Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 7


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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 7

  1. 1. Romancing the Apocalypse Chapter 7 - Da Bomb, Da Fix (Interlude. A separate chapter because of Lorins obsession with fixing the slow dance in Chapter 6.)Welcome back to Romancing the Apocalypse! This chapter is an interlude only, a different challenge for the creator, to try and fix the mess she created inChapter 6 by letting Kate slow dance with Nemo, effectively cheating on Corey.Lorin here:I became obsessed with fixing the slow dance fiasco and have done very little playing except for a little spouse hunting to help me determine the Gen 3 heir. Thisbrief chapter shows how The Fix in scene three played out, for the most part on free will. This chapter was too long to include in Jake and Ciels Uni chapter, so Imseparating them to give them both their due.Kudos to Nemos simself(s), who has, from the very beginning of my Apocalypse, surprised and delighted me many times over with his autonomous actions. He isDa Bomb! (05/05/2008)
  2. 2. Anyone looking at this picture could mistake it for love at its most innocent, but in the Sim world, this betrayal of my husband wasnt looked upon muchdifferently than if we had woo-hooed in a photo booth.This one mistake, this one lapse in judgment, this one slow dance... I found myself frantically trying to extricate Corey, Nemo, and myself from the intricateweb of complications I had inadvertently created. With guilt and worry almost eating me alive, I was desperate to find The Fix; in other words, a way forNemo and I to fall out of love without giving Corey the shock of his life, and allow me to have Nemo back as my best friend. Yes, I wanted to have my cakeand eat it too (if the Culinary restriction didnt exist, that is). Did a Fix even exist for this situation?I called the one who I was counting on to have The Fix, the one I always counted on getting good advice from, the one in this picture with whom I hadbetrayed my husband...
  3. 3. "Kate, I..." *ahem, disclaimer!* "I figure we have a couple of options to get us back to best friend status. Were gonna try the most painless first, but I dontgive it much chance of success.""Im willing to try anything to get us back to where we were."Disclaimer: I, Lorin, declare that no Nemo, real or otherwise, had anything to do with the following cockamamie plan. This Nemo just gets to implement it. ;)
  4. 4. "I just want to say something first, Nemo. I cant tell you how sorry I am about the other day. Lorin and I mucked up things royally for you and Corey...weboth feel terrible.""Thats the problem with slow dance...I knew better, but, well, lately I havent been at the top of my game, so to speak."
  5. 5. "Ive never seen you like this. Are you all right?""Its just... Youre not the only one who cheated, Kate. I kind of cheated, too.""Nemo! You mean never said anything to me about having a...girlfriend? wife?""Well, kind of...not really...Im not sure. I did mention it to your mom when we first met.""What do you mean?""I Riverblossom Hills, another me, Twilight Outside, is engaged and living with a downtown hottie named Shelby and our, I mean their, dog andtwo cats. Here I dont know her, just of her, and the only pet I have is Sake. Over there I am The Law, here I was taking it easy, but I have become a ratherunexpected part of your lives in this Apocalypse.""But if you dont know Shelby here, how can you cheat on her here?""I told you, I just dont know anymore...theres too much on my mind in this neighborhood now."
  6. 6. "I remember simpler the first time we met and talked about your mom just like this.""I know, I remember. You were so nice and helpful, and fun too."
  7. 7. "I am so grateful you stopped by that first time and talked to me, Nemo.""Thats a very nice thing to say, but thats just the kind of thing that got us into this mess, remember?""No it didnt...nice didnt get us into this mess, my carelessness did.""Well, right now were walking a fine line.""Im sorry, this is all my fault...""Beating yourself up over it isnt going to do either one of us any good."
  8. 8. "Lets get down to business... Okay, heres the plan: start arguing with me. Hopefully you can get us down low enough so you can really start to irritate me.Maybe even *cough* throw a drink in my helmet.""Thats the plan? But I dont have anything to argue with you about."
  9. 9. "Well, your family is almost too good to be true so theres not much to go with there. Use your imagination, Kate. Think of all the things you cant have andcant do because of the Apocalypse. Think of the grill I left you instead of a stereo...""You left me a grill? Bwahahaha!"" *Sigh* Yes, a grill. I told you I havent been up to speed lately. Now be serious."
  10. 10. "Okay, think of something to pick a fight about.""I cant.""Well, I really cant. It has to be you.""But I like you too much. *sniff* "
  11. 11. "Dont worry, I can take it... You have to try, Kate."
  12. 12. "Thats a good start...come on, out with it.""Im trying...""Come on!"
  13. 13. "No, I dont want to.""Do you want Corey to get a nasty surprise?""No!""Come on then."
  14. 14. "Grrrrrr.....""Thats it, get mad. Just blurt out the first thing that comes into your head."
  15. 15. "......Ahhh!""What is it?""An elephant.""An elephant?""I told you...""Try again."
  16. 16. "Uhhh, thanks a lot for making me think of all the movies Ive never seen, like every single one.
