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MISSING                                                                                Missing Children (0-18 Years) Islan...
Remembering Jhaneel and
Other Precious Lives Lost
Hear the Children’s Cry, the Missing Children’s Support Programme, our
A Picture Can Save a Life!
                                  Keeping up-to-date pictures of your children is an important ...
          From the Police Constabulary Communication Network (CCN)
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Newsletter by "Hear the Children Cry"

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  1. 1. NATIONAL 48 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 YOUTH 876-929-0431, 822-0483, fax 923-6102 e-mail: January 2010 Volume 2 No. 1 Remembering More than DOUBLE ’08 total of 960: JHANEEL 1,859 Children went GOULBOURNE And Other Precious Lives lost - Page 5 missing during 2009 12 died; 720 still missing We are deeply saddened to report that a total of 1,859 Jamaican children were reported missing during 2009. This is MORE THAN DOUBLE the 2008 total of 960 children reported missing! Since our first issue of The Children’s Voice last month, 2009 figures from the National Intelligence Bureau show that 154 children disappeared in November, and 167 in December. These 1,858 boys and girls (0-18 years old) INSIDE represent 76% of all 2,448 persons reported CHILD SAFETY Child Welfare a Nat’l Priority 2 Positive Response to call for 2 missing last year. Although 1,127 or over 60% of these missing children are reported to have OUTREACH Police Missing Children’s Units returned home, 720 of them are still missing, Youngsters at Calvary Prep (above) HAVE YOU SEEN THESE CHILDREN? 3 and 12 hove been confirmed to have died. and Rollington Town Primary Schools The Missing: A Graphic Picture 4-5 Parents will be concerned to learn that the show their enthusiasm for their safety Don’t Blame the Victim! 5 statistic reveal disappearances start increasing tips. They received the tips at a Child Safety Tips & Features 6-7 at ages 8 -11, rising rapidly from age12 and Safety Session when Hear the Missing over 2 years? Call us 6 peaking at 16 -17. Disappearances peak in Children’s Cry visited their schools Safety Tips in the Yellow Pages 7 the summer and the end of the year. during the 2009 Christmas term. This Spreading Hope & Happiness 8 was part of Hear the Children’s Cry’s We Need Your Support 8 Earlier figures (Jan - July 2009) show St. ongoing Islandwide Outreach to Catherine reporting most missing children (254) schools and communities, to promote followed by Kingston & St. Andrew (241. child safety and positive parenting. Portland families reported fewest missing children (16). See charts on Pages 4 & 5, for a graphic picture of this very sad news. FOR IMPORTANT ADVICE on keeping children safe, see interview with DSP Paulette Sponsor of the Green and tips from the CCN Missing Children’s Support Programme on page 7. The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 1
  2. 2. CHILD WELFARE MUST BE A NATIONAL PRIORITY Hear the Children’s Cry Committee has for increased resources for all child care started 2010 with a call for a serious national services and programmes, but even more commitment to protecting Jamaica’s important, we are calling for a serious children. national consensus on child welfare as a top priority. There will always be the We refuse to move into a new year with the need for more resources; however, if we ‘same old same old’ problems affecting can get consensus on how we value our children. Jamaica cannot keep on with the children, I believe we can achieve the same laissez faire attitudes towards children necessary change in attitudes and as before. In fact, we feel a growing sense of mind-sets. outrage, and we intend to be a lot more militant this year. We will resort to civil We have yet to hear a single official disobedience activities if necessary, to ensure statement on the importance of protecting that something is done at the governmental Betty Ann Blaine, Co-Founder children coming from the political level to protect the children. and Executive Director, Hear the Children’s Cry leadership of the country - despite all that has been happening to Jamaican children. We encourage parents to take responsibility and to be Hear the Children’s Cry would like to hear our leaders, more vigilant in protecting their children. Also, we including our Parliamentarians, declaring that Jamaica’s intend to hold the Government accountable for its children will be protected no matter what, and that they responsibility for children – for example, through the will do everything in their power to see this happen. enforcement of the laws and the judicial procedures that will make it smoother and more effective for child During 2010 the Hear the Children’s Cry Committee abusers to be brought to justice. We will be advocating will be lobbying for the following specific targets: • The establishment of active, well Positive initial response to call for staffed and well equipped Missing Missing Children’s Police Units Children’s Units in every Police Region islandwide. Hear the Children’s Cry is happy to communication technology, with a • The establishment of islandwide report a positive initial response on team capable of taking immediate Children’s Patrols by the Police: the