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  1. 1. La Piazza An Italian restaurant owned by the Gambino Family  Mariana and Carlos, their two sons (Giuseppe and Francesco) and Giuseppe’s wife, Nicole. A Family restaurant and a Sport’s Bar  Servers, bussers, and hostesses Please click here on each slide to hear more information!
  2. 2. Differences and Similarities In Italy, lunches are the most important meal of the day  Businesses shut down and re-open at 4pm (Bakerjian)  Personal pizza, pasta and seafood American’s like their food fast and cheap (Ikerd)  Fried foods, pizza “by the slice”
  3. 3. Italian - American Combination of an Italian culture in an American society. Gambino’s adapted their Italian culture to please Americans.
  4. 4. The Family Restaurant Frank Sinatra  Important part of Italian-American culture (“Italian – American Culture,” 2012) Servers dressed nicely Lots of families relaxing (more quiet) Compared to an Italian restaurant in Italy?  Type of food (fried foods, cheese steaks, as well as pasta and seafood)
  5. 5. The Sport’s Bar Informal and a lot more activity 10 TV’s on different sports or news stations Customers more likely to have alcoholic beverages Bars in Italy:  No age restrictions (Bakerjian).  Wine is to accompany food, not intended to drink the whole bottle (“People and Culture”).  Coffee or sandwiches (“People and Culture”).
  6. 6. Owning a Restaurant Pros:  Pride in your business  Meet a lot of people and share your business with the community where they can enjoy themselves (Mealey)  Customers enjoy hearing about Italy Cons:  Late nights and weekends (2am)  Unstable income (Mealey) “I think it’s a common misconception that running a restaurant is fun and easy like it’s a project or something. It’s not just something to do to have extra cash; this business is our livelihoods. But there is a sense of pride when things do fall into place and there is success.”
  7. 7. Italian – American Culture Independent culture that instead of just being an “American representation of Italian culture” has its own customs (“Italian – American Culture,” 2012) La Piazza has many qualities of an Italian restaurant, it also makes accommodations for the American culture, leaving costumers with an Italian – American experience.
  8. 8. Conclusion Family restaurant, bar, servers, and managers come together to form a successful business Owners brought Italian culture to America
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