Mesa vista bacc week 3 part 1


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Mesa vista bacc week 3 part 1

  1. 1. Mesa Vista – A Build a City Challenge: Week 3 (Part 1)Hello and welcome back to my Build a City Challenge for fun! Mesa Vista has grown quite a lot in its first two weeks, and as a reminder, itsresidents now include:Zach Adams, the founder, and his wife Nikki and their twin sons Ryan and QuincyNeil Cameron and his roommate Madeleine MazzaKerie Ng, her son Noah, and her best friend Brandon London, who had moved in to help with the babyDiane Shin and her fiancé Stephan Go, whom she had met while vacationing in Takemizu VillageMarie Sims, a former Celebrity Chef who was planning to re-enter the Culinary career by opening up a bakery (pictured above)Carl Homeless, the hapless victim of my stab at Callistas Homeless ChallengeNemo and Ciel Outside, owners of Mesa Vistas first clothing store, and their four children: Nicole, Mina, Emily and Neil(For now the story Im aiming for is telling what happens in Mesa Vista as a whole, and wont necessarily be in the same order that I played thefamilies.)
  2. 2. Over at the Adams house, Nikki was not only expecting their third child, she was expecting to become Mesa Vistas first BusinessTycoon very soon.
  3. 3. Their twin toddlers were keeping both parents hopping.
  4. 4. But one fine morning found said parents sleeping like babies...
  5. 5. Because it was the day Quincy and Ryan Adams were going to celebrate their birthday.
  6. 6. Happy Birthday, Ryan!
  7. 7. Happy Birthday, Quincy!
  8. 8. Mesa Vista was so close to having a Business District and yet so far... Nikki still had some skilling left to do for her final promotion.
  9. 9. "Quincy sweetie, put it down, thats Mommys piece."
  10. 10. "Why dont you go play with your toys so I can finish practicing, and well play a game for fun later."
  11. 11. "Dad, we need some new toys, the only ones we got are for babies."Zach covered the phone with his hand. "Not now, Im keeping up our friend count for Mommys job. Go outside and catch some bugs orsomething."
  12. 12. "Okay, Im back."..."What?"
  13. 13. The boys had been put off by their parents for long enough, and Zach finally gave in to their demands for attention.
  14. 14. "Neil says we arent the only ones in Mesa Vista having babies.""Yes! More baby gossip, please.""Kerie Ng had one," Zach said, believing that if the news came from him he could keep better control over the situation."Really? I saw her when I was out shopping the other day and she didnt say anything about a baby."Zach swallowed. "You never mentioned seeing her."Nikki frowned. "Thats a little strange, isnt it? Especially after I told her we were expecting. In fact, she left without a word right afterthat.""And thats all? She just left?""Mmhmm. I mean come on, darling, its the 21st century, why wouldnt she want to share about her baby? I wonder what..?"Zach suspected one reason and became rather alarmed at the direction Nikkis thoughts could take."Er... not everyone is as Family-oriented as you, Nikki." Yep, better to nip this in the bud right now.
  15. 15. "Which is what I love about you," he continued as he turned suddenly and pushed her down on the bed.
  16. 16. It wasnt long before Zachs diversionary tactic turned into very real passion for him as well as his adoring Nikki.......
  17. 17. Over at the Shin household..."Whats the matter, honey?" Stephan asked.Diane sighed. "What happens now, we get jobs, we get married and we start having kids like everyone else?""We can run the store for a while."
  18. 18. "Thats right, mustnt forget we also have a city to help build.""I just thought of something better," Stephan said as he contemplated one of the wall hangings. "We can think of it as getting someextra money for a honeymoon."
  19. 19. "That is, if you would like to go to Takemizu again?""Stephan! I could definitely go for that!"
  20. 20. Now that they had something to look forward to, Shins Orient, Dianes tribute to the first time she had spent in Takemizu Village, wasopened for business.
  21. 21. "This place is awesome! We can finally get some decent furniture around here!""Thanks, Nikki, I hope you find something you like."
  22. 22. The store sold some large pieces of furniture.
  23. 23. And a small section of accessories, which was plenty to keep the couple busy.
  24. 24. Stephan and Diane were back up to a solid three bolts and Dates kept their motives high enough to stay indefinitely on the lot, evenwithout an Energizer, being that they were quite sufficiently energized by each other.