  17. 17. "That was a little better...""Nemo, this is hopeless... I just cant think of anything to argue about."
  18. 18. "See? I love thinking about money, I love it when you think about money...""Focus, Kate.""Okay, lemme think..."
  19. 19. "Baby blocks, Kate?"
  20. 20. "Dont make fun of me! This is really hard. Okay, I got one..."
  21. 21. "Show Business is the most absurd, asinine, idiotic first lift in an Apocalypse! You have to be a real nut case to choose it."
  22. 22. "Ohhh...that was below the belt.""Im sorry..."
  23. 23. "Youre not supposed to be sorry! *sigh*.... This just isnt gonna work."
  24. 24. "Sorry, Kate, I shouldnt make light of the situation, but you were funny.""I was pretty lame, huh?""Just a little. But dont worry, I knew it wouldnt work...unfortunately.""So what do we do now?"
  25. 25. "We move on to Plan B. And Im warning you now, it will be a lot more painful...for all of us....""Whats Plan B?""Bring Corey to LuLus with you tonight. The restll take care of itself.""Are we going to be okay after tonight?""Maybe, maybe not...I just dont know..."
  26. 26. "I better get home, Nemo. I dread telling Corey.""Are you going to be all right?""I dont know... *sniff* ""Is there something I can do?""No. I got us all into this mess, I need to face him and hope hell let me get us out of it.""We really didnt do anything so terribly wrong...""Its so unfair...tickling and hugging are fine, but slow dance is betrayal. Well, since Ive betrayed Corey already, and you and I are going to lose everythingtonight..."
  27. 27. "Goodbye, Nemo. Until tonight..."
  28. 28. "Kate, are you okay? You look a little out of it.""Can we go out tonight?""Of course, where do you want to go?""LuLus.""You know Im not crazy about that place, Kate. How about someplace new?""I want to go to LuLus!"
  29. 29. "Whats going on? Youve been acting strange all week.""I...I dont deserve you...""Whats that supposed to mean?""I...I...""Tell me!"
  30. 30. " *sob* Nemo and I are...the other day we... Oh Corey, I screwed up!""Nemo! What exactly are you saying, Kate?""I...slow danced with him downtown and we...fell in love. It was an accident...I never meant for it to happen, I never in my wildest dreams thought it everwould happen, I swear! *sob* "
  31. 31. "You and Nemo?! You know I can hardly stand the guy. And you just had to have your little accident with him?""Hes been my best friend since almost before I can remember, Ive known him almost as long as Ive known you. And I know you have your issues with him,but hes been a tremendous support for me and hes done a lot to help us as a couple..."
  32. 32. "Bleh!!""Corey, dont!""Youre in love with him, dont tell me thats helping us as a couple! Bleh!!""Dont do that, youre scaring me!""Kate...""GET AWAY FROM ME!"
  33. 33. "Oh no, I just wet myself.""Kate! Im sorry, I didnt mean for that to happen."
  34. 34. "Please forgive me, Kate, I didnt mean to scare you, especially like that. I just...couldnt control myself, it just...slipped out.""I need to clean up this mess. And myself.""We need to talk...""Yes we do.""You go take care of yourself, Ill clean up here. Just please come back up."
  35. 35. "Better?""I guess.""Tell me what happened.""We went on an outing...I knew he had been a bit down lately because of his story. He said there was nothing I could do to help him.... I just wanted to dosomething nice for him because hes always been such a good friend to me. So I asked him what he wanted and he said a slow dance. He didnt say slowdance with me, and I thought it would be just a nice thing between friends. But as soon as we started to dance, we both felt it. Before that we had neverdone anything that could be considered romantic.""But slow dance is romantic, you should know that.""Why? Because its romantic when I slow dance with you? Ill let you in on a secret, Corey. Everything I do with you feels romantic to me, so how would Iknow unless its the obvious kisses and hugs and flirts? And why is it that I betray you with slow dance but not with friendly hugs and tickles?""I dont know, but we cant change it.""But it just isnt right."
  36. 36. "So the slow dance was it?""Well...""What else, Kate?""We tried to end it today.""You saw him today?!""Yes, we met outside at LuLus and tried to argue our way out of it, but it didnt work. We were out in the open the whole time, we werent sneaking aroundor anything.""No, I guess Im the only one you decided to keep in the dark. What else besides the slow dance?"".......""You might as well come clean, I can see youre hiding something.""I...I knew it would be the first and only time, so I...kissed him goodbye.""You kissed him.""I did. And before you tell me what I already know, yeah, I knew even something as innocent as a kiss for my dear friend was considered romantic, and I wasfeeling a bit rebellious at the whole idea. I love him as a friend and Ill never do it again because theres no such thing as an innocent, affectionate kissbetween friends, is there? And using your logic, theres no difference between any of them anyway.""It still doesnt change the way things are."
