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Healthy Nutrition diet


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Finaaly a diet that works to lose fat for a heathy and nutritious wieghtloss plan to eat right.

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Healthy Nutrition diet

  1. 1. Confused by all the crazy Diet Information you hear in the media? Need a solution to making eating healthy FAST and EASY? Hungry for Easy-to-Follow Healthy and Tasty Recipes? Get my 6-Week Done-For-You Paleo Fat Blast Plans Now!STOP THE BOREDOM & CONFUSION ONCE AND FOR ALL ! Hi, Friends. This is Ron (and my wife Jana) from SWAT Fitness. Were owners of 3 successful training studios and a Crossfit Affiliate, and together weve helped thousands of clients get in the best shape of their lives, and transform themselves for the better. In all my years as a personal fitness professional, Ive had hundreds if not thousands of clients come to me for health and fitness advice. And one of the most common questions I get asked is, ",But What Should I Eat?" In the past, I would immediately start my long spiel, lecturing all about proteins, fats, etc. and spend a lot of time trying to teach them about nutrients and caloric intake. But the same question kept coming up, no matter how much I talked! "Yeah, but WHAT SHOULD I EAT?"
  2. 2. It didnt take long for me to figure out that people didnt want my longand complicated lectures about nutrition. Heres what they REALLYwanted to know: Exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it to lose weight!So I went looking for the perfect plan, thatincluded what I wanted it to include, whileleaving out a lot of garbage that I DIDNTwant included. Heres the problem. Theperfect plan just did not exist. In fact - therewas nothing even close. Even a GOOD plan was impossible to findamidst all the crap.Every meal plan I found included processed foods, chemical-filled meals,and an unhealthy imbalance of nutrients. I needed a customized done-for-you meal plan that included all the kinds of food that I recommendand that I know work for weight loss! Until then, it just didnt exist. So I had to create it myself - from scratch.I was shocked at all the crap I found out there! If youve triedeverything out there, like most of my clients, Im sure youll agree.Theres an amazing amount of bad information out there. No carb, lowcarb, low fat, the Cereal Diet, the Cookie Diet, and on and on and on.Youve probably even tried some of them. Maybe youve even triedworking with a nutritionist or even a personal trainer. But chances are -IT DIDNT WORK FOR YOU. And if it did, it was probably only temporary. But thats not entirely your fault. You see, processed foods, grains, gluten and sugar (found in most those diets youve probably tried) can cause inflammation, bloating, increased blood sugar, insulin spikes, food allergies and can actually PREVENT the body from being able to lose excess fat! The more you diet, the fatter you get! And Who wants that?
  3. 3. So after tons of research (and working with our Medical Director, anM.D. specializing in weight loss and hormone imbalances) the closestthing I could find to the Perfect Nutrition Plan for my clients is thePALEO DIET (aka the "caveman diet.")What the heck is it? Heres the gist: Its eating CLEAN; pretty muchanything you can catch, fish, hunt, gather, or grow. No junk. No crap.Just good clean food.But lets be honest - when being very strict, the paleo plan can be a lotwork, and quite frankly.... boring boring boring.I knew that what I REALLY needed was tasty and easy-to-prepare mealplans that were paleo-friendly, but didnt require my choking downfoods, just because they were good for me or on "the list."I wanted a 6-week PALEO fat-blast plan that included healthy but tastymeals and included some variety at the same time!And I DIDNT WANT TO BE HUNGRY!So after careful research, I consulted with myRegistered Dietitian and we laid out exactly what Iwanted, and what I knew would WORK for myclients. And people just like you who wanted to loseweight without fad diets, pills or starvation. Andheres what we came up with: The SWAT Fitness 6-Week Paleo Fat Blast Meal Plan Package
