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Introduction to blogging


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Wondering why you should blog?

How you should blog?

Wondering how often you should blog?

Which platform you should use?

Wondering how to increase your blog traffic?

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Introduction to blogging

  1. 1. Effective & Simple Blogging For Your BusinessIntroduction to Blogging
  2. 2. Blogging for You• What is a blog?• Why Blog?• Benefits of Blogging• Business Blogging• How to Attract Your Target Market• How to become a Thought Leader• Which Blogging Platform?
  3. 3. What is a blog?
  4. 4. Why Blog? / Benefits of Blogging• Improved SEO• Brand Awareness• More traffic• Free Publicity• Reveal your personality• Connect with (potential) customers• Open for Business• Cost effective• Showcase your product / service
  5. 5. Blog = Open Door
  6. 6. Blog = Displaying Products
  7. 7. Business blogging• Showcase• Don’t make it all about the product/service• Add value• Benefits of product/service for customers• Have a ‘negative’ strategy in place• Call to action – v important
  8. 8. AIDA approach to blogging• Attract – readers with a good headline e.g. 10 tips to / How to / Probably the best xxxx ever• Interest – Interest them in your offer/info• Desire – Make them want it but don’t give all the information away.• Act – end with the “Call to Action” that you want them to take
  9. 9. How to Attract Your Target Market• Keyword Analysis Tool• Expertise• Community – conversational• Commenting on other blogs• Be professional, not too personal• Never apologise for not blogging
  10. 10. Keyword Research Tool
  11. 11. Keyword Results
  12. 12. How Much Traffic Can You Expect?• 2 Experiments – 2 blogs started on 1st Sept 2011• Irish Farmerette – for me and for friends. Lots of comments. No keyword analysis. More non-friend visits now.• Wallpaper Review – purely keyword analysis. V few comments. More traffic than IF
  13. 13. Traffic to New Blogs
  14. 14. ‘Community-built’ traffic
  15. 15. Using Keyword Analysis
  16. 16. Stats by Month
  17. 17. Become a ‘Thought Leader’• Be Topical (within your business area)• Be quick – follow the news• Show your expertise• Be seasonal• No Jargon – plain English
  18. 18. How Much Time?• Minimum of one post a week• Try to be consistent (but don’t apologise)• 10-90min depending on research / links / images• Keep a list of ideas for blog topics – prevents bloggers block
  19. 19. Which Blogging Platform?• Blogspot• Tumblr• = hosted by Wordpress• = self-hosted• Integrate your business blog into your website
  20. 20. Find Me At:• Lorna Sixsmith••••• 086 1051007 / 056 4442310•