part of the Government, to our and effective action to recover and vehicles painted a recognizable call for the establishment of active protect missing children. colour, marked “Children’s Patrol”. Missing Children’s Units in every Within 24 hours, a reply came from • An effective and safe School Bus Police Region Islandwide. the Minister of National Security, system, operational in every parish. The appeal was originally made at who confirmed that he was • Slow speed zones for all schools, and our November 2009 press scheduling a meeting on the matter the painting of pedestrian crossings, conference, and followed up a with the Acting Police Commissioner, with proper monitoring and upkeep letter to Prime Minister Bruce following which he would contact of these safety systems. Golding, National Security Minister Hear the Children’s Cry. Minister • A tangible commitment to making Senator Dwight Nelson and Acting Nelson expressed grave concern children the highest national Police Commissioner Owen Ellington. with the issue of missing children, priority, through the production of a In it, our Executive Director Betty and wrote that he found the figures simple but profound set of points to Ann Blaine pressed for immediate alarming. Hear the Children’s Cry guide policies and decision making at action in this huge national crisis. looks forward to priority action on every level of the society. This is to be presented to the private sector She stressed that the proposed what could be a major life saving and major professional organizations, Police Units need to be equipped strategy for vulnerable young among others, for their active with access to critical, high-end Jamaicas. endorsement and adoption. The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 2
  3. 3. SEAN THOMPSON, HAVE YOU SEEN THESE 17, Missing from Central Village, St. Catherine since October 28, ‘09 CHILDREN? DANIESHA BURT, 16, Spanish Town, Missing Oct. 30, ‘09 If you JODI JACKSON, 17, RENEE REID,16, SABRINA COLLINS, MONIQUE DUHANEY, have Missing from Kingston since Missing from Steer Town, St. Ann, since 15, Missing from Kingston since November 9, ‘09 16, Missing from Spanish Town since seen any November 1, ‘09 November 2, ’09 November 10, ’09 of these missing children, call 119 or RUSHEL MCKENZIE, contact SASHANA SMITH, 16, Missing from FELISHA WILLIAMS, 16, Missing from 15, Missing from Kingston since ORIN FRANCIS, 18, Missing from Spanish Town since the Portmore since November 11, ’09 Portmore since November 11, ‘09 November 15, ‘09 November 29, ‘09 nearest police station. You could be saving a VANESSA CARTY, SASHANA MAXWELL, CHANISE THOMAS, 16, LAMIESHA THORPE, young 13, Missing from Missing from Spring Spanish Town since December 6, ‘09 16, Missing from Kingston since Gardens, St. Thomas, since December 11, ‘09 15, Missing from Kingston since life! December 6, ‘09 December 12, ‘09 The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 3
  4. 4. MISSING Missing Children (0-18 Years) Islandwide January -- December 2009 CHILDREN: DECEASED 0.6% RETURNED a grahic picture OUTSTANDING OUTSTANDING DECEASED 38.7% See Report on Page 1 RETURNED 60.6% TOTAL MISSING PERSONS ISLANDWIDE ALL AGES JANUARY— DECEMBER 2009 REPORTED 1,859 0-18 YRS 19+YRS REPORTED RETURNED 1,127 24% 30% 19+ YRS OUTSTANDING 720 DECEASED 12 0-18 YRS 76% MISSING CHILDREN JANUARY through DECEMBER 2009 - BY AGE 450 400 REPORTED MISSING ALL AGES 2,448 NUMBER MISSING 350 REPORTED MSSING 0-18 Yrs. 1,859 300 250 REPORTED 19+ Yrs. 589 200 150 100 50 MISSING CHILDREN BY MONTH 0 JAN-DEC 2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 AGE Jan 138 Feb 144 MISSING CHILDREN - ISLAND WIDE Mar 108 JANUARY THROUGH DECEMBER - BY MONTH Apr 153 240 NUMBER MISSING May 146 220 200 June 206 180 July 219 160 140 Aug 126 120 100 Sept 112 ay y ch ly r st ril r ne r r e be be be ar Oct 186 Ju Ap gu M ob ar Ju ru em em em Au M ct b Fe O pt ov ec Nov 154 Se N D MONTH Dec 167 The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 4
  5. 5. Remembering Jhaneel and Other Precious Lives Lost Hear the Children’s Cry, the Missing Children’s Support Programme, our sponsors the Jamaica Yellow Pages and our friends and associates, all send love and sympathy to the families and loved ones of every Jamaican child who has been lost to murder and other violent crimes. This month we focus in particular on young Jhaneel Goulbourne, who was only 14 when she was abducted in October 2008, never to be seen again by her heart-broken family. The Children’s Voice spoke with her sisters Colline and Lisa, who told us that they and their mother are trying to cope with their grief. They find strength in the Bible, in their prayers and at church. They keep busy. They comfort each other. As Lisa says, “It will never leave the family. I pray a lot. He is my refuge and my strength. I leave vengeance to Him. I have things to occupy my mind. I have my children.” Jhaneel Goulbourne Don’t blame the victim! Jhaneel’s sister Lisa says that her says, but very puzzling. In fact, she “Many of us adults like to go on family has been getting some voices the thoughts of many of us about ‘Dem school picky bad aye?’ negative reactions about their late when she asks, why have we taken to — We should remember that we sister, who was violently abducted blaming the victims? were kids once, and every one of us after she refused to be intimidated “We Jamaicans have moved from used to creep and do things we were about giving evidence in a carnal one level to another,” Lisa reasons, “If not supposed to. But that gives abuse case, and is now presumed a person does something to hurt nobody the authority to hurt a child! murdered. Some people are suggest- another person, some of us want to And if I wear a short skirt and I feel ing that Jhaneel might have caused know ‘What she or he did to deserve to walk on the street, that gives her own demise by some wrong that?’ We Jamaicans have reached a nobody the right to touch me! We are behaviour on her part, her sister stage where we are blaming the supposed to be able to be free!” reports. This is not only hurtful, Lisa victims. MISSING CHILDREN BY PARISH 260 241 254 JANUARY - JULY 2009 235 Clarendon 67 210 NUMBER MISSING Hanover 37 185 Manchester 60 160 135 Portland 16 110 Kgn/St. Andrew 241 75 85 67 St. Ann 36 60 60 37 44 36 30 29 28 St. Catherine 254 35 16 23 St. Elizabeth 30 10 St. James 75 nn h on w nd y er e ny as r es d et te rin ar re an ov .A m nd aw la am ab es .M nd St. Mary 23 he rt el ho an re St el ch liz .J Po or St .A at .T H la Tr .E an St tm .C C St St St. Thomas 29 St M es St n/ to W gs Trelawny 28 in K PARISH Westmoreland 44 The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 5
  6. 6. A Picture Can Save a Life! Keeping up-to-date pictures of your children is an important safety measure. It gives the police and others a clear description of who they are looking for if your youngster goes missing. Sadly, the hunt for many lost children is hampered by the lack of a current photograph. At a recent visit to the National Intelligence Bureau of the Ministry of National Security, our Research Specialist Alice Watson saw that of over 100 missing children reports to the police, less than a dozen had photos attached to help find the child who had disappeared. Parents and guardians need to remember to keep updating photos, because children's looks change as they grow and develop. … And Information Can Prevent Tragedy— Know Your Children Advice from DSP Paulette Green of the NIB Has your child been Deputy Superintendent of Police Paulette Green is convinced missing for over 2 that better parenting could prevent a lot of Jamaican children from going missing. She urges parents to get to know their children and their years? habits better, to keep in close touch with their children’s teachers or guidance counsellors at school, and to build a strong, loving relationship If your child has been missing for two years with their sons and daughters. or more, please contact the Missing Chil- dren’s Support Programme, operated by the She offers the following checklist for preventive child safety: Hear the Children’s Cry Committee. Please If your child is having • Work on having a better • call 929-0431 or 822-0483, or e-mail problems, the teacher may pick relationship with your child., or write or up on this before you do, and come to the office at 48 Constant Spring • Try to understand your child, could alert you. Sometimes a Road, Kingston 10. get to know his or her child may confide in the personality. teacher about problems that This information will greatly assist efforts • Get to know more about your could put him or her in danger. to find those children who have not been youngster: their habits, who • This could also go for the seen or heard from over a considerable their friends are, what they do guidance counsellor at school, period of time. for fun. and sometimes even the • Know where your child is at all principal. times. • Keep your relationship with • Know what routes your child your child positive. This is takes, to get to school, sports, especially important as he or friends’ homes, the mall, etc. she becomes a teenager. Published by Hear The Children’s Cry. • Take an active part in your Youngsters this age are easily Executive Editor: Betty Ann Blaine child’s school life. Get to know persuaded by others. You want Editor: Sandy McIntosh his or her teacher. Keep your child to feel he or she can Research Specialist: Alice Watson informed on how he or she is come to you with problems, doing with school work. questions, and feelings. The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 6
  7. 7. TIPS FOR CHILD SAFETY From the Police Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) 4. If you get away from someone 7. NO ONE! should touch you on Parents, tell your who you believe was trying to any part of the body that makes child/children: harm you and you find a hiding you uncomfortable, if this should place; be as still and quiet as happen, tell someone you trust. possible until help comes or you 1. If someone tries to grab you, are able to get away. 8. DO NOT! get into a vehicle and raise an alarm by kicking and go anywhere with anyone without screaming with every effort to 5. If you are being taken away by permission from parent/guardian. get away. a stranger, try to be as calm as you can and try to make a 9. Always take a friend with you 2. If someone holds on to you and mental note of buildings, posts, when you go places. is taking you away, if you unable large trees or anything fixed that to get lose; find a way to leave cannot be easily removed. When 10. If stranger wants to take your behind a personal item of yours. you are rescued, the information photograph or videotape you, e.g. a