  4. 4. Based on the Paleo Diet and Developed by a Registered DietitianIts Paleo-friendly, (but be warned that we have included some low fatdairy products for variety) and calorically balanced with all the rightfoods that will still BLAST FAT - and satisfy your appetite so youre NOTHUNGRY. Youll be eating the right foods, in the right amounts, and inthe right combinations, so you wont go hungry, and WONT suffer from wild cravings. The fat-blast meals are glycemically-balanced, so your blood sugar wont bounce out of control, leaving you satisfied and craving-free! And well tell you exactly what to buy, what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it! Itscompletely done for you, and totally easy to stick to!And if you dont have a ton of time of shop or cook,then heres an extra bonus for you - Every meal is EASY
  5. 5. to prepare, and wont require a bunch of fancy foods that are hard to find. With these Easy-to-follow Paleo Fat Blast Meal Plans, youll get all the easy preparation and recipes you need, for a full 6 weeks of success, so you never get bored with your meals again! (And you can do it without feeling like youre starving!) SWATs Paleo Fat Blast Meal Plans for Women and the Paleo Fat Blast Meal Plans for Men provide you with a full 6 weeks of easy-to follow meal plans, recipes, and nutrition guides to get you fast results in an easy-to-follow formula for success.FOR GUYS:FOR GALS:
  6. 6. The PALEO Fat Blast Plan is specifically designed for your bodysmetabolic balance, so you burn a ton of fat, while eating delicious mealsthat will keep you from being hungry.These Carb-controlled, calorically balanced done-for-you meal plans willfinally TAKE THE FUSS OUT OF EATING HEALTHY! And will fight theFRUSTRATION on not knowing what advice to follow or where to find aHEALTHY way to lose weight, safely and without resorting to crazy fads.Yes, you CAN eat healthy, without having to eat the same old things day after day!
  7. 7. I woke up one morning and took a look in the mirror. I twisted, tucked, turned and there was no way around it...I was fat! Thank Goodness I found what turned out to be the best solution to my fat problem.... SWAT Fitness and the Fat Blast Paleo Eating Plan! With SWAT and Paleo Fat Blast, I have reached a fitness level far beyond any level of fitness in my life. By far this not only made me fit and healthy, but also improved other aspects of my life. Thank you to Ron, SWAT fitness, and Fat Blast for making me not only LOOK but FEEL better than ever! ~DAVIDWith our easy meal plans that wont leave you hungry, kick your body into "fat burning mode" and get your metabolism revving, while your energy levels stay high. BUT HERES A WARNING IF YOU LOVE PALEO: This plan is based on principles of Paleo. With that said - Weve included some low-fat dairy as snacks (for variety, and because quite frankly, weve found that clients find it easier to stick to, and therefore are less likely to quit or give up!) If you choose to exclude dairy, simply replace some of it with one of the many choices found in the meal plan. Its really just that simple! With our plan, youre going to get a full 6-week plan thats paleo-based and zone- balanced for maximum fat loss. Youll get a killer meal plan with tons of variety, and stuff you can STICK TO for the long-haul. 6 weeks of breakfasts, snacks, lunches and easy to prepare dinners. And youll get the shopping lists, too - to make following your plan a cinch! And not only that - but Im including a ton of bonuses to KEEP you on track, and keep you in fat-blast mode for the full six weeks - with separate plans specifically balanced for Women and Men. Heres everything youre going to get:
  8. 8. The Fat Blast Meal Plans for Men ($240 Value)Detailed 6-week plan specifically for men, with Paleo- week Paleofriendly meals, recipes and preparation instruction toget you lean and ripped in just 6 weeks without beinghungry!Nutrition Consulting in my office runs at least $100 per runhour, and our Registered Dietitian charges over $300for a 2-week plan. Here, youre getting a screaming weekdeal for 6 WEEKS of delicious and healthy meals.The Fat Blast Meal Plans for Women ($240Value)Detailed 6-week plan specifically for Women, telling you weekexactly what to eat and when to eat it. With Paleo -friendly meals, recipes and preparation instruction,youll have everything you need to get lean and shapelyin just 6 weeks, without starving!This plan will also help you keep the loved ones in yourfamily satisfied, healthy and strong, with delicious andeasy to prepare meals and ideas.The normal price to our clients for this same 6-week 6plan for Women is over $100, without any bonuses andextras!
