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Dudley Mash Lab introduction slides


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Overview of the MASH Lab

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Dudley Mash Lab introduction slides

  1. 1. MASH LabWednesday, 18 July 12
  2. 2. Getting Started Context Background Approach Today OutcomesWednesday, 18 July 12
  3. 3. Context Recession Localism Transformation Commissioning Councils? Enabling Councils? A changing relationshipWednesday, 18 July 12
  4. 4. Background Groups who traditionally lack power Surveys, focus groups Action research group Range of ideas and issues Consider assets and services holisticallyWednesday, 18 July 12
  5. 5. Approach Whole systems Appreciative inquiries Social and organisational learningWednesday, 18 July 12
  6. 6. What today is about Working collaboratively Nurturing our assets Being creative Moving in to and navigating in new spacesWednesday, 18 July 12
  7. 7. From Eileen Conn’s paper: Community engagement in the social eco-system danceWednesday, 18 July 12
  8. 8. Our focus today: outcomes Where engagement and collaboration lead to: Creative use of existing assets Sustainable commissioning decisions and/or service change Informed and influential individuals (local authority, communities and people)Wednesday, 18 July 12