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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 9


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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 9

  1. 1. Romancing the Apocalypse Chapter 9 - Rebel Heart (Gen 3 - Haley has Blue and moves out. Jake has Mel. Ciel has Nemo. Corey has a problem.)Welcome back to Romancing the Apocalypse! Episode 8 left off as 3rd Gen Ciel and Jake returned home from college to an uncertainfuture. How will Jake adjust to living with Mel, his girlfriend from college, who is in fact Melissa Fancey, the Mad Scientist? Will Coreybe able to accept Nemo as Ciels choice or will Ciels rebel heart and Coreys obstinacy destroy what was once a loving father-daughter relationship?The Apocalypse Challenge created by Pinstar can be found at . For more Apocalypse storiesand chat, go to the forums at (07/17/2008)
  2. 2. "I still cant believe youre Melissa Fancey, the Mad Scientist.""Believe it, Jake. The proof is right here next to me.""And what exactly is it?""Its a Re-Nu-Yu Senso Orb. Remember how miserable you were before you changed your aspiration in college? This gives the sameresults, without the college."
  3. 3. "Thats quite a feat for an aspiring Celebrity Chef.""You believe me, dont you? I had a couple of other things in mind as well, but with the Education bookcase, I didnt think you reallyneeded Smart Milk or the Thinking Cap. And are you ever going to let me live down the aspiring Celebrity Chef thing?"
  4. 4. "Hey, Im not the one who started that rumor...""Its not a rumor, its true!""...and unless that miracle machine of yours can give me more than one nice point, I wouldnt get my hopes up if I were you.""Ooh!"
  5. 5. Haley couldnt wait to move out and got the ball rolling in that direction."Blue, you came over.""I always come over."
  6. 6. "I managed to dodge the heir bullet! You know what that means, dont you?""I hope I do.""Um, Blue?""Yeah?"
  7. 7. "Do you remember that little kiss at the end of our first date?""You really surprised me that night, of course I remember.""I think we can do better than that.""Only one way to find out..."
  8. 8. "Much better!""Wow!"
  9. 9. "I think the sooner you move in with me the better.""Hehe! I was hoping you would say that."
  10. 10. "Im ready to move out, Mom. I wanna go live with Blue.""You made that pretty clear the night Kennedy was here.""I was not happy about being fixed up like that. Admit it, Mom, Im just not made of heir material.""Haley, you would have made an excellent heir. But with your reluctance in that department, I think it was your good fortune thatMelissa came along.""Dont I know it!"
  11. 11. "Good luck, honey. Dont forget were always here for you.""I know. Thanks, Mom."
  12. 12. Okay, Blue, this is it...
  13. 13. Kate: "Give us a call when you get settled in."Ciel: "Youre so lucky, Haley. Maybe we can double date sometime."Mel: "Theres something new you can take with you, if you want."Haley: "What is it?"Mel: "No time, just grab one on your way out!"
  14. 14. So Haley, the Education Minister without so much as a high school education, left to start her new life with Blue.
  15. 15. "I made it! Come see what I brought with me."
  16. 16. "A Re-Nu-Yu Senso-Orb! Where did you get it?""Melissa sorta gave it to me.""Actually, this is something I could use.""Why?"
  17. 17. "Well, I would prefer to be Knowledge. I added Pleasure to my bio to be a little different from so many other simselves claiming to beFamily or Knowledge. Lets see, were one bolt now, probably because Cancers like Scorpios...Knowledge is more compatible withFamily...and if we change my turn-ons, it should definitely ramp up our boltage."
  18. 18. "Uh, Blue? Im fine with one bolt. Maybe this isnt such a good idea. It looks kinda dangerous."
  19. 19. "Nonsense. BBPs Blue was a werewolf/plantsim/vampire combo that can be dangerous.""Is"".......""Are you all right in there?""........Im fi...aaAAOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!""BLUUUE!!!"
  20. 20. "Heheh...kidding, Haley. Whootnanny! I do believe we have three bolts now.""Three?! Lemme check mine. OMIGOSH, I do too! Darn it, the carpools gonna leave without me, I gotta run.""See you tonight.""Blue?""Yeah?""Remind me to kill you for scaring me like that.""Yes, dear."
  21. 21. My new Lifetime Want is to be a Media Magnate. Well this is a pain in the patooty, no Journalism jobs. Ah, but heres one in Slacker.Maybe freelancings the way to go for now, that way I can get more of my own writing done...Hmmm, which one should I work onnow...?*ding dong*What took em so long?
