The Career Continuum


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Strategies for improving the status quo of your career - across all phases of your career lifetime.

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The Career Continuum

  1. 1. The Career Continuum Lorraine Rinker, Principal Careerist
  2. 2. Talking Points g To provide adequate Finding the perfect job context, th slides in this t t the lid i thi Should you stay or should you go presentation contain the author’s detailed speaker Decided to stay? Make a lateral notes For that reason, it notes. reason move should really be Time to go? Make a graceful exit considered a “manifesto”. 20-plus y p years in y your career? Don’t get pigeon-holed Conclusion The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  3. 3. Finding the perfect job g p j It’s more important to get off to a g p g great start, than to try to land the “perfect” job. Career fairs and pouring through job listings in newspapers is not where most people are finding today's jobs. Recent grads need to be more aggressive and creative in their job search: expand contact networks make a list of the top 10 opportunities apply on-line through the company web sites follow up with personal contacts to get inside leads The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  4. 4. Should you stay or g y y go? You've worked long and hard, mastered your craft and have become an quot;expertquot; in your expert area of specialty. After reflecting on your career, you realize that it is no longer aligned with your purpose in life. Now what? Because a career is a journey, planning your career should include a marketing plan as well. Part of your marketing plan should outline how you will maintain marketable skills. This is essential during your career for both advancement within your current company, and to help you excel when you decide to take that quot;ne t stepquot; and venture o t quot;next ent re out. The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  5. 5. Decided to stay? y If a move up in your career is not viable at your company consider a lateral move company, within your company to expand your business knowledge and experience while maintaining your company-specific company specific knowledge. A lateral move is an excellent opportunity to learn the business from a different perspective. This is a great way to add dimension to your career; broaden your repertoire with multiple specialties, while building your expertise as a generalist in y your industry. y The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  6. 6. Decided to go? g Whether you consider a step-down, lateral, or advanced move to another company; make a graceful exit. Prepare, plan, and be discreet. Preparation and planning are especially important if you hold a senior position with y your current employer. It will only reflect on p y y you positively if you prepare and plan for a smooth exit transition. After all, you will probably need key references from those you leave behind. The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  7. 7. 20-plus years 20-p y If you want to venture into new territory and try something different in your next job, lateral moves during your career can build enough diversity into your skill-set to reduce th lik lih d of b i pigeon-holed d the likelihood f being i h l d into limited opportunities. Example: If you are currently an Information Technology Director with excellent business acumen, relationship and communication skills; you could consider applying for a senior management position in the Marketing Department as a business/IT liaison. You would be leveraging your technology acumen while learning how the business runs from the marketing perspective. This experience will broaden your choice of opportunities in the job market and help avoid being pigeon-holed into only technology positions. The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  8. 8. A note about passion p Yo can lo e the life you You love o have without loving your job job. The point is to have something in your life that you love to do; in y ; work, play, or “other”. The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates
  9. 9. About the author As a former Fortune 100 Information Technology executive, Lorraine Rinker “lived” in corporate America for 22 years until she decided it was time to do something new and different. Opting for the road less different traveled, Lorraine is very familiar with change in that she is a Navy daughter who spent most of her formative years “on the move” in Tokyo Japan, California, and Hawaii. Believing that “your career journey is a series of unfolding views”, she now applies her passion for helping others realize their career dreams and g p g goals through career g and business coaching-consulting. Lorraine formed her own private practice as a leadership career coach in 2005 and since then has helped numerous people from all walks of life discover their true potential. Lorraine is a winner of the Luminary p y Award presented by the National Association of Women Business Owners recognizing businesses that “light the way for others” and she was recently commended by the California Judicial Council for her leadership work as Board Chairman and President for Child Advocates of Placer County. Lorraine lives in El Dorado Hills California with her husband Bob and enjoys volunteering her time to local and national humanitarian efforts for children’s rights, veterans in transition, and HIV/AIDS legislation. The Career Continuum© Rinker & Associates