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Ea mobile monopoly android


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Ea mobile monopoly android

  1. 1. Local Mobile Monopoly Reviews: LocalMobile Marketing StrategyLocal Mobile Monopoly was created byAdam Horwitz and Tim Donovan. It providesa proven system for anybody to generate ahuge income source through mobilemarketing for local businesses. Adam haspreviously launched the Mobile Monopolywhich has seen record sales and helpthousands of professional marketers totapped into the mobile market.This local mobile marketing software is acomplete business system that will help anysmall business dramatically increase theirsales and profit potential through thepower of mobile marketing. The course shows you how to reach more potential clients and toincrease customer interaction which causes a huge jump in customer loyalty through the powerof text messaging. The Local Mobile Monopoly approach is great for both beginners with noprevious experience and seasoned professionals that want to make the jump to offlinemarketing.So why would you use Mobile Marketing? There is a very simple answer for that and I will answerit in the following sentence. There are over 5 billion mobile phone users on the planet, and moreand more people are now changing over to smart phones. Ever since the smart phone, themobile industry has changed. Mobile phones are not only used to make voice called, they areused to send text messages, multimedia messages, check emails and access the world wideweb!If you have a business which has a product that needs to be advertised. Wouldnt you benefitfrom be able to put whatever product you have in front of billions of eye balls for next to nomoney?So how certain can we be that mobile is going to get any bigger and that this product is goingto make you any money? Well simply put, mobile is going nowhere and Google just spent $750million dollars on a new mobile advertising platform! There are more than 5 times as manymobile users as Internet and there are over 150 million users per day logging onto Facebookmobile alone! Mobile is huge and millions of websites are going mobile!Actually, the main focus of Local Mobile Monopoly System is to teach you how you can makemoney through mobile marketing. The good thing about it is that you do not have to be in the
  2. 2. business district just to be able to set up your own mobile marketing business. Local MobileMonopoly will teach you how to establish your mobile marketing business and how you can getclients. With Local Mobile Monopoly, you will know how to get clients, businesses and otherestablishments to provide them with mobile marketing services. You will be the one to operatetheir mobile ads. This way, you can make money even if you are not within the business’ district.Local Mobile Monopoly will provide you with winning pitches so you can get clients in no time. Ifyou work online, you will also be able to get templates, designs and other elements that youwould need so you can run a professional mobile marketing business. More importantly, you willdiscover the step by step procedure on how exactly things should be done. Local MobileMonopoly is the complete mobile marketing business package.One of the highlights of Local Mobile Monopoly is its course on text message marketing.According to studies, email campaigns get only 20% open rate, while text marketingcampaigns get a 97% open rate. That is a big difference, specially since conversion is largelyaffected by the number of people who will actually see what’s on your campaign. In LocalMobile Monopoly, you will learn how you can use this money-making power of text messagingto earn big money.The best part, though, is that you will get Yep Texting Software along with your Local MobileMonopoly course. This texting software is similar to the ones used by Fortune 500 companies. Theonly difference is that Adam Horwitz and his team made it much easier to use, and a lot lesscostly. This way, local businesses can benefit from the power of mobile marketing through yourservice.If you find Internet marketing too tough, or if you want to get into the marketing industry foradditional income, Mobile Monopoly Software is the only resource you need to purchase. Withits complete business plan, and its text messaging software, you can easily setup your ownmobile media marketing business, and start earning easy money in just a few minutes.With "Local Mobile Monopoly", not only will you get access to the latest cutting edge strategiesof mobile marketing, but you will also receive step by step training videos on how to approachbusinesses and advice on how "not" to do it so that you can learn from out mistakes. Armed withall of this information, you will be ready to make some serious money ASAP.In addition to the latest mobile marketing information, you will also gain access to some reallycool software that will help you immensely. The first tool is a custom business finder tool. This toolmakes it a lot easier to quickly find local businesses; this tool is more efficient than Google maps,which will help you build your list of potential customers as quickly as possible.