  22. 22. We have ourselves a Simself welcome wagon, the best kind. ;)Starting from the left:Darby (An UnPleasant View)Jendra (Shipwrecked!)MaxiBuckle (The Many Incarnations of Pinstar), also lovingly known as Rules Hag."We meet again, Blue. Just thought wed stop by to nail...I mean to the neighborhood.""Nice try, Maxi. I havent been played here long enough to break any rules. And all three illegal gifts from Haley are safely stashedaway in my inventory.""What about that Re-Nu-Yu?"
  23. 23. "Shoot, Maxi, you got me. I give up!""I knew it!""Heheh, I hate to burst your bubble, but..."
  24. 24. "...kiss my rumpkiss, its perfectly legal now.""It is? You wouldnt...kid me about something like that, would you?""Hey, as fellow Apocalypse players, were on the honor system. You know I wouldnt lie to you about breaking a restriction."
  25. 25. "You mean I came over here for nothing? I was sure I got you on the Orb. Why wasnt I informed of this sooner?""Uh, inside information?""How am I supposed to enforce the rules around here if you withhold information from me? I want to know everything!"
  26. 26. "Hi, BlueBerry. I really had fun in your Bachelor Challenge.""Hey, Darby. Its so nice to see a friendly face. How was your trip?""It was wonderful. But the plane took a wrong turn on the way home and left me here by mistake.""I hope you dont get stuck here too long.""Its not so bad. I do have Kobe to keep me company."
  27. 27. "So, Maxi, we finally meet. Youre not the only one around here with just one nice point. I challenge you to a face off.""You. Challenge me. Ill bite, what are the rules to this face off?""Simple. Only chatting and sharing interests allowed. No arguing, bragging, that kind of thing. Whoever makes the meanest faceswins.""Are you serious?""Does this face look like Im serious?"
  28. 28. "Amateur. Beat this."
  29. 29. "I expected more from you. Beat this."
  30. 30. "Thats the best you can do? Pathetic. Beat this.""All right, all right, you win the face off. Now I challenge you to a game of catch.""Wheres the ball?"
  31. 31. "Haha! Right in the kisser."
  32. 32. "You gotta be quicker than that, Maxi."
  33. 33. "Hah! Nice try, caught it again. Youre no match for my three body points."
  34. 34. "All right, I concede catch."
  35. 35. "Finally! Someone in this neighborhood I can relate to."
  36. 36. "Did you bring one of those big-screen TVs with you, I hope?""Yup.""Does it fit in here?""Nope.""I think we need a bigger place."
  37. 37. *smooch*"Doesnt it look like something out of a storybook? And its Apoca-compliant. Come on, Ill show you the inside."Lorin here. I copied the floorplan from the "Trendy Singles - City" lot I downloaded over a year ago from the Exchange (I just tried to do asearch for it and can no longer find it). The original had a basement with an outside entrance beyond the 8x8 area; the basement itselfwas a little funky so I did away with it altogether. I did my own decorating with windows, paint, etc., and reconfigured the front deck sothe steps leading to the front door are within the 8x8.
  38. 38. First level: "Its cozy but theres plenty of room, even with a tiny bathroom in the corner. And look, the TV even fits."
  39. 39. Second level: "See, plenty of room for your computer, maybe even a nursery later on. The bathrooms so cute, and we can expand itlater."
  40. 40. "I think the windows really make the eating area."
  41. 41. Third level: "Isnt the bedoom adorable? Its so cozy, and we even have a balcony.""Lets check it out."
  42. 42. "Oopsies, a telescope wont fit.""Hubba-hubba, Haley, who cares? We can always build up.""Oh Blue, Im so happy Im here with you."Lorin here. Well let Blue and Haley get settled into their new house. It really does look like something out of a storybook, doesnt it? Andwhootnanny! I am so happy they have three bolts. That was a total surprise for me.
  43. 43. On her quest to find her true aspiration, Willow landed at the Apoca-lot."Hi, Im Willow.""Im Melissa Fancey.""Yes, I know. I think you might be able to help me."
  44. 44. "Oh, I get it. Youve come to find out about the Orb.""Yes. Someone around here misplaced my real aspiration and I want to get it back.""Youre in luck, its available to everyone in the neighborhood now. You should have no problem getting your real aspiration back.""What a relief! Thanks a bunch, Melissa.""Youre quite welcome.""Um, do you mind...?""What? Willow...?""Dont bother seeing me in, Im sure I can find it myself..."
