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How Pinterest can drive traffic to your blog and website.
How to use pinterest effectively
How to use pinterest for blog content and ideas

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Pinterest for bloggers

  1. 1. Pinterest for Bloggers Lorna Sixsmith Write On Track Write On Track
  2. 2. Pinterest Pins Write On Track
  3. 3. What isPinterest?•Online Pinboards•Online and visual‘word of mouth’•Images = Pins•Pins are Shareableby being repinned•Likes•Comments•Follow others•Be followed•Build relationships Write On Track
  4. 4. How Big is Pinterest – Some Stats• Grown by over 4000%• 12 million users (and counting....)• 87% are female• 60% are aged 25-44• Average time per visit – 89 minutes• Pinterest users buy more, spend more time and more money than other social media buyers (apart from Linked In)• 80% of pins are repins Write On Track
  5. 5. How to use pinterest• Pin from the toolbar• Some sites have the Pin It button• Repin• Like• Comment• Description• Pinerly for analytics (and soon for scheduling) Write On Track
  6. 6. Board Rules!• Name boards carefully• Keywords!• Don’t have empty boards• Set Cover Images• Re-arrange boards – move out of date boards to bottom of page• Create Shared Boards Write On Track
  7. 7. Pinterest for Blogging• Search for images to use• Inspiration – ideas for blog posts and ideas for your business (always credit sources/ask permission)• All pins are traceable• Embed pins into your blog post – shows the source Write On Track
  8. 8. How to get more traffic to your blog• Pin from the blog post (not the general blog)• At least ONE really nice image• Give your images titles and alt titles• Descriptor is important• ‘Pin It From Pinterest’ plug in – puts the ‘pin it’ button on every post• Tutorials / Titles with ‘How To’ or ‘10 Ways to’• Text on Photos (pic monkey / pinerly)• Link to Twitter from Pinterest (and occasionally to FB)• Create Shareable Boards and invite readers to share Write On Track
  9. 9. How to get more followers• ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button in sidebar• Look at the most ‘popular pins’ in repinly – what is trending, can you do something similar?• Most popular pins – home decor, crafts, recipes, photography, women’s clothes• Try to use ‘long and narrow pins’ Write On Track
  10. 10. How to check if pinterest is working for you• (your domain name at end)• Check your pinanalytics on Pinerly• Google Analytics – check your referrals• Set up a funnel on GA for conversions Write On Track
  11. 11. Pinetiquette• Pin little and often• Don’t self-promote too much• Pin for your brand and your reputation• Don’t ‘steal’ images for your blog and then pin them• If using a pin, credit the source• Follow back those who follow you• Comment and respond• If auto-tweeting, remember to respond to tweets too Write On Track