stuffed teddy, a watch, a you give will assist the police in (DO NOT SMILE FOR THE purse. finding the suspect. CAMERA) tell them NO! 3. If you believe you are being REPORT A MISSING CHILD 6. If you are in a crowded public followed by someone, run away as fast as you can and don’t stop place and get separated from IMMEDIATELY! your parent, guardian or friends, The police no longer require running until you are out of find a uniformed officer and a 24 hour waiting period. harm’s way and feeling safe. speak to him/her. Call them AS SOON as you yellow pages realize your child is missing! Jamaica Yellow Pages yellow pages reaches out for child safety Jamaicans leafing through the Yellow Pages of the This is yet another contribution from Jamaica new Lime telephone Yellow Pages, which has directory will come across been supporting the a wealth of information Missing Children’s Support about child safety. Programme since the Programme’s inception in Thanks to a host of April 2009. attractively illustrated display ads (including those In addition to sponsoring in the collage at left) the activities of the citizens are being Programme, Jamaica reminded about who to Yellow Pages provides call, at what numbers, if a office space for Hear the child is in danger. Children’s Cry, which operates the Missing Parents, teachers and Children’s Support community members are Programme. Jamaica urged to protect all Yellow Pages also assists children, and families are with practical support for given valuable tips for traumatized families of keeping their own missing children. youngsters safe. The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 7
  8. 8. PLEASE SEND DONATIONS TO: Name of account: Hear the Children’s Cry Account Number: 301-053-878 Name of Bank: National Commercial Bank Bank Address: 94 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10 Tel. No. of Bank: (876) 926-3517 - (876) 920-3270 Bank or Routing: JNCBJMKX C O N TAC T U S AT H e a r t h e C h i l d r e n’s C r y 48 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 Tel: (876) 929-0431, 822-0483, Fax 923-6102 Hear the Children’s Cry and its Missing Children’s Email: Support Programme are urgently in need of financial assistance to help to help offset costs of our outreach programmes for traumatized families. These include counseling, food Spreading Hope and Happiness distribution and other support. Maxine Taylor Cooper, Senior Project Duff’s Business College, Mrs. Cooper went We also operate Manager and Counselor with Hear the on to gain a Diploma in Human Resource critically important Children’s Cry, is guided by two long-held Development from IMP in Kingston; a advocacy and public ideals - a love for children, and a strong Certificate in Computer Studies from the information initiatives, desire to help others over- UWI School of Continuing which include accessing come challenges and achieve Studies, and has completed information on missing positive changes in their several management children from the police lives. related courses. and the government, analyzing trends, She tells us she is deeply Not surprisingly, counseling keeping the public committed to helping people, has played an important acutely aware of the especially children. With a part in her career, which has major national crisis natural ability to listen, and also included personnel threatening Jamaica’s an ever cheerful smile, she management, project children, and pressing for adds that she wants to help management, training and immediate action to “those who find it challeng- administration among other protect children. ing to cope with everyday duties, in areas such as child life, especially if they have experienced care, tourism, restaurant management, Also vital is our vigorous despair and frustration.” housing and local government. prevention programme, educating young and old A foundation staffer with both Hear the Mrs. Cooper is looking forward to on child safety, positive Children’s Cry and its Missing Children’s achieving her career dream as a fully parenting and community Support Programme, Mrs. Cooper is qualified counselor. Her goals include responsibility. In addition currently completing her B.A. in Guidance assisting emotionally distressed people, to funds and in-kind gifts and Counselling at the Jamaica Theological sharing and offering them alternative we also need volunteer Seminary, where she has been attending solutions. “I want to empower people,” she mentors for missing evening classes since 2005. She graduates says, “especially adolescents, and to help children who have this June. make the difference between a future of returned home. gloom and hopelessness for them, and one In addition to her current responsibilities at filled with hope and happiness.” Please contact us at the the office, she is Project Coordinator for the above addresses and/or successful Prevent A Drop Out Programme Mrs. Cooper is a devoted wife and mother send contributions to our operated by Hear the Children’s Cry, at of three, and a member of the New Life account listed above. We the Swallowfield Primary and Junior High Assembly of God Church. Her interests are deeply appreciative School on Whitehall Avenue in Kingston. include dancing, music and community of your support and development. A graduate of Waterford High School and good wishes. The Children’s Voice, January 2010 Page 6