  45. 45. "Hehehehehe! Me no need no Knowledge. Pleasure fuuuunnnn.""You got that right, sister."
  46. 46. Uni jobs were conspicuously absent from the computers daily job listings. Without meditation, Ciel spent her days blowing bubbles.It was that or watching with growing envy as Jake and Mel got to know each other."So, what should I call you? Mel? Melissa? Miss Aspiring Celebrity Chef? No, thats too long. How about Macc for short? Yeah, Macc.""Stop it! I like Mel.""I like Mel, too."
  47. 47. Every freaking night when he gets home from work. I think Im gonna puke...
  48. 48. “Hey, Nemo. Do you wanna go out?”....“No, lets go some place different, somewhere quiet. You know...where we can be alone?”
  49. 49. “This is a peaceful spot, Ciel.”“Yeah, this is just what I wanted.”“So how are things going? You and Jake have any luck with your job search yet?”“No, it really sucks. I don’t know, Nemo...this wasn’t what I was expecting when I got back from college. Jake’s lucky, he can use hisfree time to get to know Melissa better, and he can meditate. I’m just plain ol’ going crazy.”“At least you have the chance to catch up with your mom and d...”
  50. 50. “.......”“mmmCiel...”
  51. 51. “Whoa, what was that?”“What, you don’t like?”“Oh, I like. It was just different...intense. You seem different tonight.”“I would just rather not talk about my parents, okay?”
  52. 52. “I can tell something’s wrong. Are you gonna tell me what it is?”“All these questions, Nemo. What does a girl have to do around here to get a nice quiet slow dance?”“Point taken...for now.”And after a reeeally loooong slow dance...
  53. 53. “There is definitely something different about you...”“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”“Call it...edgy. I don’t think you’re all that torn up about not finding a job yet, so I’m thinking it must be... How are things at home?”“I don’t wanna talk about it.”“I knew it... Your dad didn’t find out about us, did he?”“.....Both of my parents know.”“I thought we weren’t going to say anything...”“Oh, I didn’t say anything, Nemo, at least not until... *sigh* Lemme start at the beginning. Dad saw us one night when we were out,then later on he had a few choice words with me. And I...really don’t wanna talk about it.”“I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta did he take it?”
  54. 54. “Can’t you guess? He told me flat out he doesn’t want me seeing you. Well, he can’t stop me! And now it’s really tense between meand him, that’s why I’m going so crazy at home.”“Ciel, I don’t want to come between you and your dad...”“He’s being totally stubborn and unreasonable! Mom even tried to talk some sense into him, all the good that did.”“She did that?”“Well, yeah. She’s actually happy about us.”“I’m really glad she feels that way, but...”“But what?”
  55. 55. “Don’t you think that was a little like rubbing salt on a wound?”“Whad’ya mean? She was just trying to make him see reason.”“I have no doubt her heart was in the right place, Ciel. But I did tell you how he feels about me, a bit of a watered-down version at that.Then pile on my slow dance with his wife, and now I’m dating his daughter... let’s not forget to add that to the heap. I know she had totry, but I don’t know, I don’t think there is much reason he can be talked into where I’m concerned. Especially coming from her.”“Don’t tell me you’re taking his side?”“Well, I wouldn’t go that far... that would be rather counterproductive from my point of view...”“Then what are you saying, Nemo? You don’t...wanna stop seeing me, do you?”“Ciel, you are way too sweet for me not to love you, and I am not that selfless. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t like it either if I were in hisplace. So maybe we all should just...back off a little? At least give him some time to get used to the idea...”
  56. 56. “He’s had months to get used to the idea. Almost since we first started dating.”“Months? Why didn’t you tell me?”“I thought you wouldn’t go out with me anymore.”“...You still should’ve told me.”“I...couldn’t. I’m sorry. *sniff* ”“What a mess...”“Do you know what it’s like at home for me? I see Dad with Mom and Jake with Mel. Haley has Blue now. And all I can think is, whythem and not us? I hate it there, Nemo...if I have to stay much longer, I think I might scream.”“But it’s your home, your family loves you...”“I know! But it’s always in my face...everything I want but can’t have. I love my dad so much, but he’s breaking my heart. I was sosure he would love me enough to accept...but he doesn’t...*sob* ”“Yes he does. You just had no idea how deep this went, and I should’ve known better. Perhaps it would be best if I just...”“No! *sob* Please don’t be noble about this, Nemo...don’t leave me thinking it will make things better between me and him.Because it won’t. *weep* ”“Ciel, I won’t...please stop...”*sob*“Ah...”