  37. 37. "Are you telling me you really believe there is no difference? Do you think I would kiss him like this? Do you really think I could ever do that to you?"
  38. 38. "Youre right, Kate, theres a world of difference. Just dont go pushing the envelope anymore. Your thinking may be right, but it doesnt change how wewere made or how we feel, regardless of how unfair it seems.""I know, and I will be more careful from now on. Im just so sorry that something that seemed so innocent and that was done for the right reasons turned outto be so painful for all of us. And even knowing in my heart that my intentions were completely innocent, I was sick with guilt knowing what I did would hurtyou.""About tonight, Kate..."
  39. 39. "Were going out to LuLus tonight and you are going to end it, right?""Yes.""You will end it, Kate, or Ill end it for you.""I promise I will, but you have to promise me you wont interfere.""I cant promise you that, but I will give you some leeway. Just dont drag it out too long or I will be interfering."
  40. 40. And that night at LuLus Blues, we see Plan B in action...
  41. 41. Nemo: "It begins, or rather ends, now..."Kate: "Oh Nemo, Im so sorry..."Corey: "All right, Im leaving you to it, but remember what I said.""I remember. Please go, Corey.""Is he gone?""Yeah, hes gone.""This is humiliating enough as it is...""Nemo, my dear... *sniff* Here, let me..."
  42. 42. " *gasp* Nemo! Oh god, this is could you...?""I warned you. Its much better to just get this over with, you two-timing..."" *gasp* Nemo!""Ahhh, Kate, Im sorry! Youre right, this is terrible. Just give me a minute to calm down..." five...four...three..., no wait, twenty...nineteen...eighteen...
  43. 43. "I hurt you, didnt I? I cant begin to tell you how sorry I am, Kate. Please believe me when I say this was the only way...""Theres just one problem...""Whats that?""Im not your friend anymore but I still love you.""...Yes, I was afraid that might happen. I know its asking a lot, but if you can bring yourself trust me, come outside and well finish this for good...."
  44. 44. "What a hot little trouble maker over there, eh Blue Boy?""Nothing compared to the trouble Ill be making if you dont shut it."Lorin here:Get im, Corey! I really hate this dude!
  45. 45. "Oh, I see... Having trouble keeping your women in line, eh Blue Boy?""I dont think you wanna be messing with me tonight, Joe.""Heheh, I think I do...""Thats it!..."
  46. 46. "I hate this, Nemo. Right now I love you but I hate your guts, too.""I should hope you would hate my guts after what I did to you. And youre not exactly at the top of my list right now either. But at least were at the pointwhere you can finish it off. Your choice...I can assure you the *cough* drink in the helmet is not my idea of a good time...""Mmm...nah, I dont think so. You did slap me, after all. I think Ill just...
  47. 47. ...kick...
  48. 48. ...your...
  49. 49. ...ass!"
  50. 50. "Did it work, Kate?""Like a charm."
  51. 51. "The worst is over, Kate...although right now theres not much satisfaction knowing it, is there?""Not really. I dont want to go through that again ever.""At least we have nowhere to go now but up. Shall we call it a night while were ahead?""Its still pretty early. I would feel better if we...what I mean is, would you...can we...are you up to...?" Oh, just spit it out! "Nemo, will you go on an outing withme?""I thought youd never ask..."
  52. 52. "Im sorry again for getting us in this mess. I feel like I have to keep apologizing.""Dont stop, its working wonders."
  53. 53. "Youre the best friend I could ever imagine having, Nemo...youre brilliant and funny...""Kate, you flatter me...""...and kind and helpful and a good slow dancer...""Eh-eh, dont go there...""Its true, and dont worry, to me our slow dance will always be a lovely memory, simple as that."
  54. 54. "I brought a little something for you.""More roses?""No, this is something especially for you, something I know youll like. Of course we couldnt buy it ourselves, its just an outing regift. I dont even rememberwhat it is exactly, but I do remember the most important thing...its verrrry expensive.""Verrrry expensive? Just how expensive?""Worth thouuuuusands of simoleans.""Ooh, thouuuuusands... That was soooo thoughtful, Kate...I looove it.""Hehe, I knew you would."
  55. 55. "Woo! Our outings really doing the trick...I could do this all night.""Whoa, thats quite a move. Im impressed, Kate, and in heels, no less..."
  56. 56. "How am I doing so far?""I think we can just about call it a night and let time take care of the rest."
  57. 57. "Im so glad to have you back, Nemo.""Me too, and that was the best outing. Are you ready to go back inside?""Yeah, I wonder what Coreys been up to?"
  58. 58. "Corey! Honey, what are you doing?""Just blowing off a little steam. Lorins right, this guy is a jerk. Now get back, youre distracting me!"
  59. 59. "Heheh, ready for another round, Joe?""Corey, stop please! Can we just go home now?"
  60. 60. "Heheh, terrible luck with the girl tonight eh, Scuba Boy?"
  61. 61. "Terrible, just terrible..."