Vacation 2011 Southern California


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Vacation 2011 Southern California

  1. 1. Best childhood ever! Revisited August 2011(yup, it’s been 40 years)
  2. 2. Day 1: Were goin to DisneyLand!Frontier and Adventure Lands are still my favorites.Behind me is the line for Splash Mountain, at thattime with a 75-minute wait. But when Kari and I gotthere first thing in the morning, we were on in lessthan five minutes! We also fit in Pirates of theCaribbean and Indiana Jones well before 10:00. Thelines went downhill after that.We chose Rancho del Zocalo (the Mexican joint,naturally) for lunch (surprise). This was taken in FantasyLand while we were waiting to get on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or Peter Pan... dunno what these flowers are, and I haven’t seen any like them before. The Matterhorn was closed (boo), and after going on Space Mountain, we both decided we’d had enough of the fast rides.
  3. 3. While waiting in line for one of therides, I texted Steve that we were atDisneyLand yadda-yadda, who at thetime was in Laramie, Wyoming onhis cross-country trip back fromPennsylvania with Heather, whorequested a picture of Winnie thePooh if we saw him. Onedisappointment this go-round wasthe lack of characters roaming thePark, but the Pooh gang had theirown set-up for picture taking nextto Splash Mountain. Kari and Ipatiently waited like all the otherkids for our turn. :)Tee-hee, Tigger was a total ham andquite the ladies man!This actually turned into one of myfavorite parts of the day, andcertainly the cutest... the shadedidn’t hurt, either.
  4. 4. This is Asimo, a robot made byHonda that was being demonstratedat the Innovations exhibit inTomorrowLand. It moves verysmoothly, including running andclimbing stairs, which is apparently alarge feat for a robot, and operates byvoice command. Basically itsdesigned to do various chores, andmay eventually be used for thingssuch as hazardous clean-ups, like thenuclear power plant disaster in Japan.I misremember the name of the parade,and the tree was in the way (but again,good shade ;)) and we were pretty faraway. It looked good in person, though,and afterward I had an urge to watch 101Dalmatians.And Steve, The Donald is for you!
  5. 5. Day 2: Yay, Visits! (Part 1)Bob and June have been in this house in San Dimas for 16 years, and they have gorgeousviews of the valley and downtown Los Angeles. Bob had a 1000-same-shape-piecejigsaw puzzle going. June made us yummy wet burritos and fresh peaches for lunch.Bob is now 84 and June is 88, and wow, are they looking and doing good!
  6. 6. Day 2: Yay, Visits! (Part 2) Kari and I met Bobby, his wife Chris, and Martha (a legend in my familys memories) for dinner at El Cholo, where I had sweet green corn tamales for the first time... gotta love Mexican food twice in one day! Martha gave me a lovely photo book of Payne/Sykes memories. <3Bobby and Chris. Bobby teaches PE andScience at Imperial MS. Chris also teaches,and they have two boys: Chad whos almost18, and Kevin, 14.
  7. 7. Day 3: Huntington Beach, baby!We had originally planned to go to Coronadel Mar, but when Kari found out the SnackShack there was closed, we decided to goto Huntington Beach instead. Its where Iremember going as a kid, and we got tohave Strips, our favorite, for lunnnch...Also bought an order of them to give toMike. Btw, he loved them!
  8. 8. Okay, the surfwas seriouslyperfect... wildenough to befun and a thrillfor me, but nottoo rough like itcan sometimesget.
  9. 9. Hours inthe waterwith myiPhonewassoooomuch fun!
  10. 10. Photo byKari :)
  11. 11. B u e n aPayne (now blue :p) Sykes (now green :p) V Davis i s t Kelly (they still a live there!) Haha, the house on the hill that used to be behind all the trees, that we kids thought was soooo big and scary! :D
  12. 12. And our final stop down Memory Lane, the end to three days of perfection...