Gardner's multiple intelligences


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Gardner's multiple intelligences

  1. 1. Gardners Multiple Intelligences By: Lorrie Burgess
  2. 2. Musical Intelligence Involves the ability to  Some characteristics include understand and ҉ Enjoy singing appreciate musical ҉ Enjoy playing musical rhythms and patterns. instruments People who have strong ҉ Recognizing musical musical intelligence are patterns and tones easily good at thinking in ҉ Good at remembering songs patterns, rhythms, and and melodies sounds.  Potential career choices They have strong ҉ Musician appreciation for music ҉ Composer and are often good ҉ Singer musical composition and ҉ Music teacher performance. ҉ conductor
  3. 3. Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence Involves strength in  Characteristics include physical movement ҉ Good at dancing and fine motor skills. ҉ Good at playing sports Those who have high ҉ Tends to remember by bodily-kinesthetic doing, rather than intelligence are said hearing or seeing to be good at body  Potential career choices movement, ҉ Dancer performing actions, ҉ Builder and physical control. ҉ Sculptor People in this area in ҉ Actor tend to have excellent hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  4. 4. Logical-mathematicalIntelligence Involves strength in  Characteristics include scientific and ҉ Excellent problem- mathematical reasoning. solving skills People who are strong in ҉ Enjoy thinking about logical-mathematical abstract ideas intelligence are good at ҉ Like conducting reasoning, recognizing scientific experiments patterns, and logically analyzing problems.  Potential career choices These individuals tend to ҉ Scientist think conceptually about ҉ Mathematician numbers, relationships, ҉ Computer programmer and patterns. ҉ Engineer ҉ Accountant
  5. 5. Linguistic Intelligence Involves a strength in  Characteristics include words, both written and ҉ Enjoys reading and verbal. writing People who are strong in ҉ Good at debating linguistic intelligence ҉ Able to explain things are able to use words well well, both when writing and speaking. ҉ Uses humor when telling These individuals are stories typically good at writing  Potential career choices stories, memorizing ҉ Writer/journalist information, and ҉ Lawyer reading. ҉ teacher
  6. 6. Spatial Intelligence Gardner describes it  Characteristics include as an intelligence ҉ Enjoy reading and related to visual and writing spatial judgment. ҉ Good at doing puzzles People who are ҉ Good at interpreting graphs, pictures, and strong in this area charts are good at ҉ Enjoy drawing, visualizing things. painting, and visual arts These individuals are ҉ Recognizes patterns often good with easily directions as well as  Potential career choices maps, charts, videos, ҉ Architect and pictures. ҉ Artist
  7. 7. Intrapersonal Intelligence Involves the ability to  Characteristics include introspect and self-reflect. ҉ Good at analyzing strengths Individuals who are strong and weaknesses in this area are good at ҉ Enjoy analyzing theories being aware of their own and ideas emotional states, feelings, ҉ Excellent self-awareness and motivations. They tend to enjoy self- ҉ Clearly understand the basis reflection and analysis, for their own motivations including day-dreaming, and feelings exploring relationships with  Potential career choices others, and assessing their ҉ Philosopher personal strengths. ҉ Writer ҉ Theorist ҉ Scientist
  8. 8. Interpersonal Intelligence Involves the ability to  Characteristics include relate to and understand ҉ Good at verbal other people. communication Those who have strong ҉ Skilled nonverbal interpersonal communication intelligence are good at ҉ See situations from different understanding and perspectives interacting with other ҉ Good at resolving conflicts people.  Potential career choices These individuals are ҉ Psychologist skilled at assessing ҉ Philosopher emotions, motivations, ҉ Counselor and intentions of those ҉ Sales person around them. ҉ Politician
  9. 9. Naturalistic Intelligence Involves the ability to  Characteristics include recognize patterns and ҉ Interest in subjects such as relationships in nature. botany, biology, and zoology Naturalistic is the most recent addition to Gardner’s ҉ Good at categorizing theory and has been with information easily more resistance than his ҉ Likes camping, hiking, original seven intelligences. gardening, and exploring According to Gardner, the outdoors individuals who are high in ҉ Doesn’t enjoy learning this area are more in tune unfamiliar topics that have with nature and are often no connections with nature interested in nurturing, exploring the environment,  Potential career choices and learning about other ҉ Biologist species. ҉ Conservationist These individuals are said to ҉ Gardener be highly aware of even subtle changes to their ҉ Farmer environments.