Facebook for beginners (business)


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How to use facebook for your business, learn what is important in your facebook marketing, the importance of creating compelling content and how to do it, along with many more tips for facebook management.

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  • This is a great slideshare! I was surprised to see how many people didn't know how to make a Facebook page for business. You have a lot of the things I included but here is the link: http://atlasproject.co/how-to-create-a-facebook-business-page-step-by-step/
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Facebook for beginners (business)

  1. 1. Facebook for Beginners (Business) Lorna Sixsmith http://www.writeontrack.ie
  2. 2. Facebook for Business• What is Social Media?• What is right for my business?• Difference between personal & business• How to set up a business facebook page• How to create a cover image• How to create compelling content and engage• Rules and Recommendations• Developing a Social Media Strategy http://www.writeontrack.ie
  3. 3. Social Media“We do not have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is – HOW WELL WE DO IT”. – Erik Qualman. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  4. 4. Facebook• 2007 – 7000 users in Ireland• Mid 2012 – 2.4 million users in Ireland• 900million worldwide• Personal profile• Timeline – reverse chronological order• News Feed – updates from friends/pages you’ve liked http://www.writeontrack.ie
  5. 5. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  6. 6. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  7. 7. Why a Facebook page?• One of the Rules• Get more ‘likes’ than ‘friends’• Statistics• Can message your fans• Handy admin panel• Professional• Schedule• Promote http://www.writeontrack.ie
  8. 8. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  9. 9. How to Create a Page• http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php•• Or go to ‘pages’ and click ‘create page’• Select from one of the six boxes e.g. Local business• Fill out the details, including your location http://www.writeontrack.ie
  10. 10. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  11. 11. Fill in your details http://www.writeontrack.ie
  12. 12. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  13. 13. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  14. 14. How to edit photos• Use Picmonkey.com• Upload photo of choice• Crop to shape required (e.g. Landscape for cover photo, square for avatar)• Resize to approximate size required• Choose collage option, then facebook option to create a collage cover image http://www.writeontrack.ie
  15. 15. Get your page looking good before you invite friends to ‘like’ it http://www.writeontrack.ie
  16. 16. Cover Image: 851 x 315• Create it at Picmonkey• Use the facebook selector or Avatar crop a photo to 851 x 315 • Your logo• Add text to your photo • 180 x 180• Make it compelling for your audience • Change cover picture often• No contact information • Keep avatar the same (for• Don’t ask them to like/share businesses)• No calls to action eg. ‘get it now’• No price or purchase info• Use Pic Monkey to modify photos http://www.writeontrack.ie
  17. 17. Creating Compelling Content• Who are your target audience?• Where are they?• Age?• Gender?• Interests?• What is it about your business that will interest them most? http://www.writeontrack.ie
  18. 18. Status Updates• Photos (403 x 403)• Videos• Calls to actions• Questions• Invite comments• Polls• Pin/highlight status update• Promote it http://www.writeontrack.ie
  19. 19. How to Add a Photo http://www.writeontrack.ie
  20. 20. http://www.writeontrack.ie
  21. 21. Reposition Photo / Pin to Top http://www.writeontrack.ie
  22. 22. How to link to your website http://www.writeontrack.ie
  23. 23. Add the link to your website/blog http://www.writeontrack.ie
  24. 24. Tidy it uphttp://www.writeontrack.ie
  25. 25. How to Schedule http://www.writeontrack.ie
  26. 26. How To Get More Fans• Facebook advertisements• Invite your friends• Ask a few friends to recommend your page• DO NOT ask people to like and share to enter a competition – a rule-breaker• Paid competitions• Get people ‘talking about your page’• Offers (only available when you reach 400 fans) http://www.writeontrack.ie
  27. 27. Get People Talking http://www.writeontrack.ie
  28. 28. Improve Edge Rank http://www.writeontrack.ie
  29. 29. RecommendationsDo’s Don’ts• Update once a day • Run illegal competitions• Respond to comments • Spam other pages• Respond to messages • Make typos• Be polite • Poor Grammar• Take negativity offline • Ask people to like and share• Good photos – credit • Use a personal profile for a sources business• Engaging writing• Calls to action or comments http://www.writeontrack.ie
  30. 30. Creating a Social Media Strategy• Who are your potential customers?• What tone is appropriate?• How much time do you have?• What are your objectives? What do you want to achieve?• SWOT• Your competitors• Budget• What does success look like? http://www.writeontrack.ie
  31. 31. Find Me At:• Facebook.com/writeontrackresults• Facebook.com/garrendennylane• Linked In – Lorna Sixsmith• Twitter - @writeontrack_L, @garrendennylane and @irishfarmerette• 086 1051007• Email: writeontrack@live.ie http://www.writeontrack.ie