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15 Sides of Procrastination You Did Not Consider


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We all are familiar with procrastination but this Slide Share takes a deeper look at the many ways procrastination exist in our lives. It is worth the viewing so view and share...

Published in: Spiritual
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15 Sides of Procrastination You Did Not Consider

  1. 1. Sides of Procrastination you did not Consider!
  2. 2. From the mind of Lorna Barrow Entrepreneur, Business Coach Learning Solutions Specialist
  3. 3. Procrastination is not the thief of time…Indecision is!
  4. 4. Procrastination is setting goals… setting goals is really putting off living in the now
  5. 5. As procrastination goes Suddenly is…the answer to… eventually
  6. 6. Procrastination is the time between knowing what you want and your 1st step towards it
  7. 7. Procrastination is waiting for your ship to come in instead of swimming out to meet it
  8. 8. Procrastination is rehearsing all your life while the world waits on your debut performance
  9. 9. Procrastination is waiting all your life on someone’s debut performance instead of debuting for yourself
  10. 10. Procrastination is failing to LIVE while you are ALIVE
  11. 11. Procrastination is delaying DEATH by living a healthy LIFE
  12. 12. Procrastination is like war… World Leaders plan for it to avoid peace
  13. 13. Procrastination is debating if the glass is half empty or half full instead of just drinking the damn water!
  14. 14. Procrastination is waiting for the perfect partner when the one you have is perfect for you
  15. 15. Weighing your options is not procrastination… Waiting on opinions to decide your next move is
  16. 16. Procrastination is being slow to eliminate procrastination from your life
  17. 17. Procrastination is my wanting to share 30 thoughts with you but only sharing 15!
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