Making Sense of Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


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The best and most effective social media strategies involve those who are willing to tell their stories. Effectively sharing YOUR STORY through the different social media channels is crucial to your social media marketing success. This will help you determine exactly which social media channel is right for you and your BEST customer.

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  • You must be an ACTIVE storyteller to create Authenticity
    In ALL areas of social networking and social media you want to establish yourself; and to do that simply must have a strategy, have goals and be authentic!
    1st key: Be authentic  you MUST be a storyteller in order to have any sense of authenticity. In fact, my latest branding & hashtag is “#gotstory” []
    It’s all about know, like & trust
    This goes for brands and businesses of all sizes
    A big reason why many businesses fail on social is because all they do is SELL SELL SELL … you MUST gain their trust first, offer them value!
    The best EXPERIENCE for everyone with your social media marketing (ROI for the business owner and the best possible social service for the fan or follower) is to have authentic storytelling.
  • Social Advertising
    You can pay for advertising on most all of the social networks now, but I prefer Facebook for the sheer fact that it is still #1 and that their ad platform is SO functional; giving you the ability to really drill down and target your ideal customer / client.
    Facebook ads are still CHEAPER leads than any other type of “traditional” marketing and they have a better return as YOU are deciding who sees them
    Run an ad  GIVE something (not SELL something) you have to build rapport first [e.g. give a free report or a free consultation]
    Know your customer and know what will help them. This creates a lead magnet.
    Click like if you love _________________ (your target market) [example: mortgage broker who is targeting baby boomers who love travel to Washington State & Harley Davidsons]
    If you don’t know where to start with Facebook ads you can: YouTube search “how to make a Facebook ad”, watch this, or HIRE ME! 

    If you are familiar with Facebook ads and want to step up your game start using the Power Editor through Google Chrome, and start using Dark Posts.

    A Smooth Trick for Gaining New Customers (BONUS)
    A trick for drilling down to target your perfect client / customer:
    a) Take your top 10 best customers and search their email address / name on Facebook. Then go to their likes [assuming they don’t have them hidden from public view] and create a spreadsheet of common interests. What you are doing here is finding things you can target for new customers. Look for the 1-2 similar likes across your top customers. That’s who you can target.
    b) Go to a competitors fan page and look at the people who like it. Click on their profiles and do the same as above with option b.

    Caveat: DO NOT let Facebook recommend broad interest categories. Facebook’s goal is your money. They want to show your ads to whoever is most likely to click. But it’s your job to ensure it’s targeting people that WILL click.
    Important Note: The Page Post Engagement feature is different from the “Boost Post” feature which is found on your Fan Page next to the Post button.
    When you use the Boost Post option you’re actually paying 24x MORE for the same amount of impressions [e.g. $6 per CPM!]
  • Making Sense of Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

    1. 1. Making Sense of Social Media To Help Your Business Grow By Lorri Ratzlaff
    2. 2. About Lorri
    3. 3. Social Media 101
    4. 4. Social Media Stats: Facebook is still the biggest kid on the block
    5. 5. YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web Social Media Stats:
    6. 6. Twitter needs to be taken seriously Social Media Stats:
    7. 7. Social Media Stats: There are some predicting that by 2016 Google+ will surpass Facebook on “social sharing”
    8. 8. Social Media Stats: LinkedIn is a great site for businesses if you are looking to increase traffic and leads
    9. 9. Social Media Stats: Marketers are taking advantage of this under utilized social network to build a deeper connection with their audience
    10. 10. Social Media Stats: Pinterest … DEFINITELY NOT Obsolete
    11. 11. Social Media Stats: Pinterest … FREE Traffic Source
    12. 12. Social Media 101
    13. 13. Social Media Strategy Know your Target Market
    14. 14. Social Media Strategy Have a Goal in Mind
    15. 15. Social Media Strategy Which Social Network to Use & Why
    16. 16. You MUST be an active storyteller to create Authenticity Social Media Strategy
    17. 17. Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads Social Media Strategy
    18. 18. DO NOT DO THIS!! Social Media Strategy
    19. 19. I can most easily be reached online: Other contact information: 604.852.0695 How to Reach Me
    20. 20. Making Sense of Social Media To Help Your Business Grow By Lorri Ratzlaff For packages and rates: Please contact me.