  9. 9. BRAND NEW BONUS - JUST ADDED! 6 weeks of Detailed Shopping Lists($120 Value)This brand new bonus was just added. Get 6 weeks ofshopping lists, broken down by the week, giving you adetailed grocery list and plan for the week.Download the whole 6 weeks, or send each week toyour phone and take it with you! This makes groceryshopping for your fat blasting meals SUPER EASY. at Bonus 1 : Paleo for Athletes ($17 Value)Special supplemental report for weekend warriors andathletes on how to stay Paleo while training andcompeting (or just training like youre going to!) iningLearn how to fuel your body before an event, and howto get a fast, effective recovery so you can get back toyour life! Bonus 2: Special Report - Top 3 Secrets to Success ($35 Value)Get our Special Report on our Top 3 Secrets toSuccessful Weight Loss - for getting lean, fit andhealthy and staying that way.Written by our SWAT Fitness Nutritionist andConsultant, these real-life tips and suggestions will helpyou stay on track, and get outstanding results fromyour program.
  10. 10. ~SWAT AUDIO~ Bonus 3: Audio Conference - Maximum Fat Loss Success ($35 Value) Get exclusive access to this SWAT Fitness audio conference, on how to create a nutrition and exercise plan that gets maximum results! 30 minutes of hard m and fast advice and guidance to get you charged up and ready for action!And today, you have the opportunity to get the entire $500+ package for a single, one -time discounted payment of: $79 $37 Pre-Launch Special!So Whos Ready to Kick the Chicken and Broccoli Habit? Just click below to get instant access to all products, downloads and bonusesand get started on a balanced, healthy eating plan for less than $1 per day and a Money Back Guarantee! anced, Dont Wait! This is a Limited Special Offer. You will get immediate and instant access to your products - so you can get started today! We are so sure youll love this product, were offering a full hassle - -free 60-day Money Back Guarantee! We stand behind our product as the best paleo -friendly meal plans friendly out there, so If you follow the program as directed and are dissatisfied for any reason, well return your m oney; no hassles, no problems. Just a prompt and money; courteous refund.
  11. 11. Dear Friends, If youre ready to add some "spice" to your life (and your eating plan) then now is the time to take action. Just "Add to Cart" and in one easy step, youll have INSTANT ACCESS to your downloadable products. We know you will love this done-for-you plan and get great fat loss results. We look forward to hearing YOUR before and after story! Jana and Ron Holland, Fitness Experts Owners, SWAT Fitness Strength Wellness Athletic Training Owners, Crossfit TucsonP.S. This limited offer with the additional bonuses will only be available for a limited time. ACTNOW to get your instant access to our full 6 weeks of detailed and delicious meal plans. Thatsover 200 balanced Paleo-based meals and snacks! For less than $1 per day.P.P.S. If you were to get these plans directly from a Registered Dietitian, it would cost you over$400 - just for 2 weeks of meal plans! For our personal training clients, we charge over $100 forone meal plan, without any bonuses and extras. With this program, were giving you a fulldetailed 6 weeks - at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere to get these meal plans.Take advantage of this Special Offer and get started on your Transformation today!P.P.P.S. Remember, with my Iron-clad, 100% Money-back Guarantee, I’m giving you 60 risk-freedays to discover what countless others already have—this is the most comprehensive, effectivemeal plan program EVER developed for effective fat loss, the healthy way. Grab it RISK-FREE
  12. 12. today. TOTAL VALUE: OVER $500 LIMITED TIME OFFER - $79 $37 Pre-Launch Special for the first 50 people who order!NOTE: This product is delivered as a downloadable series of ebooks and audio files. No physical products will be delivered.
  13. 13. Ebooks and manuals are delivered as Adobe Acrobat .pdf documents. Audio files are .wav filesPlease read our awesome disclaimer: Yes, these are our real clients, who got awesome results by following our program. Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is re quired that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: most people dont follow programs they buy, so most of the time, the ir typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. Your results may vary. The only way to know is to try it and stick to it! Affiliates | Privacy | Terms of Service | Contact Copyright (c)1999-2010 SWAT Strength Wellness Athletic Training, LLC. All rights reserved