Effective blogging for your business june 2012


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How to blog effectively for your business
What makes a good business blog post?
Tips for creating effective calls to action.
Traffic to expect from a new blog

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Effective blogging for your business june 2012

  1. 1. Blogging Effectively for your Business Lorna Sixsmith
  2. 2. What is a Blog?• Weblog = diary for business or personal• Inform, educate, e ntertain, promote, enjoy....• Hosted by wordpress / blogger or self hosted and integrated
  3. 3. Why Write A Blog?• SEO• Sales/Traffic• Brand awareness• Communication Tool• Passion/Enthusiasm• Credibility• Trustworthiness
  4. 4. What a Blog Can Do • Show you are open for business • Demonstrate the presence of other customers • Demonstrate your customer service
  5. 5. • Showcase your products• Announce new brands/products/services• Cost Effective• Promotions• Tell your story• Benefits to Customers
  6. 6. How Much Time? How Many Words?• Consistency is the key – decide how often and stick to it• 10-90 mins per post• Images / Links / Research / Quotes• Average 400 words
  7. 7. What Makes A Good Business Post?• Title• Images• Hyperlinks• Research/Knowledge• Well written / Engaging• Clear Presentation• Call to Action• Keywords / Tags/ Categories
  8. 8. Calls to Action• Short• Simple• Friendly tone• Clear• Only one request/question/command• Try to include a keyword in the clickable link
  9. 9. Examples of Calls to Action• Invite interaction – ask for comments• Prompt action with news of Special Offers• Encourage return visits• Ask for shares / facebook likes / twitter follows• Encourage sales• Building communities
  10. 10. How to Prevent Bloggers’ Block• Have clear aims & objectives• Idea pad / mind map• Brainstorm• Interviews• Guest posts• Showcasing• Regular slots e.g. Wallpaper Wednesday• Consistency
  11. 11. What Can You Expect With A New Blog Traffic / Sales / Community
  12. 12. Keyword Google Tool• Google – keyword research tool (set up gmail account)• 2 or 3 terms – then look for number of searches• It will also give you ideas for key terms• Tick the ‘broad’ and then the ‘exact’ boxes.
  13. 13. Irish Farmerette Blog• Personal blog• Once a week• Enjoyment• Small community• No use of Keyword tool• No calls to action• Recipes
  14. 14. Irish Farmerette - Stats
  15. 15. Irish Farmerette – Average Visits
  16. 16. Wallpaper Review Blog • Experimental Blog • No community • No interaction • No requests for comments • Keyword Research Tool • Strong calls to action • Consistent?! • Delivers sales
  17. 17. Wallpaper Review - Stats
  18. 18. Wallpaper Review – Average Visits
  19. 19. How to Get Free PR• Newsworthy Topics• New products/exclusivity• Report on important events• Be Interesting – slightly controversial• Use Good Images• Answer questions• Contact Information• Be helpful, be friendly and say Thank You
  20. 20. What Will Blogging Bring?• Friends• Brand Awareness• Traffic• Sales• Credibility• Core of Your Social Media Strategy• Awards
  21. 21. What Next?• A wordpress/blogger/tumblr hosted blog?• Self hosted blog?• Integrated blog?• Don’t waste time deciding – ask for advice and Start Blogging for Your Business• Lorna Sixsmith 086 1051007• www.write-on-track.com