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How to use pinterest for your business


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How to use Pinterest effectively for your business

How to use pinterest for your business

  1. 1. Lorna Sixsmith
  2. 2. Pinterest Today• What is Pinterest?• How to pin & repin? How it all works.• How to maximise chances of your pin going viral• Pinboard management – optimisation, keywords, setting covers, moving boards, contributor boards• Maximising Pinning from your website• Pinetiquette• What to pin if your service/product isn’t visual• Pinerly / Pingraphy / Picmonkey / Polyvore
  3. 3. Why Use Social Media • Demonstrate Expertise • Brand Awareness • Traffic to Website • Convert to Sales • Online Word of Mouth • We do not have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is – HOW WELL WE DO IT”. – Erik Qualman.
  4. 4. What is Pinterest?• Online Pinboards• 25 million unique visit per month• Pins = online images• Pins are shared by being repinned• Follow each other and be followed• Most popular pins – food/drink related• Pinterest is delivering significant referral traffic and Pinterest users are apparently more inclined to spend than other social media users
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Pins receiving interaction
  7. 7. Pinterest Boards
  8. 8. Getting Started• Sign up at• Create some boards• Put the ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet on your browser• Use the bookmarklet to pin any picture you like• Add it to a designated board with a description
  9. 9. Going Viral
  10. 10. How to Repin
  11. 11. How To Follow Others• Search for them by name• Facebook / twitter friends will be displayed to you• Search for people by interest• Can ‘follow all’ their boards or follow selected boards• Repinning / liking will be reciprocated – a way to build relationships
  12. 12. Maximising Repinnability• Good quality photographs• Text showing what the blog post is about• Instructographics• Pins showing progression/change• Long, tall and skinny pins• Be a recipe with a mouth-watering picture, beautiful hair, instructions with photos, cute craft ideas or handy tips
  13. 13. Why is this a good pin? • It has a sequence of pictures showing progression • It has the text on it to show it is a ‘how to’ tutorial • I know if I click on it, I’ll be brought to the tutorial with full instructions • ‘Invisibly’ adds more kudos
  14. 14. Why is this a good pin?• Long, tall and skinny – so takes up more room on pinterest page• Is a demonstration with text instructions• Shows the pinner (hairdresser) is good at her job, knowledgeable and willing to share ideas (a nice person!)
  15. 15. Good Pin?• Great for fashion businesses• Shows your expertise• Suggestions can lead to increased sales• Create moodboards on polyvore or olioboard
  16. 16. Popular Pins - RepinlyQuotes are popular Create a food-related board
  17. 17. Pinboards – how to name them• Use keywords – do searches on google keyword research tool and on pinterest• Use repeated keywords?? E.g. Bookcases, bookcases, bookcases• For your target audience e.g. Tips for Mumpreneurs, For the Home, Country Kitchens,
  18. 18. Managing your Pinboards• Set board covers so picture is displayed well• Change board covers regularly• Move boards around esp seasonal ones• Create contributor or shared boards
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Why Set board covers
  22. 22. Setting board covers
  23. 23. Shared/Contributor boards• Get more followers• Create a community• Increase probability of repins• All members get an email notification
  24. 24.
  25. 25. How to create a shared board• You have to be following at least one board of a prospective contributor• Edit it to add contributors• They receive email notification and on Pinterest site• The more the merrier
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Ideas for Shared Pinterest Boards• Conference Speakers can share slides• Travel Agents – ask clients to share holiday pictures• Photographers – share ideas for photoshoots• Interior Designers – share ideas for moodboards• Before & After Decorating/Makeover/Fashion• Fashion/Retail – Ask people to pin photos of themselves wearing your brand• Hotels – invite customers to share holiday photos• Craft/wool shops – share photos of finished work• Pet stores – photos of pets in new collars etc• Bookstores – shared board for book reviews
  28. 28. Increase pinnability from website/blog• With blog posts, use plain pictures with some text to explain content – so that picture is pinned• Good Quality Photos• Pin it button on website• Pin it button on blog• Good SEO on photo• Descriptive Text on main blog photo• Put url in description, not on photo• Price?
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Using PinWords
  31. 31. Using PicMonkey
  32. 32. Building Your Followers• Think about your target market’s interests and needs and create boards accordingly• They will also find you by searching on pinterest for a particular product so optimise well• Show your Personality – don’t just pin around your product or service
  33. 33. How to Get More Followers• Good quality pictures• Add the ‘Follow Me On Pinterest’ to your site• Sync with facebook/twitter• Show personality• Pin regularly, little and often (schedule with pingraphy), repin (80/20 rule)• Comment on other pins• Follow others• Pinning buddies / Pinerly suggested pinners / contribute to shared boards• Getting repins (as when repinned, repinner has opportunity to follow that board)
  34. 34. Your pin description on Twitter
  35. 35. How to Monitor Your Pinterest Success• Email Alerts• Pinerly / Reachli• Google Analytics•
  36. 36. B 2 B & Non-Visual on
  37. 37. Non-visual Brands Using Pinterest WellOreck Hubspot• Sells Cleaning equipment • Board for Hubspot Dublin esp floor cleaners (new announcement and with a competition)• Furry Friends • Board for their webinars, blog• Stunning Floors (clean) posts etc• Blue – their signature colour • Fun Facts, Inspiring Quotes • Shared contributor boards• Customers’ boards (with • Fun boards e.g. All things Oreck products) orange, spotty• Personality • Behind the Scenes at Hubspot – show personality
  38. 38. Pinning the non-visual• Instructographics• Infographics with a call to action• Staff members / Behind the Scenes / Charity or community involvement• Signature colour• Different media e.g. Webinars / book covers / videos• Location of Offices• Seasonal boards• Lifestyle that can be attained with your product/service e.g. A clean house / relaxation
  39. 39. Example of Infographic with a CTA
  40. 40. Pinetiquette & Copyright• Pin Little & Often• 80/20 Rule – 20% Your Content• Credit the Source – be mindful of copyright• Your Reputation• Your Personality• Interaction• Follow Back• No-pin code available
  41. 41. Before You Start• Decide on goals and objectives• Will you try to build a community?• Will you try to engage fans?• How often will you pin?• How will you communicate personality?• How will you measure success?