  57. 57. “.......”“.......mmmNemo...”
  58. 58. “ *sniff* What was that for?”“I just...couldn’t stand to see you crying like that anymore.”“ *sniff* *sigh* I guess I wanted to talk about it after all, huh? Thank you, I feel better now.”“Just don’t forget, you have something much too important to accomplish first to let anyone stand in your way. And after that,nothing’s gonna stop you from getting what you want, right?”“’re right, Nemo, it’s only temporary. Okay, I think I can face going back there.”“If you need to get away for a while, just call me. And for the record, I’m not going anywhere.”“Okay, now I know I’m ready to go back...”
  59. 59. Hanging around here feeling sorry for myself is just lame. Ooh, a job in Show Biz... Ill take that until Paranormal shows up.
  60. 60. "Hi Jake. Ill be out of your way in a second.""Youre not in my way. Mel? I noticed you spend an awful lot of time in here. Youre not worried about how you look, are you?"
  61. 61. "Lets face it, Jake, if I wasnt a Mad Scientist, I wouldnt be here right now. Nobody ever chose Melissa Fancey to move in for herlooks.""Is that why you did your makeover?""Actually, I was conducting a small experiment. I wanted to see what it felt like to be seen for me as a person and not as a MadScientist.""I know this may surprise you, but Im glad you did it."
  62. 62. "You are? I was afraid you might think I was trying to trick you somehow, or that I was playing games with you.""You werent playing games, were you?""Of course not!""Then I think knowing theres more to you than just your career is good for both of us, dont you?""It is...thank you. It wont be a problem if I quit my job to go into Culinary, will it?""If thats what you really want to do, go for it.""Its my dream. Good, Ill go check the computer listings right now."
  63. 63. The next day Melissa started her way up the Culinary track as a Prep Cook.
  64. 64. And Mels good fortune must have been contageous because Jake found a job as a Dinosaur Cloner in Natural Science...
  65. 65. ...and Ciel found a job as an Exorcist in Paranormal the same day.
  66. 66. Just one day, and Im a Cult Leader. Death has no power over us anymore! Hehe, nothing can stop me now... Nemo, I am so ready..."CIEL, HELP! YOUR GRAMMA...AHHHH!!!!""Mom? Oh boy, I hope I know what Im doing... COMING!"
  67. 67. "Ahhh!! Get back, get back! You dont want to blow it tonight by being out haunting, do you?"
  68. 68. "Um yes, Id like to make a request on behalf of Eileen Jones Seavey?"..."Ten thousand, is that all?" pocket change "Ahem! I mean, gee, lemme see if we can manage to scrounge up that much..."..."Of course Ill pay full price, were talking about my Gramma here."..."Youre welcome. Wait, I have a quick question: will she come back next to her gravestone or the bone phone? Oh all right, theResurrect-O-Nomitron, if you insist. Which one?"..."Ah,, not you. Okay, thank you very much."
  69. 69. "There goes the touching family reunion scene...""HEY! YO EVERYBODY! COME BACK UP HERE, SHES NOT GONNA SHOW UP DOWN THERE...""Ick, who forgot to do the dishes? This so has to be the lamest resurrection ever..."
  70. 70. "I know hotdogs dont get this bad... *cough cough wheeze choke* ...I think I see her..."
  71. 71. "Gramma, right behind you, its me, Ciel.""Girl, cut me some slack. I gotta get used to these old bones again.""Are ya stuck? Can I help?"
  72. 72. "Mmm, thats much better. Thank you, dear."
  73. 73. "Ei?""Baby!"I...cant believe I pulled it off. My lame resurrection actually worked!
  74. 74. "Ei, do you know how many years its been that Ive been wanting to hold you?""Oh my, we have changed, havent we?"
  75. 75. "It doesnt look that much different from here, though.""Turn around, Ei. Theres someone here who looks a whole lot different."
  76. 76. "Mom?""Kate. You are so beautiful. How sad that I almost dont recognize you.""I...dont know what to say to you."
  77. 77. "You dont have to say anything, Kate. Theres too much to catch up on with everyone tonight anyway.""I wish...could we?""I was thinking the exact same thing."
  78. 78. And just like that, they were at it with Red Hands.
