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The Library as a Digital Research infrastructure: Digital Initiatives and Digital Manuscripts at the National Library of Wales

Memory institutions have built up expertise and taken the lead in all aspects of digital humanities, especially the development and implementation of digital methods for the capture, analysis and dissemination of archives and special collections, including manuscripts. In recent years, these initiatives have become embedded into Digital Humanities Initiatives, Centres and Programmes within research libraries, adding value to the existing relationships between libraries and scholarly iniatiatives. These activities have fostered the development of new projects that bring into collaboration the skills and expertise of academics, librarians, and digital humanists, making the Library increasingly a “digital research infrastructure”. This presentation will discuss these developments based on the experience of the Research Programme in Digital Collections at the National Library of Wales, specifically discussing some recent experimentation with new methods for manuscript digitization and dissemination, including hyperspectral digitization of the Library’s Chaucer manuscripts. The presentation will also discuss the wider embedding of this work within the European Digital Humanities Context, through collaborations with the ESF Research Network Programe NeDiMAH (Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities).

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The Library as a Digital Research infrastructure: Digital Initiatives and Digital Manuscripts at the National Library of Wales

  1. 1. The Library as a Digital Research infrastructure: Digital Initiatives and Digital Manuscripts at the National Library of Wales Lorna Hughes University of Wales Chair in Digital Collections, National Library of Wales Möglichkeiten der automatischen Manuskriptanalyse: Trier, 24-02-2014 Ymchwil Research
  2. 2. Digital Collections and the National Library of Wales • Digitisation supports: • Access to Welsh and Celtic materials by global audience • Preservation • Collections enhancement and reunification • Transformation of scholarship • Community engagement • A cohesive, national collection • Underlying principle: free access to digital content • Ymchwil Research
  3. 3. NLW Research Programme in Digital Collections • A collaborative research programme • Researching the impact and use of existing and emerging digital collections • Engagement with the communities of practice in digital humanities around digital content • A focus for digital humanities, combining digital collections, tools, methods • Building sustainable digital resources that have a impact on scholarship • Develop strategic digitization initiatives for specific research needs • Foster interoperability and re-use of collections • Increase the embedding of digital content into scholarship • Activities • Research on digital collections development, use and discovery • Project development • Collaborations with partners in Wales and beyond • Outreach, dissemination and publications • Four Digital Humanities PhD students in collaboration with Universities in Wales Ymchwil Research
  4. 4. Welsh outlook, Vol. 7, No. 1 Jan. 1920 [advert] 4 Negative photostat print of NLW Peniarth 610 MS 191 Ymchwil Research
  5. 5. The Hengwrt Chaucer (Peniarth MS 392) Imaging, 1926 Ymchwil Research
  6. 6. Imaging: 1926 Ymchwil Research
  7. 7. Imaging: 1931 Ymchwil Research
  8. 8. Imaging: 1939 Ymchwil Research
  9. 9. National Library of Wales journal , Vol 1, no. 2, 1939 Ymchwil Research
  10. 10. The Manuscript ‘Laboratory’?! Ymchwil Research
  11. 11. ‘The Merthyr Fragment’, NLW MS 21972D, 1936 authentication Ymchwil Research
  12. 12. ‘The Merthyr Fragment’, Western Mail, 1936 Ymchwil Research
  13. 13. De Consolatione Philosophiae: Peniarth MS 393 Correspondence, 1879 Ymchwil Research
  14. 14. Discoveries through imaging…1930 Ymchwil Research
  15. 15. ‘The Cave’ at NLW, in 1939 and 2012 Ymchwil Research
  16. 16. Ymchwil Research
  17. 17. The Cult of Saints in Wales: Medieval Welshlanguage sources and their transmission • • • • • • Online editions of digitised medieval Welsh Saints lives from the NLW collections will be developed by researchers from the University of Wales King’s College, London Department of Digital Humanities will develop KILN XML platform for digital scholarly edition of digital manuscripts NLW will host, implement and sustain the edition Output: a transferrable tool for creating online editions of NLW manuscripts as part of NLW Digital Library Supporting annotation, searching, comparing manuscripts research/projects/current/welsh.aspx Ymchwil Research
  18. 18. Photospectral imaging of the Hengwrt Chaucer at NLW by team from Yale Computer Science Department Ymchwil Research
  19. 19. Ymchwil Research
  20. 20. Ymchwil Research
  21. 21. Digitally enabled scholarship of medieval manuscripts: Using Photospectral images in the “Canvas Viewer” Ymchwil Research
  22. 22. Ymchwil Research
  23. 23. Ymchwil Research
  24. 24. Modern digital capture with UV lighting on damaged mss Ymchwil Research
  25. 25. Imaging manuscript under UV light at NLW Ymchwil Research
  26. 26. Ymchwil Research
  27. 27. NeDiMAH: Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities Chairs Lorna Hughes, UK (Chair) Fotis Jannidis, Germany, Susan Schreibman, Ireland   Researching the practice of advanced digital methods in the arts and humanities Their classification and expression via 3 outputs: – Map of digital humanities in Europe – A collaborative forum of communities of practice – An ontology of digital methods in the humanities Support from 16 Member Organizations: 1. Bulgarian Academy of Science 2. The National Foundation of Science, Higher Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia (NZZ) 3. The Danish Council for Independent Research – Humanities (FKK), 4. The Academy of Finland – Research Council for Culture and Society 5. TGE ADONIS – National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) 6. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) 7. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, (MTA) 8. Irish Research Council for the Humanities (IRCHSS), 9. Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) 10. Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW) 11. Research Council of Norway (NCR) 12. Portugal Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) 13. Romanian National Research Council (CNCS) 14. Swedish Research Council (VR) 15. Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) 16. UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Ymchwil Research
  28. 28. NeDiMAH Working Groups Methodological Working Groups 1. Spatial and Temporal Modelling 2. Information Visualization 3. Linked Data 4. Corpora: Building and developing 5. Using Corpora: Information retrieval and modelling 6. Scholarly editions 7. Scholarly publishing 8. ICT Methods Taxonomy NeDiMAH support for digital methods in manuscript analysis – Bursaries for the DiXT training workshop at Cambridge, 2014: Medieval and Modern Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age – Developing an interdisciplinary workshop and publication on digital methods for manuscript analysis Ymchwil Research
  29. 29. Ymchwil Research