  25. 25. The only real problem was Shins Orient was becoming too popular too fast and the happy couple was struggling to keep up withgrowing demand.
  26. 26. "Hows the baby, Kerie?""Hes fine. Thank goodness for Uncle Brandon.""... Have you told Zach?""I havent decided yet if I want to. Do you think I should?""I already told you what I think. Im sorry, Im not trying to sound mean, but I cant help you with this.""... You look tired. Maybe you should hire someone to help out around here.""Thanks, thats not a half bad idea.""Good business advice Ive got plenty of. Its the personal stuff Im not too good at..."
  27. 27. "I can sell you one for very cheap," Diane told the homeless guy she had seen at various locations around Mesa Vista."Got no use for no lantern. Look purty, though.""My favorite is the blue... no, that green one..." Laura Langarek sighed. "Its so hard to choose."Diane shifted her attention to the teen. "Can I have a word you?"
  28. 28. "Would you like to work here? It pays 32 simoleons per hour.""Ill have to quit my job, but sure!"
  29. 29. "Welcome to our team, Laura.""Why are you bowing to me?""Because its a Takemizu custom. Maybe some day you will be fortunate enough to visit there."
  30. 30. Diane told Laura she would mostly be needed for restocking, a task Laura liked a lot more after she got to choose her own workuniform.
  31. 31. "You did a good job today. Thanks for all your help, Laura.""Thats okay.""If you dont mind, I would like you to keep an eye on the store while were in Takemizu on our honeymoon.""I could do that.""You can also come to our wedding, if you like.""Thanks, maybe I will."
  32. 32. Diane groaned silently upon re-entering the store. She did not need this kind drama in her life."What do you know about Keries baby?""Why are you asking me?" Stephan shot back."Shes your neighbor, you must know something.""Thats Keries business, so I would suggest asking her yourself.""Now look here," Zach growled and poked Stephan, stress overriding caution."Stop it, Zach," Diane interrupted shakily."What about you, Diane? What do you know?""If you still consider me a friend, stop this right now."
  33. 33. "Dianes friend or not, I am not going to let you push us around!""Let it go, Stephan, we have more than enough money now for our honeymoon, and we have a wedding to plan.""You heard the lady, were closing shop. You can leave now.""I do still consider you a friend, Diane, so I guess Nikki and I will see you at the wedding?" Zach said before departing.
  34. 34. "So, youre really inviting that guy to our wedding?""Dont be upset with me, Stephan, I just want to keep the peace, and I dont think crossing Zach Adams is a good idea."
  35. 35. "Okay, sweetheart, Im not upset with you. I think you have good instincts.""Thats right, I found you, didnt I?""Yes, you did," he smiled, his fingers working their magic across her shoulders.....
  36. 36. Zach arrived home, very upset with himself for the scene he had caused with Dianes... well, almost-husband. If he kept this up, thewhole town would be suspicious before he could even confirm it was true."Come here, tiger!" Zach growled in mock menace, and swung a giggling Ryan round and round...Spinning and spinning...
  37. 37. What if she should ever decide to show up at the house? Just her greeting could cause real trouble...
  38. 38. And if the baby was his, would he be able to hold back? Three bolts was nothing compared to how sexy he found a woman willing to bear hischild. Just ask Nikki...Nikki...
  39. 39. "Who is Daddy kissing, Mommy?""Go in the house, Ryan. Daddy is going to have to leave.""NO, he cant...""Ryan? In the house, NOW!"Wishing and wishing and wishing he could take back that night with Kerie Ng. Wishing he could take it all back."DAAAAD..." Ryan sobbed.
  40. 40. "DAAAAD, stop! This isnt fun anymore, Im going to throw up!"Zach set Ryan down and they both took deep breaths of the cool, wonderfully pungent air that came with the deserts occasional rainshowers."I was going to be sick! Dont do that again, kay, Dad?""I wont, Ryan, promise."He placed his hands on Ryans shoulders and they marched unsteadily to the front door together. Before they entered the house, hebent down and kissed his sons cheek.I wont do it again, Zach vowed again silently, this time to Nikki.....
  41. 41. Over at the Cameron household, Madeleine Mazza also received a wedding invitation."Of course Id to come, Diane! I have to ask, though, is your formalwear decent?".... "Good to hear, a frowny plumbbob on the bodice wouldnt do at all," Madeleine teased with a laugh....."Sounds lovely, let me know if you need anything."
