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What is a Screencast and Why Would I Use One?


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Topic presentation for CEET Moodle Meet March 2012.
Introduction to screencasting.

Published in: Education, Technology
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What is a Screencast and Why Would I Use One?

  1. 1. What is a Screencast? Why would I use one?
  2. 2. A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen.Screencasts can include mouse actions, browser changes,video from other sources and audio files for narration andbackground music. What is a Screencast? Why would I use one?
  3. 3. repeating Instructions ‣ Students can be directed to watch recordings that cover course content ‣ Instructions can be available 24/7 online so students can review instructions when needed ‣ Easy to give online training classes
  4. 4. Provide tech support 24/7 ‣ Find an answer when needed - avoid waiting for telephone call backs ‣ Makes it easier to answers such as “how do I make a comment” or explain a software application ‣ Focus on a specific problem
  5. 5. Students learn at their own pace ‣ Design their own learning path ‣ Control the delivery of content - where, when and what ‣ Replay a lesson, rewind to one idea allowing students to watch as many times as they want to get full understanding
  6. 6. Students create their own presentations Eric Marcos and ‣ Reinforce learning by reviewing and explaining concepts ‣ Students learn to collaborate with other students on projects ‣ Students develop presentation and technology skills
  7. 7. Aaron Sams and Jon BergmannSupport Flipped Classroom Model ‣ Teacher created screencasts delivery content and instruction for students to watch at home ‣ Students practice and explore in school with the classroom teacher ‣ Students have the opportunity for personal and specialized instruction ‣ Students are motivated and engaged with content and participation in class
  8. 8. Give life to online learning ‣ Can give visual and audio appeal when illustrating a lesson ‣ Will engage learners through participation with content ‣ Serve as an excellent tool for developing and practicing language skills
  9. 9. www.teachertrainingvdieo.comGive Feedback ‣ Teacher created audio and visual comments can focus on areas that need adjustments ‣ Language learners can hear correct pronunciation and usage ‣ Common errors can be identified helping students understand their assignments
  10. 10. follow along with student progress ‣ Parents can see how a lesson is presented ‣ Find out how to support their student’s work and extend learning at home ‣ Learn how to comment and respond to student work
  11. 11. classroom projects ‣ Create dynamic presentations to tell people what students are learning ‣ Promote classroom/school projects and activities to the community ‣ Help students learn how to promote and market a product ‣ Use screencasts as samples of work for student eportfolios Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  12. 12. this presentation was created by Lorna Costantini and Peggy George for CEET - Community of Expertise in Educational Technology Moodle Meet March 2012 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.