Week 4 Hw(2)


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Week 4 Hw(2)

  1. 1. <ul><li>PART I
  2. 2. Technology Director</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Curriculum Director
  3. 3. Campus Principal
  4. 4. Campus Technology Teachers
  5. 5. Classroom Teachers</li></ul>The Director of Technology is reponsible for the technology on each of the twelve campuses. He has a great support staff that assists him. This department has a huge job for the district. They are responsible for purchasing, maintining, updating, and installing all the computers in the district. They are also responsible for network services, such as e-mail, webservers, campus and district networks, wiring installation and maintenance, and backups. This department is in charge of all video services. The Director of Technology is responsible for technology professional development for the district. <br />The Curriculum Director is in charge of making decisions about what is to be taught at each level in the district. She has a staff that assists her in accomplishing the disrticts mission in curriculum and instruction. They are in charge of instruction, which includes new teacher induction, classroom visits, instructional strategies, lesson cycle, and lesson planning. The curriculum included development, alighment, focus, TEKS implementation, and district committees. This department is also responsible for assessment, special programs, professional development, SBDM, textbook selection, and district.campus accountability. <br />The campus pricipal is responsible for making sure that technology is being carried out in several ways. It states in our articles that modeling is the most important way for a principal to demonstrate technology skills. Just talking about using technology is not good enough. Campus principals need to make sure that teachers are integrating technology into their daily lessons. They achieve this by performing walk-throughs throughout the day. <br />We have a campus technology teacher on each campus that is responsible for helping the teachers with technical difficulies with computers, printers, scanners, etc. If they are unable to correct the problem then they will contact the technology department. <br />Each teacher is responsible for integrating technology into their lessons. We have a computer lab in the library that is available for teacher use on a reservation status. We also have a mobile laptop lab that teachers can reserve for use in their classroom. Personally I have trouble getting the laptops to connect to the Internet in my room. This is very frustrating when this happens. I have learned to always have a plan B when using technology.<br />PART II<br />The first professional development that our school needs is to learn how to incorporate multimedia technologies to enhance interdisciplinary instruction. This development will help us improve academic achievement. We are all comfortable with PowerPoint, but that seems to be about all. We need specific development on how to link technology in all areas. We need to be given initial instruction and then have follow-up instruction throughout the year. There needs to be ongoing instruction. <br />We also need professional development on how to keep students safe in cyberspace. In this professional development I would also like to address copyright laws. We all need a refresher on these topics. Cyberspace changes constantly and new threats are being developed all the time. As educators we need to know the ever changing threats that are out there. We also need a refresher on copyright laws. Unless we all want to go to teacher jail, we need to be aware of the laws. We need to know the laws so we can teach our students the laws. They need to be prepared for the future as they head on to college. <br />I would like to see professional development in the Web 2.0 tools. I know, personally, that I would benefit greatly from a workshop about these tools. In our District Improvement Plan it states that we are to enrich the curriculum with technology and real world applications. These Web 2.0 tools are being used by our students outside the classroom. We need to learn about them so we can use them in our classrooms. We can also use these tools to communicate with parents, students, and community members. <br />PART III<br />Goal: Continue to incorporate technologies to optimize teaching, learning, and working.<br />Strategies/ActivitiesResourcesMaterials/ Cost/Staff FundingPerformancePerson(s) MonitoringResponsible TimelineEvaluationFormative Summative1. Provide staff development in all facets of technology using time efficient strategies and innovative approaches.Skilled District personnel fundson campusTechnology CampusResources fundsDirector of August thru MayTechnologyDistrict Technology/Grant WriterCampus TechnologyTeachersCampus administratorsInformal Trainingneed evaluationssurveys2. Enrich the curriculum with technology and real world applications.All staff Campus technology fundsresourcesDirector of August thru MayTechnologyDistrict Technology/Grant WriterCampusAdministratorsand staffCampuscomputerteachersLesson TAKSplans/ scoresclassroomobservations Student Usage progressevaluation reportsfor hardwareand software3. Provide the hardware and software to optimize instruction in technology TEKS application at all campuses.Campus 411 fundsTechnology Coordinators GrantsDirector of Annually at Technology beginning of school yearDistrict Technology/Grant WriterCampusAdministratorsand staffBuilding Evaluatetechnology availabilityinventory and determine changing needs4. Continue implementing Technology Application TEKS at all grade levels.TEKS Campus FundsCurriculumMaterialsStaffAssistant August thru MaySuperintendentof Curriculumand InstructionDirector ofTechnologyCurriculum Completed Alignment curriculum alignment documents Student Progress Reports5. Provide Technology Opportunities for personal growth for staff, students, parents, and community members.Technology District Center staff fundsand resources Grant fundsDirector of OngoingTechnology Summer Technology sessionsGrant/writer as needed WebmasterCampus Administratorsand staff Attendance Summativerecords reportEvaluation FormsParent Involvement6. Continue to provide Technology Center access for staff, students, parents, and community members.Technology District Center staff fundsand resources Grant fundsDirector of OngoingTechnology Summer Technology sessionsGrant/writer as needed WebmasterCampus Administratorsand staff Attendance Summativerecords reportEvaluation FormsParent Involvement<br />