  42. 42. "Would you like to go to Dianes wedding too?""Ill pass. Weddings arent really my style.""Okay," Madeleine smiled.That was the good thing about just being friends and roommates... no obligations, on either side."What do you think about going into business together?" Neil asked.
  43. 43. "What did you have in mind?""Ill leave that up to you.""Okay... something fun, then.""You made this old codgers twilight years much more fun when you moved in, Madeleine.""Call me Maddie.""Youre very pretty when you smile, Maddie.""Neil!" Her smile grew even wider."So do we have a deal, Maddie?""Its a deal, Neil."They both burst out laughing.
  44. 44. "Im making chili if you want some."
  45. 45. After lunch, Madeleine went to her favorite hobby lot to start working on a couple of outfits for the store she and Neil would be runningtogether.....
  46. 46. In the meantime, Marie Sims became the proud owner of Just Desserts, a small bakery that would put her mad cooking skills to gooduse. Lucky Mesa Vista!
  47. 47. "Woo, Im ready to get this show on the road!"
  48. 48. But there was the tiny matter of maxing the rest of her skills first.
  49. 49. The last skill Marie needed was Mechanical, and she was all over the invitation she received to visit Wills Garage. What better way thanto work on some automotive clunkers?
  50. 50. But the only clunkers she found in the first building werent quite what she expected.
  51. 51. The middle building looked like a waiting room, so Marie went to the last one on the left."A train set?" she muttered. That wasnt going to help... guess shed have to find someone to ask.
  52. 52. Back at the first building, Marie finally found someone at Wills Garage who looked like a legitimate mechanic."I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the cars to work on?"
  53. 53. "No cars here. We have a train set though.""But... youre a mechanic and this is a garage. What gives?""Dont ask me, lady, I just work here."
  54. 54. "*Grrr* Thats it, Im outta here."
  55. 55. She went back home and happily maxed out her Mechanical the old fashioned way.
  56. 56. Marie also wanted to show her stuff in a cooking contest, but as a former Celebrity Chef townie with maxed Cooking, but oddly enoughno enthusiasm for Cuisine, she couldnt gain it by skilling. She had a ton of baking to do to fill Just Desserts food cases, though, whichhelped.
  57. 57. Taste-testing her creations was essential and luckily increased her enthusiasm as well."Im glad you stopped by, Zach, I need an objective opinion. I want you to be brutally honest and tell me what you think of thecheesecake.""In my brutally honest opinion, its the best cheesecake I ever tasted."
  58. 58. "I would appreciate it if you would return my honesty in kind, Marie.""Ill try," she said a little warily, her mind starting to race. She found Zach very attractive, even if he was married. Does he want to...? Andif he does, do I want him to?"What do you know about Kerie and her baby?"First Nikki, and now Kerie... and a strange sense of urgency she could hear in his voice.Suddenly Marie wasnt too keen on Zach anymore and where her thoughts about him had been going. "Honestly? Kerie doesnt confidein me," she said as she abruptly got up from her chair. "Excuse me, I still have a lot of baking to do."
  59. 59. "DAMMIT!" Marie shouted, but still managing to quite deftly pull out a fire extinguisher."OH MY GOD, DO SOMETHING!" Zach yelled, dancing around a bit in panic."IM TRYING! Stay back, idiot!"
  60. 60. Once the crisis in the kitchen was over, Zach blithely followed Marie into the bathroom while she washed away the smoke and grime."Ive got to hand it to you," he called over the running water, "you dealt with that fire admirably!""Get your ass out of here, Zach, because I swear, you and your wife do not want to know how I deal with voyeuristic pervs."Zach laughed nervously. "Sorry, I wasnt thinking.""Sure you werent."
  61. 61. "Lets try this again," Marie said to a fresh pan of chocolate cake batter."Sorry about that, Marie. Ill be going now.""Good idea.""You know, you really are something.""I used to be, and I intend to again right here in Mesa Vista.""Youre really something now.""I know that too, Zach, but thank you for saying so."And as Zach left for home, he thought, Whoever said small towns were boring had obviously never encountered the likes of Marie Sims.
  62. 62. After stashing another perfect chocolate cake in her inventory, Marie got the paper, settled herself on the sofa and began reading theCuisine section with enthusiasm.....(to be continued in Week 3, Part 2)