology1. Start in small scale, probably in Teck Whye Area
  12. 12. Literally Green Building2. Conduct feedback sessions and ask for resident’s opinions3. Improve on idea4. Expand scale of project to other places such as whole of the North-West area5. Improve on idea again with feedback sessions conducted6. Hence, expand project to whole of Singapore
  13. 13. Literally Green BuildingSummary Cooling down environment Makes environment more colorful Hence, enhancing the famous name of Singapore, “Garden City”
  14. 14. East Japan Railway Company (JREast) Energy-Generating Floors Powers Tokyo Subways
  15. 15. About Piezoelectricity Piezoelectricity is a charge that accumulates in some solids when a mechanical stress is applied. Piezoelectricity is found in useful applications such as The production and detection of sound generation of high voltages everyday uses such as acting as the ignition source for cigarette lighters
  16. 16. About Piezoelectric energy generator It can power lights, computers, automatic doors, shop signs, microwaves and other electronic devices in both public or private spaces. The payback period could be only one year depending on its use. It has an estimated system life of five years, or about 20 million steps. It is constructed from marine grade stainless steel and recycled materials, the slabs’ surface is made of rubber from old tires and the internal made from recycled aluminium. So far it has been tested out in East London and will continue onto various destinations in the UK in 2010. The most trafficked and amazing places all over the world like New York’s Times Square, the Eiffel Tower or even Disney World could use this invention. The Standard Piezoelectric energy floor generator
  17. 17. Inventions regarding the Piezoelectric energy generating floorsBy vehicles By train By aircraft
  18. 18. Implementation in SingaporePiezoelectric energy generating floors can be installed at places wherethere is a lot of people or vehicles.• Changi airport• Orchard road• Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints• MRT systems• Tourist attractions
  19. 19.  We can also encourage people to purposely step on these plates by emitting a glow (which only uses 5% of the total energy produced) to inform people of their contribution and reinforces a sustainable attitude and an increased awareness of the energy that is continually created and expended by each individual. It can be made more exciting by putting plates that would make different musical notes when pressed. (this would require no energy) It can be made into a musical playground for children to enjoy.