  79. 79. "Sullivan, what have you done to yourself?""You mean the vamp? Dont you remember that night awhile back? We walked and talked for hours.""I wish I could remember, but I was dead.""It mustve been a dream, or wishful thinking...""I want to know everything, starting with that girl with the funny name who brought me back. She called me Gramma and shes theonly friend I have right now.""Thats our granddaughter, Ciel, because she has my blue eyes. Well, they used to be blue anyway... Um, Ill tell you all about it."
  80. 80. Vampa and Gramma are so cute together... Doh! Three sets of lovebirds in the house now, and me, the Lone Ranger. Heheh, but not forlong...
  81. 81. "Dad, why arent you downstairs with everyone?”"Ciel, why are you up here all by yourself?“"Heh. I was just doing some thinking and planning. Dont you wanna see Gramma Ei?“"Theres plenty going on to keep her busy right now. Dont worry, I wont keep you. I just wanted to say that I think what you didtonight...what you did tonight was miraculous.“"It wasnt, really. I mean, I just went to work for one day and got the bone phone and made a call. Thats it. But Im really happy Ihelped Vampa.“"It was more than that, Ciel. From the time you were little this was what we wanted you to do, what we needed you to do, and youdidnt let us down.“"But I did...I let you down.“"You didnt let me down, Ciel...I dont want you think that.“"O-okay...“"I also wanted to say that I... Im very proud of you." I wish..."...Okay." Oh dad, I wish...
  82. 82. It took Jake two days to become an Ecological Guru. Dwellings could be built directly on the ground, plants were able to grow again,groceries could be ordered, and Chef Salads were safe to eat.
  83. 83. "Dont you think its kinda cool that you and Melissa are both top scientists?""Heh, I guess it is. I never really thought about it.""Well, I think its wonderful, honey."
  84. 84. "So, I have a grandson. You, Jake.""Thats right, Gramma.""Did you know I want to be friends with all you kids?""Makes sense.""Im already friends with Ciel. She and I had an...interesting...conversation.""Yeah? What did she say?""You wouldnt cheat with a poor old lady fresh out of the grave, would you?"That little...", Gramma, I wouldnt dream of it." Behave yourself, behave yourself. Darn that Ciel!
  85. 85. "Uh, Gramma? Im gonna give you a little tip. Shes a little high strung...""Hey, I heard that. Dont believe him, Gramma.""Heheh, you started it, sis."
  86. 86. "Ciel?""...Yeah.""We need to talk about...Nemo.""Not again, Dad. Im not gonna change your mind and youre not gonna change mine. And I dont want us to *sniff* fight about itanymore. It just hurts too much.""Would it help if I said Im not going to try to change your mind?"
  87. 87. "What?”"Ive been thinking about you almost nonstop since you came back. And Ive finally come to terms with you wanting to be with him.“"I...cant believe... You have?“"I have to be honest, I still dont like him, so dont count on that changing. But it doesnt even come close to how much I love you.“"Dad! *sniff* So what does all this mean?“"It means, all I want is for you to be happy. And I have done nothing lately but make you miserable. I just cant do that to youanymore.“"So...can he come over here? Would you come and see us?“"Dont worry, Ciel, you both are as welcome as your brother and sister. I promise not to do anything that would upset you as long asyou can put up with an occasional dig at him, is that fair?“"Thats fair. I know you guys have done that for a long time.“"And if there are any little sky girls or, I cant believe Im saying this, any little Nemos...“"Dad! Were not even close to that yet. But I hope youre gonna say...youll love them just as much?“"I will."
  88. 88. "Dad! I love you! Ive missed you!""I love you too, Ciel. I never want to lose my sky girl again.”
  89. 89. Eee! Im the happiest girl in the world! Nemo Nemo Nemo...
  90. 90. "Mel, Im glad weve had a chance to get to know each other better, and relieved now the pressures off with our jobs. Im ready totake it to the next level, how about you?"
  91. 91. "Oh Jake *giggle*, I hope you mean woo-hoo?""That too, but first..."
  92. 92. "Will you marry me?"*gulp*"Im falling for you, Mel, I really think were good together. I want to get started on our own family."""" Um? Is something wrong?""...N-no, n-nothings wrong. Ive fallen for you, too, Jake. I would *gulp* be...honored. Please excuse me, I..."
  93. 93. "Mel, wait up!""Please, Jake, I need a moment to myself to *shiver*...take this all in..."
  94. 94. Marriage *shudder* ... Children *shudder* ... Melissa, you idiot, what were you thinking? How did you ever think you could go throughwith this?Oh god, what am I going to do...?