LinkedIn for Marketing & PR


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Presented at the 2013 Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit in Baltimore.

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LinkedIn for Marketing & PR

  1. 1. for PR & Marketing Lori Russo | @lorirusso | Managing Director | Stanton Communications, Inc. | @stantoncomm
  2. 2. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm “I know I should be on LinkedIn, but…” “Isn’t it just an online Rolodex?” “I don’t have time for another social network.” “I just don’t get it.” “What’s the point?” “LinkedIn isn’t fun.”
  3. 3. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm Why? Two reasons. #1 – Your competitors haven’t figured it out yet, either, so you can get a leg up. #2 – They have figured it out and you’re behind.
  4. 4. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm clients prospects competition LinkedIn’s Global Network media talent M&A candidates
  5. 5. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm People Organization Expertise Products & Services You’re already promoting these things… …but probably not on LinkedIn
  6. 6. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE People are the pathway to your organization. People are the embodiment of your brand. Start with them.
  7. 7. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE One person. 1,283 1st Degree Connections. Global Network of 13,053,165+. In an organization of 20 people, that equates to a total global network of more than 261 million people.
  8. 8. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE • Powerful connections • Significant influence Start with the C-Suite. • Forward thinking • Natural networkers
  9. 9. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE A SMART profile is a SEARCHABLE profile. Use keywords in your headline instead of your job title. (no one is searching for your job title)
  10. 10. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Members who share updates at least 1x per week are 10x more likely to be approached for new opportunities.
  11. 11. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE
  12. 12. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Connect with members who are already looking at you.
  13. 13. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Find something in common…like a group.
  14. 14. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Used LinkedIn’s advanced people search to build highly targeted lists.
  15. 15. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION If people are the pathway to your organization… …where does it lead?
  16. 16. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION Your people should provide a pathway to a well-developed company page.
  17. 17. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION Sometimes you are marketing to attract the best talent. Customize your Careers Tab.
  18. 18. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION Sometimes you are marketing to a specific company or “dream client”. Research using that company’s Insights Tab. Pssssttt….journalists are using this feature to find sources and information.
  19. 19. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Your people and your company are chock full of expertise. Here’s how to promote it on LinkedIn:
  20. 20. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE ADD FILES
  21. 21. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE ADD SECTIONS
  22. 22. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Target your company updates by: Company size, industry, function, seniority, geography.
  23. 23. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Use sponsored company updates to get your expertise in front of a new audience. A small budget can go a long way.
  24. 24. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Contribute to group discussions.
  25. 25. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PRODUCTS & SERVICES Your expertise leads prospects to your products and services… …a severely underutilized feature on LinkedIn company pages.
  26. 26. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PRODUCTS & SERVICES
  27. 27. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PRODUCTS & SERVICES Use header image to promote new product, service, special event, milestone, achievement.
  28. 28. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm  8,270 foursomes created  32% open rate for Sponsored InMails  139 likes, 79 comments on “Hit the Links” status updates  1,500 new followers for company page  83% lift in positive sentiment on social networks PRODUCTS & SERVICES Not just B2B!
  29. 29. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm YOUR TO-DO LIST  Complete your personal profile  Optimize your company page  Do some research  Share your expertise  Promote your products & services  Test & track
  30. 30. Lori Russo | @lorirusso Managing Director Stanton Communications, Inc. @stantoncomm Washington | Baltimore | New York